Soft1 Portal

Soft1 Portal is a dynamic area, which can be tailored to meet user's needs, offering useful system information or additional features according to your business requirements.  

A wide range of Soft1 Gadgets can show browser data, financial data, statistics through graphs, RSS feeds etc, thus, assisting you to quickly find information

Access to Soft1 Portal is granted as users' right through Parameters menu > Users & Rights > Users > Core operation tab.

An Internet connection is required to access Soft1 Portal since the gadgets are updated by Soft1 Web Services.

Soft1 Portal is displayed once you login to Soft1 and includes the three following areas: 

  1. The main Portal bar, where you can create a new tab, adjust the Settings or other Soft1 add-ons.
  2. Manage the Tabs or/ and the gadgets at every Portal tab. You can also add a new one, edit or delete them.
  3. Use the Status bar to access the Soft1 Tools, the Soft1 social media and SoftOne Home page.

See below the features of each of the above mentioned areas described in detail. 

Portal bar

From Portal's main bar you can access the following options: 

ECO Mode setting(Saving system resources) allows you to activate/deactivate data refreshing for Gadgets hosted in Soft1 Portal. 

This way, system resources saving is achieved for each workstation. Click  to deactivate/activate the Eco mode feature.

 Activating the Soft1 myCustomer service allows for the automatic notification of each user's customer via email. This way, the customers are informed for every document issued for them.

Use theLive Update service to update Soft1 to current version (provided there is a new one), with direct/instant update of installation files. For more information visit Soft1 Versions update (on-premise installation)

General Settings apply to Soft1 Portal and are relevant to all tabs. From General Settings, the following options are available for both simple user and Admin. 

Assuming that you login to the Accountant, the user responsible for accounting services and you create:  

1. New Tab: Soft1 supports the creation of multiple tabs, where Gadgets can be hosted in order to organise your Portal. See more at "Tabs". 

2. Theme: Select a theme and a colour of your preference for your Portal. There are many options to choose between colour and image. The default option is blue with no background

3. Language: Change the Portal's language without affecting the system. You can set the English language for Portal while Soft1 is in Greek.

View as: This option is available only to Admin users. If you login to Admin and select "View as" you can view and design/modify other users' Portal (for example, the Accountant). 

 Using Services you have direct access to the following useful Soft1 add-ons/ tools. 

  • The SoftOne Solution Store, is a modern marketplace through which all businesses using Soft1 can have access to ready-made solutions which are easily connected to their installations, thus completing and expanding their functionality.
  • SoftOne 360 Sync Manager includes archived records of Soft1 S360.
  • FinTech, supports the reconciliation of bank accounts (electronic) transactions verifying the data validity between the bank and Soft1. 
  • Remote Access: Currently unavailable.
  • WS Traffic, enables two-way communication between Soft1 applications and any third-party system, regardless of platform or programming language. This technology expands Soft1 inter-connectivity capabilities offering high-quality services.
  • Common Area offers access to Soft1 files, mainly those of new releases/versions.
  • Anazitisis, informs you about recent issues/ matters in accounting and tax field, in order to find the current/ valid laws and decisions made by the Greek Ministry of Finance currently codified according to the pre-existing provisions.
  • WebMail Stats: Currently unavailable.


At every Tab settings the following are available:

  • Settings: Select Settings to set the title and structure of your Tab. 
  • Add Gadget/ Edit Gadget: Select it, to add a new Gadget to your Tab or edit an existing one.
  • Delete: If selected, the Tab is permanently deleted.
  • Delete all BUT this: if selected, only the selected tab remains available and the rest of the tabs are deleted.

At Soft1 Portal you can refresh data, create a copy of your gadget, add colour, edit the size of it or delete it. See more at Soft1 Gadgets.

Status bar

At Status bar, which is displayed down on the right side of Soft1 Portal, the following options are available: 

  • Tools
    • Support: a mechanism that concerns the installations' technical support via Teamviewer.
    • Jobs: Per case jobs, that is VAT job, Update Payroll expenses etc. 
    • Support Centers: The user is redirected at one of the available SoftOne  support centers. such as SoftOne wiki, SoftOne blog etc.
  • Social media: The user is redirected to SoftOne's Facebook page, TwitterLinkedInInstagramFlickr accounts and YouTube or SoftOne official web site.