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Features added / modified

Fixed Assets/ Acctg & I.A.S depreciations
At Depreciation Docs Browser, the 'Depreciation Category' field has now been added so as to separate Tax depr. from GAS / I.A.S depreciations.

Purchases Parameters/ Last Purchase price
'Last Purchase price' field has now been added at Purchases Parameters. The fields of Stock Item's 'Trade' tab are now properly updated after deleting the most recent Doc.

Mass price modification/ New fields
At the footer grid of the 'Mass price modification' job (Purchases Doc Browser) the following fields have now been added:
1. Factory code
2. Mark up Wholesale
3. Mark up Retail

Fixed Assets Status - Summary/ New columns
At 'Fixed Assets Status - Summary'(CON_BOOK) report, the following columns have been added, if the 'Detailed' filter is selected:
1. Op. balance Reductions
2. Year Reductions.

Intrastat/ Goods for control or samples
Upon creating an Intrastat file, in case the transaction nature is '12-Shipment of goods for control or samples' and the value is less than 0,50 cents, its value is set to '1'.

HR - News/ Announcements grid
At HR News/ Announcements grid (SOHRANNOUNCE) the ADAT01 field has now been added with the description 'Date' and EDITOR $DT.

Next Step job/ Items & Services transfer
Stock Items and Services are now transferred to a new Meeting, Call or Task, upon using 'Next Step' job.

Doc conversion/ Account 2
Upon converting a Sales/ Purchases Doc, the value of 'Account 2' line field is now properly transferred.

Composition Doc/ SN
Upon automatically creating a Composition Doc, its Serial numbers can now be immediately transferred from Sales Doc to the header.

Item doc/ GL link
At Inventory Document links to Accounting, the resolvers for Item per Company have now been added.

Retail Pro/ Stock Control
'Stock Control' button has now been added at S1 Retail Designer functions.

Fixed Asset Doc/ Change Date
A warning message is now displayed upon changing the date of a Fixed Asset Doc.

Item Doc/ Merge in similar lines
Merging similar lines (Items) in Documents and in UoM 2 is now performed provided that the relevant parameter (Type > Stock & Commercial Data tab) is selected and the Item does not have a 'Fixed relation' between its UoM.

Fixed Assets Doc lines/ Cost center
'Cost center' field has now been added at Fixed Αssets Doc lines.

Bug Fixing

Customer Import/ Salesperson
Importing Salesperson into Customers list is now properly working. An issue occurred when a Salesperson's code participated in some lines of the imported file.

Doc's Conversion/ Gift (Pricing Policies)
In the case of Pricing Policies setup for Gifts, the 'Gift' was proposed twice upon Documents' Conversion. It occurred when the 'Maintain prices' flag was not selected.

Update Stock Limits/ Use of Sales
The 'Update Stock Limits' (UpdateSafetyLimits) job is now properly working. Under certain circumstances, the job could not be executed.

Pending Stock Quantities/ Variation analysis
Fixed the issue which occurred upon running the 'Pending Stock Quantities' report (MAT_PEND), in case the 'Variation analysis' filter was selected.

CRM Parameters/ Retail tab
Fixed the issue at CRM Parameters, 'Retail' tab (Sales Opportunities area). The 'View' field of the Quotation line is now properly displayed.

Import Design Screen form/ Select all
At Import Design Screen form, the 'Select all' button at the footer of the grid is now properly working.

Group of Companies schema/ Pricing policies
Fixed the issue which occurred upon printing the 'Sales Prices & Discount Agreements' report (PRCRULE_DATA).
It should be pointed out that in case of a Group of Companies schema/ model, the pricing policy created for a Child company should be filled in the 'Data per company' tab. However, at Companies' 'General data' the pricing policy created for the Parent company, is filled in.

Credit Notes Calculation/ Pricing Policies Rules
Fixed the 'InsLines: Ole Error: 80040E14. The multi-part identifier "trdbranch.areas" could not be bound' issue. It occurred upon running the 'Credit Notes Calculation' job (CULCTMPCREDIT), in case the Customer's Branch Geographical Area has been selected at the Pricing Policies Rules.

CRM/ Parameters
Fixed the issue which occurred, under certain circumstances, upon selecting CRM Parameters.

Features added / modified

Composition Documents/ SN uniqueness
Control has been added, checking the uniqueness of SN code, when Composition documents are created.

Single list entry/ Open in New window
At Browsers/ Lists (Stock Items, Services etc) a single entry can now be displayed in a new tab/window (Right- click option).

Doc lines/ Value + VAT field
The 'Value + VAT' field (LINEVALPLUSVAT) is now available at Sales Doc lines.

Doc lines/ New lot code
A new lot code can now be added/ created at Composition Doc lines.

Conversion/ Transfer Project
At 'Convert Document' screen form ('Conversion' Related Job) the 'Transfer Project' flag has now been added. Upon selecting 'Yes', the following fields are transferred as well:
* Project.
* Project tasks.
* Project task Category.

Employees Parameters/ New fields
At Employees Parameters, the following fields have been added:
1. 6th day control Series.
2. 6th day - Payroll Elements.
The user should select one of the two options. If both are selected, then the first one prevails.

Purchase Docs/ 'Contract' Related Job
'Contract' Related Job has been added at Purchase Docs.

HR Announcements/ New field
The 'Notified' field has now been added at HR Announcement lines.

Commercial & Financial Transactions/ New fields
At 'Commercial & Financial Transactions' Related Job the following fields are now available at stock items grid:
1. Factory code
2. Barcode.

HR/ Employees browser
Upon right-clicking at Employees Browser/ List, the following jobs have been added:
1) Create Leave Entitlement.
2) Create an Announcement.

Financial Data Design Form - W/H data
At 'Financial Data' Design Form, if the user adds the':X.SYS.WHOUSES' parameter as default value for W/H filter at FBALQUESTIONS.WHOUSESTR field, then the W/H data of the login Branch will be displayed.

Confirm deletion in Grids/ Delete reminders
Upon deleting a Reminder, a confirmation of the action is now required. This is activated if the 'Confirm deletion in Grids' parameter (System Setting) is selected.

Fixed Assets Status - Summary report/ New flag
At 'Fixed Assets Status - Summary' report (CON_BOOK) the 'Include sold F/A' flag has now been added.

Sales Documents/ Service Line details
At Sales Documents, 'Services' tab, the 'Line details' pop up window at Doc lines (double click), is now properly displayed.

Sales per Item/ Lots Analysis
At 'Sales per Item' Related Job the 'Lots Analysis' flag has been added.

Retail Pro/ Printing Gift Receipt
At Retail Pro, printing Item Gift Receipt for a created/ printed Doc is now available.

HR Requests/ State field
At HR Requests (SOPRSNREQ), 'General data' tab, the 'State' field has been added next to 'Classification'.

HR/ Create Leave entitlement
At 'line Details' of 'Create Leave entitlement' Related Job, the created rights and their numbers are now displayed.

Production reports/ New filters
The 'Commercial Category' (MTRCATEGORY) and 'Group' (MTRGROUP) filters of the produced item have now been added at the following Production reports:
* Consumption Requirements from Prod. Order Folder
* Requirements per Prod. Order Folder
* Consumption Requirements from Prod. Order Folders (Semi-finished Analysis)
* Requirements per Production Orders Folder (Semi-finished Analysis).

Bug Fixing

Screen Form Design - Lot field
Fixed the 'ITELINES: Field 'X_0D22BCFC9' not found' issue. It occurred at Document lines for objects: SALDOC, PURDOC, ITEDOC, and RETAILDOC, if a field from Lots table was selected.

Accounting Entries/ Project fields
Fixed the issue which occurred at Accounting Entries custom screen form. The 'Code' and 'Description' fields of the project are now properly displayed at Accounting Entries lines.

G/L Accounting entry - Copy from buffer
Fixed the issue which occurred upon selecting 'Copy from buffer' for G/L Accounting entry with Cost Accounting Analysis.

Sales Opportunities Retail/ Quotation
At CRM Parameters, Sales opportunities 'Retail' tab, the proper Doc Series is now available at 'Quotation' field.

CRM Actions/ Transfer to Folder
At CRM Actions, upon using 'Transfer to Folder' Related Job, the 'Operator' field is now properly transferred.

Sales opportunities/ Retail order
Fixed the issue which occurred at Sales opportunities, Quotations tab, upon selecting 'to Retail order'.

BAM/ New Sales Doc
Fixed the '{"StartID":7858,"RunID":483,"Error":"Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (Double)"}' issue. Documents are now properly created when using BAM scenarios.

Unpaid Documents/ Customer Branch
At 'Unpaid Documents' report (CUST_OI) the Customer's branch is now properly displayed when the 'Matched only' filter is selected as the open-item method.

Payroll/ Automatic data import
Fixed the issue which occurred upon running 'Automatic data import' job. The Working Hours are now properly updated.

Remote Execution/ Printing time
When Remote Execution is activated, printing a Report is now performed in shorter time.

Copy Company/ Error fixed
Fixed the 'Ole Error: 80040E37. Invalid object name 'ACNTTRNBI'' issue. It occurred upon selecting 'Full copy' when running 'Copy Company' job.

Imports Costing Doc Types/ Modify in a different fiscal year
At Imports Costing Doc Types, if the 'Modify in a different fiscal year' parameter was selected, then the Costing Folder could not be used for another Fiscal Year.

Means of Transport/ Descending order
Fixed the 'Ole Error: 80040E14. A column has been specified more than once in the order by list. Columns in the order by list must be unique' issue. It occurred upon displaying the 'Means of Transport' list in descending order.

Supplier Payments/ Create Payment
Fixed the issue which occurred upon creating a Supplier Payment Doc through 'Create Payment' related job. The Supplier Payment is now properly created when 'Copy' option is selected.

User Groups/ Browser
Fixed the issue at Browser/ Lists, where under certain circumstances, 'Set as Default' option was not activated for User Groups.

Features added / modified

Project Financial Data/ New fields
At 'Project Financial Data' related job, the 'Business activity' and 'Project phase' fields have now been added for 'Period data' and 'Comparison data' tabs.

System Settings/ Click Short (Data Grid)
The 'Click_Short (Data Grid)' option has been added at System Settings. If selected, the grid sorting is activated upon clicking on a column.

Close Cash Register/ User
At 'Close Cash Register' job (SOCASHCLS), the user who closes the Cash Register can now be different to the 'User of Entries'.

Collection Doc Links to A.B.C./ Collector per company
At Collections Document Links to A.B.C., the 'Collector per company' resolver has now been added.

Purchase Parameters/ Update prices from Orders - Offers
At Purchase Parameters, the 'Update prices from orders - offers' field has now been renamed to 'Update prices based on Doc behavior'. Its drop-down list includes the following options/ values:

  1. All, except for Orders-Offers.
  2. All.
  3. Only for Purchase invoices - Invoices - Receipt notes.

Bug Fixing

HR Evaluations/ Step process
At HR Evaluations, each process can start only if the previous one:

  • is completed or
  • is set to 'Waiting' status.

Keyboard Job Shortcuts/ Save
Keyboard Job Shortcuts (System Settings) can now be properly saved.

CRM/ e-mail
Fixed the issue 'System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 53EA44B2 in module 'Crm.bpl'. Read of address 00000000'.
It occurred at e-mail custom Screen Forms, upon selecting the 'Reply' button, in case the 'Trading Party' field was renamed to 'Customer'.

Features added / modified

Contracts/ Doc lines
Doc lines are now properly transferred upon creating a Contract.

Retail Pro /Docs printing time
At Retail Pro, the Docs printing time has been improved.

Stock reports/ Display zero values in grids
At 'Stock Balances per Item Variation & W/H' print/ report (CDIM_AX) the 'Display zero values in grids' filter has now been added.

Budgeting reports/ Dimensions
In case the Item or the Project is selected as a dimension at Budgeting, then, upon printing, the item's description is displayed as well.

Supplier & Customer reports/ UoM
The 'UoM' field has now been added at 'Purchases per Supplier' (STAT_PUR) and 'Sales per Customer' (STAT_SAL) reports.

Carrier/ Zip Code
Upon selecting the Zip Code at 'Carrier' field (Trading Parties > Contact Info), the 'Address' and 'City' fields are automatically filled in.

Contracts/ Cash accounts Other transactions
At Contract Types (Leasing), the 'Cash accounts Other transactions' option has now been added to Invoicing module. Upon selected, then the 'Debit/ Credit' field appears as well.

Projects Card report/ New fields
At Project Card (PRJC_STM) report design, the 'Project phase' and 'Business activity' fields have now been added (Modules tab).

Document Conversion/ Maintain Cash Register
Upon Documents' Conversion job the 'Maintain Cash Register' field has been added.

Costing Folder/ Based on delivery date
At 'Create MRP suggestions' the 'Based on delivery date' option has been added.

Payroll/ Job Schedule
At 'Job Schedule' report (WRK_HOURS_CAL), two shifts can now be displayed at the same day.

Debtors - Creditors Parameters/ Create Account
At Debtors and Creditors Parameters, the 'Create Account' option has now been added.

Payroll/ Cost center Name 2
The resolver 'CCPRV1PPC6 - Cost center Name 2' has been added for 'Comment' column/ field. It is available at Payroll elements per cost center (HR & Payroll/ Links to Accounting).

Browser design/ Custom Title
Custom titles are now available at Browsers/ Lists (e.g. 'Customer list 2021' by setting 'Customer list:LOGINYEAR;' at the title).

General Actions/ Attached files
At General Actions, the 'Attached files' field has now been added.

HR/ Leaves
The 'Comment' field has been added at Leaves.

Documents/ Print preview
Upon selecting Doc Print preview, the pop-up window is now displayed only once, regardless of the number of copies.

HR/ Multilingual Descriptions
Multilingual descriptions are now available for questionnaires, questions, and answers.

Purchase Docs/ Update sales prices
At Purchase Docs Types (Commercial data tab), the 'Update sales prices' field has now been added. Its drop-down list includes the following options/ values:
1. Wholesales - Retail
2. Wholesale Only
3. Retail Only.

Physical Inventory Docs/ Consumpions
At Production Parameters, the 'Suggested W/H' parameter has been added so as to setup which warehouse will be taken under account upon creating Physical Inventory Docs for consumptions. 

Payroll/ Calculate Gross Income from Net
At Payroll Parameters, a multiple calculation of Payroll data elements has now been added, based on net income.
If the 'Payroll data elements' field is filled in, then, the 'Proposed/ suggested values' tab will be added at 'Modify period data' job (PRDVALCHANGE).
Then, the 'Calculate Payroll data elements from net income' ('Calculate Gross Income from Net' - GROSSFROMNET) job calculates one by one, all data elements for net income, based on the corresponding suggested values.
If one of the suggested values is not filled in, then the above calculation is skipped.

Cost categories - New Allocation methods
For 'Cost categories' job (Costing Folders), the following values have now been added as Allocation methods:
* Per Number 01 - Doc line
* Per Number 02 - Doc line
* Per Number 03 - Doc line
* Per Number 04 - Doc line.

Bug Fixing

Pending Orders (Purchase & Sales) / Query
The 'and t.qty1<>0' has now been added at 'where' claus of Pending Orders (Sales and Purchases) related jobs sql query.

Fixed assets/ Copy from Buffer
Upon using the 'Copy from buffer' option (Fixed Assets Purchases Doc), the lines' value is now properly updated (occurred under certain circumstances).

Project Statistics/ Cost (Accounting)
At 'Project Statistics' dashboard (PRJCSHEETS) the Cost (Accounting) column is now properly displayed.

Items Trial Balance report
At 'Items Trial Balance' report (PRJ_BAL) (Projects Module), the 'Qty balance' (RQTY1) and 'Value balance' (RVAL) fields are now properly working.

Supplier wire transfers/ Document Links to Accounting
Fixed the 'List index out of bounds (-1)' issue. It occurred at 'Document Links to Accounting' object (Supplier wire transfers), if the 'Acctg. Entry per record' field was selected.

Contracts/ Business unit
Fixed the issue which occurred upon selecting a Contract at Sales Doc. The Business unit is now properly transferred to Contract lines.

Advanced printout form/ Local fields
Local fields are now properly printed at Fast reports (Internal & Label), if the application server is running as service.

2008 UI/ Custom administration (Access Rights)
Fixed the issue which occurred upon setting/ defining Access Rights to a .cst file from Custom administration (at 2008 UI).

Service Calls/ Related documents
Fixed the issue which occurred upon creating Related documents through Service Calls.

Accounting reports/ Analytical General ledger
At 'Analytical General ledger' report (ACC_ANL_KATH) the 'Branches' field has now been added.

Retail Doc - Advance Payment/ Order
Fixed the issue at Retail Docs, which occurred under certain circumstances, upon selecting 'Advance Payment/ Order' related job. The Doc value is now properly updated.

Service Folders
At Service Folders, the 'Operator' and 'Employee' fields are now updated when 'Technician' field is changed.

Production Doc/ Variation analysis
Upon converting a Production order to Production Doc, the variation analysis (colour - size) for Stock items is now properly displayed.

Document Printout Forms - Retail/ Pay-off
At Document Printout Forms - Retail, the 'VPAYMENTS.SOPAYTYPE(1)' field is now displaying the proper description, i.e. 'Pay-off'.

Series 5 UI/ 2nd band printing
At Series 5 UI lists, 2nd band, can now be printed by right-clicking.

S1 messages
Fixed the issue which occurred upon sending S1 messages.

Sales Doc/ User-defined Field description
Fixed the issue which occurred upon designing Sales Doc screen form. The User-defined Field default description is no more displayed at the Sales Doc data.

S1 Messages Scheduler
Fixed the issue which occurred upon displaying S1 messages. Messages Scheduler is now properly working.

Service folders/ Capacity Control (new fields)
At Service folders, 'Capacity Control' related job, the following columns/ fields have been added:
* 'Profession' (SOACTION.SPECIALTY),

Docs Open-item/ ABC trans. & Acc. Date Limits
Fixed the issue where no Documents Open-item could be performed provided that the Documents inlcuded ABC transactions and Accounting Date limits have been set for the specific period.

Chart of Accounts/ Trading Parties
Fixed the issue which occurred upon changing a Chart of Accounts, if it was created indirectly through a Trading Party ('Create Account' parameter).

Payroll/ General data
Fixed the issue "GENCALCELM: Dataset not in edit or insert mode". It occurred at Payroll General Data upon importing a new value or editing an existing one.

Costing Folder/ Allocation
Fixed the issue which occurred upon closing an import Costing Folder. Even if the costing allocation method was set to 'None;, the allocation would eventually occur.

Intrastat - Imports Report/ Incoice value
At Intrastat - Imports Report (INTRASTAT_REP), when activating the 'Detailed transaction' parameter the 'Incoice value' field/ column is now properly displayed.

Stock Statistics/ Grouping
At Stock Statistics (VITESTATS), in case of Grouping, the following fields/ columns of fixed assets are now properly displayed:
*Accounting categories
*Models and

Fixed Assets Status - Summary/ 'Detailed' filter
At 'Fixed Assets Status - Summary' report (CON_BOOK), if the 'Detailed' filter is activated, the following columns/ field are now properly displayed:

Expenses Doc/ Instant Pay-off
Fixed the issue 'Could not convert variant of type (null) into type (Olestr)'. It occurred at a Group of Companies schema/ model, and specifically at a child company upon saving an Expenses Doc with Pay-off.

Sales doc (Data flow scenario)/ Date fields
The date fields are now properly updated, upon running 'Data Flow scenarios' related job from Contracts to Sales Docs.

Features added / modified

Screen Forms/ 'Deadline' field
The 'Deadline' field has been added at the default Screen Forms for the following objects:
- General Actions,
-Service tickets.

HR objects - xxf. export/ import
The following HR objects can now be exported/ imported through xxf. files:
-Seminar Cycles,
-Employees Benefit packages.
Condition: All previous objects should be included in your Installation SN. 

Romanian Trial Balance
'Balance sign same as cumulative value sign' filter has been added in Trial Balance for companies with Romania locanization.

Payroll/ Employees list (Date Range)
Employees' Browsers/ Lists can now be expanded by 'Date Range' (EMPSPECIALDATES) through Design List > Modules tab.

Payroll/ Employees workcenters and positions
Employees' Browsers/ Lists can now be expanded by 'Employees workcenters and positions' (PRSWRKCENTER) through Design List > 'Define Modules' tab.

Contracts/ Create Installment invoices
Upon running 'Create Installment invoices' job (CreditCntrInterest), the 'Comments' column (Contracts, 'Contracts/ Installments' tab) is now updated, based on the comments of the Sales Document lines.

Retail Pro/ Browser Fast report
At Retail Pro, Browsers/ Lists can now be printed using Fast report.

CRM/ Customer Replies printout forms
Customer Replies Printout Forms (CRMCUSNAIRE) are now available.

Inventory Statistics/ Field editors
At Inventory Statistics (VITESTATS), the editors of the following fields, are now properly displayed:
-Acctg Category
-Comm Category
-Geographical Area
-Prof. category
-Payment method
-Group of expenses
-Trading Parties Credit Control.

HR/ Salary data
At 'Employee data' report (HR_REPORT), the 'Salary data' field has now been added. Can be used for custom Employee Leaves calculation.

Bug Fixing

CRM/ Series per Branch
Fixed the 'Posting new entry is now allowed. Branch already exists' issue. It occurred upon selecting the Doc. Series per Branch at CRM Parameters.

Purchase Documents/ Intrastat value
Intrastat value, upon Purchase Doc conversion, is now properly calculated when 'Auto Calculate' has been setup for 'Intrastat value - Check' parameter at Doc Type.

Attached files/ Cloud Storage URL
Filed linked to Cloud storage URL are now properly saved at Attached files.

HR/ Create evaluations job
'Series' redirection is now properly working at 'Create evaluations' job.

Windows Scheduler/ Import script
Fixed the issue which occurred upon running an Import script using Windows Scheduler.

Documents Browser/ Attach to message
The 'Attach to message' job (right-click at Documents Browser), is now properly working.

Stock Items/ Custom Screen Form
Fixed the 'System error! Please send the error report to Softone' issue. It occurred at Series 5 UI, upon using a custom Stock Items Screen Form that included a memo field.

Documents based on shortage/ requirements (Production)
Fixed the issue, at 'Documents based on shortage/ requirements' job (DRESTPRD), where Items with zero (0) balance appeared if specific filters were selected.

User Access Rights/ Fast Report Preview
You can now set up Access Rights to 'Fast Report Preview' job (DSBFASTPRV), through 'User Access Rights' tool.

Create Physical Inventory Doc - W/H filter
At 2008 UI, the 'W/H' filter is now displayed at 'Create Physical Inventory Documents' job (MtrNatBalance).

OutProcess procedure/ Document saving
Error upon saving Document with OutProcess procedure has been fixed.

Payoff/ Payment terms
Upon deleting a Payment Document (via Payoff related job), you can now change the Payment method.

Purchase Order Plan/ Inactive items
Fixed the issue where under certain circumstances, inactive Items appeared at 'Purchase Order Plan' job. It occurred even if the 'Status' field was set to 'Active'.

Group of Companies Schema/ Create Installment invoices
Fixed the issue which occurred upon running the 'Create Installment invoices' job (CreditCntrInterest) for a Group of Companies Schema/ Model. The login Company is now taken into account.

Document Conversion/ Maintain expenses
Upon Documents' Conversion job the 'Expenses' are now properly transferred to the converted Document. An issue occurred when 'Maintain expenses' option was selected during conversion and the Doc had zero value.

Other Transactions Doc/ Costing Folders
Upon selecting a Costing folder from Document's Related jobs, before saving the Doc, the values entered are now properly updated. 

Features added / modified

HR/ Employees' Payroll elements
At HR & Payroll module, the Employees' Payroll elements are now available to use.

Trial Balance report/ Balance
The "Balance" field has now been added at Trial Balance report (ACC_GL_BAL_IAS).

Costing Folders/ Inventory Documents
At Costing Folders, "Purchases - Imports" job (CSTFLDRPUR), Inventory Documents option is now available at Module column (Related documents tab).

Fixed assets/ reg. depr. rate 100%
If at Fixed assets entity the Regular depr. rate is set to 100%, then the field "Depreciated in year" is automatically updated and vice versa.

HR Objects - xxf Import/ Export
The following HR objects can now be imported/ exported through xxf:
Foreign languages
Benefit package
News - Announcements
Evaluation models
Evaluation cycles
Job positions

Employees Parameters/ New field
The field "Check dates overlap" has been added in the Employees Parameters table with the following values:
* No check
* Warning
* Prohibition (default).
The Check is available not only for the Employees (Employees Management), but the Employees (Payroll) as well.

Employees/ General Payroll data
At HR Parameters, setting a value for "General Payroll data" per Employee is now available. Plus, this value is given priority over the general value.

Employee Leaves/ Trace
A trace has now been added at "Leaves" object (SOPRSNLEAVE).

Bug Fixing

Production Docs/ BOMs
Fixed the issue upon running the "Create BOMs based on Production Docs" job (SPCSPRDDOC) at a Group of Companies schema/ model, and specifically at a child company. The Bill of Material was not displayed at the BOM Browser.

Payroll/ Print form (Questions incl.)
Fixed the issue at Payroll, where upon selecting the "Print form (Questions incl.)" report (pdf) at Employees Browser/ List, one file is now properly printed.

Modify Documents/ Approved transactions
Fixed the error which occurred upon Document modifying through Credit Control and Approval Scenarios.

Documents/ Screen Forms design
At Documents Screen Forms design, the fields from Branch (MTRDOC.SHIPTRDBRANCH ) are now properly displayed with CUSBRANCH editor.

Retail Pro/ Stock Balance per W/H report
Fixed the issue at Retail Pro, which occurred upon selecting the "Stock Balance per W/H" (MAT_WHOUSE) report.

Installations/ Actions (Related Jobs)
At Installations Related Jobs, all Actions are now properly displayed.

Retail Pro/ Non-Controlled jobs
Fixed the issue at Retail Pro, where the Default buttons area is now properly displayed when the user has been given the right for "Non-Controlled jobs: Do not execute" ("Access right to jobs" tab).

Documents Browser/ Master-Detail tree
At Document Browser/ List having set the Master-Detail tree view parameter (System Settings) the table's values are not displayed in case the "Filter"/ "Filter to Exclude this" options have been selected.

Physical Inventory Docs/ Lot Code
At Physical Inventory Docs, the new Lot Code is now properly saved.

Service Doc lines/ Project column
At Service Doc lines (Sales & Purchases Documents) at Services tab, the Project column is now properly displayed.

Features added / modified

Physical Inventory jobs/ Branch filter
The "Branch" field has now been added at the following jobs:
1. Physical Inventory Documents (zero quantity) (MtrZeroNatBalance),
2. Create Physical Inventory Documents (MtrNatBalance),
3. Cancel Physical Inventory Documents (UndoMtrNatBalance).

Retail/ Advance Payment Behavior
The new multi-select Sales "Advance Payment Behavior" parameter (SALPPRMS.TFPRMSRETAILADV) has been added (Other tab > Retail parameters panel). When "Advance Payment/ Order" Related Job is selected, the system displays Documents of the specific selected behaviors.

Sales per Customer per Item report/ General totals
At "Sales per Customer per Item" report (ITE_SAL), the "General totals" has been added on the very last page of the report.

Update Sales Prices/ Alternative Prices
The "Last Purchase Price" method has been added at the Alternative Prices of "Update Sales Prices" job (IteCalcMarkUp).

Group of Companies Schema/ Expanded Employees list
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, the Employees's Browsers/ Lists can now be expanded by "Contacts per Company" (Designed List > "Define Modules" tab).

Multilingual Data Management/ Penalties Description
At Penalties table the "Description" field is now multilingual.

Trading Parties/ Excluded fields (Insert & Transfer)
At Trading Parties parameters (Companies & Synchronization tab) the following fields have been added:
1. Excluded fields (Insert)
2. Excluded fields (Transfer).

Retail Pro/ Suggested Qty
Filling in Stock Item Qty, via a pop-up form, is now available for Doc lines of Retail Pro (provided a 'Suggested Qty' has not been set up for the Item).

Bug Fixing

"Transfer among W/h" job (Romanian Installation)
Pop-up window for "Transfer among W/h" job (right-click on a Document List), no longer stays on top when using a Soft1 user-defined Template (Romanian Installation)

Doc lines/ Empty containers
Doc lines are now properly updated in case empty containers participated in a Pricing policy.

Collection Doc lines/ Cheques
At Group of Companies schema/ model, the single Collection Doc Series regarding Cheques, of a child company, is now automatically filled in/ proposed in Doc lines.

Soft1 messages/ Characters display
Soft1 messages (user internal communication) are now properly displayed through Messages (SOREMINDER) (Company processes > Business Processes & Approvals).

HR Employee properties/ Copy from buffer
"Copy from buffer" is now properly working for the following modules:
1. Education,
2. Foreign languages,
3. Skills,
4. Qualifications.

Data Flow Rules/ Contract lines
Sales Document that derives from Contract lines is now properly created when the process is designed through Data Flow Rules (SOTRNFRULE).

Group of Companies Schema - Reupdate Inventory/ Stock
Fixed the "'SELECT COMPANY,SOSOURCE,FPRMS,N' invalid or incompatible with argument" issue. It occurred upon running the "Reupdate Inventory/ Stock" job (IteReUpDate) for a Child Company and the "Multi-Company" button has been selected at the taskbar.

Advanced Printout Form/ User-defined table
Fixed error "System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 00000000 in module 'xplorer.exe'. Read of address 00000000" . It occurred upon creating/ editing a user-defined table, at an Advanced Printout Form.

Group of Companies Schema/ Reconciliations
Fixed "Ole Error: 80040E14. The multi-part identifier "DTA.ISACTIVE" could not be bound" issue. It occurred at a child Company Reconciliation Doc, upon selecting the Trading Party Branch.

Retail Doc - Advance Payment/ Order
Fixed the issue at Retail Docs, where under certain circumstances, "Advance Payment/ Order" related job could not be selected.

Attached files/ Cloud Storage URL
Login data for Cloud storage URL (Dropbox, Google Drive & One Drive) are now properly saved at Attached files.

Composition Doc Line/ Item Bin
The suggested Stock Items Bin at Composition Doc lines, is now properly updated.

Group of Companies Schema/ Duties
At a Group of Companies schema/model, and specifically at a child company, Employee Duties are now properly selected.

Supplier/ Company legal form (Romanian Installation)
The field "Company legal form" (SUPPLIER.CMPMODE), at the Supplier's profile card, is now displaying the proper values (Romanian Installation).

Stock Item/ New Group
Fixed the "Ole Error: 80040E14. Incorrect syntax near 'KEY1'" issue. It occurred upon creating a new Stock Item Group (ITEM.MTRGROUP).

Features added / modified

Update Stock Limits/ Branch - Warehouse
At "Update Stock Limits"(UpdateSafetyLimits) job, the "Branch" and "W/H" fields have now been added.

Features added / modified

Resources - Attached files/ Notes
At "Resources", the "Attached files/ Notes" tab has now been added.

Production Orders to Production Docs
Converting Production Orders to Production Documents is now available.

Multilingual Data Management/ Custom field
Filling in Translation ID is now available for custom fields of core tables (provided it is has been set to accept multilingual fields).
At Database Designer, Translation ID,
- is available for varchar and nvarchar fields,
- should be filled in at Field properties, "Display" tab and
- should be a positive integer number >= 1000. 

Group of Companies Schema/ New field
At Employees, the "Company" field has been added. After selecting another Company, the displayed/ registered data are now concerning the new Company. This process, is similar to Document Creating for a Group of Companies Schema/ Model.

Group of Companies Schema/ Working hours
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, at the Employees' new Screen Form, the "Working hours" field is now directly used from the Employee.

Sales Budgeting/ Customer branch
At Sales Budgeting, Dimensions area, the "Customer branch" option has now been added.

Create Installment invoices/ Comments
At "Create Installment invoices"(CreditCntrInterest) job, transferring Comments from Contracts to Installment Documents is now available.

Create Installment invoices/ Dates filter
At "Create Installment invoices"(CreditCntrInterest) job, the "Period" Job filter is changed to "Dates".

Multilingual Data Management/ New Fields
At Employees' data, the following fields are now multilingual:
Father's surname
Father's name
Mother's surname
Mother's name
Occupation area
Occupation type
Working hours

Bug Fixing

Job positions/ Copy from buffer
Fixed the issue at Job positions. It occurred upon creating a new Job position using Copy from buffer process.

Pricing Policies/ Doc. Recalculation
At Pricing Policies, upon changing the payment method and the Document is recalculated, the agreement is now properly applied.

Custom Screen Forms
Fixed the issue upon selecting Custom Screen Forms under certain circumstances.

BAM/ email
The sender's name (email through B.A.M.) is now properly displayed.

D390 Statement/ Romania Localization
Fixed the issue at D390 Statement - Romania Localization (VIES) upon creating a related XML file.

Doc Series/ Print modes
Fixed the issue where 2 different Print modes have been set at Doc Series (Doc. Printing area). The second Document is now properly printed.

Document Expenses - Advance Payment/ Order
Fixed the issue at Retail Sales Screen Form. Upon running the "Advance payment/Order" job, the Sales Document expenses are now properly transferred.

Collections - Payments Template/ Cash Account
At a saved Collections/ Payments Template, the Cash Account is now properly filled in at Doc. lines.

Alternative code/ Field length
The length of "Alternative Code" field has now been increased to accept more characters.

Template selection (2008 UI)
At 2008 UI error has been fixed. It occurred upon selecting a saved template.

Serial Numbers/ Quotation Status
Stock Items Serial Numbers with Quotation Status, are properly displayed.

Related jobs/ Item transactions
"Item transactions" job is now properly displayed through Related jobs.

Adding URL
Fixed issue "Upgrade your browser to use Dropbox". It occurred upon adding a URL to an object.

Employment area
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model installation, "Employment area" is now properly displayed.

Group of Companies Schema/ Open Design Reports
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, at Open Design Report, the local field with Company editor, upon selecting Company and Branch is now properly working.

Columns/ Browser (2008 UI)
Fixed the issue at 2008 UI Browsers, where under certain circumstances some columns were displayed at the grid, even though they were not selected upon Browser design.

Doc. Printing/ E-mail
The Printed field is now properly updated at Document Series, Doc. printing area, in case the following have been set:
1. the "E-mail" option for Printer field and
2. "2" Copies.

Collections Journals/ Balance brought fwd
At "Collections Journals" report (CNF_GET_JRN), the Balance brought forward is now properly displayed, if:
1. "Balance brought fwd" is set to "Yes" and
2. a Fast Report Printout Form type is selected.

Features added / modified

Docs Conversion in earlier date
Upon Converting a Doc in an earlier date, the message "Conversion of Doc X cannot be performed in an earlier date document. " is displayed.

Customers Parameters/ Branch data
At Customers Parameters, "Companies and Synchronization" tab, "Fields excluded from Sync" field, Branch data option has now been added.

Other transactions/ Open-items
At Other transactions, the warning message over deleting Open-items, is no more displayed. It occurred upon changing Comment, in case there is no Doc Open-item.

Outstanding Orders (VAT included)
At Customers and Suppliers Financial data related job, the "Outstanding Orders (VAT included)" field has now been added.

Printouts Payroll Log File
"Printouts Payroll Log File"(SOHRPRINTFORMLOG) job has now been added at H.R & Payroll menu. 

Doc lines/ Service agreement option
"Service agreement" option is now properly displayed upon right-clicking on Service Document lines.

Exchange Rates filters
At Exchange Rates Profit & Loss (On Customers/ Creditors/ Suppliers/ Debtors Open-items), the following filters have been added:
1. Group
2. Prof. category
3. Comm. category
4. Acctg. category
5. Currency

Stock items/ Availability
At "Availability" job (Stock items) the following field changes have been made: 
1. The "VFINAVAIL.TRNDATE" field is changed to "VFINAVAIL.DELIVDATE" and renamed as "Delivery date"
2. The "VFINAVAIL.FINDATE" field is renamed as "Document date".

Bug Fixing

Printout forms - Internal Use/ Page Numbering
At Printout Forms: Internal Use, Page Numbering is now properly working.

Doc List/ Import Excel
At Azure installation, Documents List (XDOCLINES), at Company process > Attached files, the Excel Import process is now properly working.

Fixed Assets Depreciation/ Partial Sales
Fixed Assets Depreciation calculated on a monthly basis, after being partially sold, is now properly working.

Contracts/ Data Flow scenarios
Fixed error "Field 'LINETYPE' not found". It occurred upon running the "Data Flow scenarios" related job when creating a Sales Doc from Contracts.

CRM Actions Browser/ Export to Excel
Upon exporting a CRM Actions Browser/ List to Excel, the "User" column will be printed even if the user is Inactive.

UoM 2 balance/ Lots
At available lots of Stock Items, the balance of UoM 2 is now properly displayed.

Acctg. Entry Template/ Account
Fixed the issue at Accounting Entries. It occurred upon selecting an Acctg. Entry Template, in case an account with "*" has been set.

Doc lines/ Description (User Language) field
Inactive Stock Items are no longer selected when the "Description (User Language)" (USRLNGNAME) field has been added at Doc columns.

Docs other data/ Approved by
At Documents, "Other Data" tab, the field "Approved by" is now properly updated upon selecting "Document approval" job.

Accounting Entries/ Screen Form
At 2008 UI error has been fixed. It occurred at Accounting Entries upon changing Screen Forms.

Other Transactions/ Costing Folders
At Creditor Other Transactions & Cash Accounts Other Transactions Related jobs, the Costing Folders are now properly displayed.

Trading Party/ Chart of Account
Fixed the "SoftOne Range Error (Name: 'ACNKEPYO')". It occurred upon editing a Trading Party, where a Chart of Account had been indirectly created.

Copy & Fill value
At Series 5 UI, Copy and Fill value for Browsers, is now properly working.

Attached files/ Mass email (saved in database)
All files are now properly sent upon mass email sending of Attached files (saved in database).

Attached Files/ Mass email (not saved in database)
Sending Attached files (not saved in database) through mass email, is now properly working.

Employees Actions/ Employee, From
At Employees Actions (SOPRSN) Browser filters, the "Employee, From"(SOPRSN.ACTPRSN) hyperlink is now displayed.

Dialog Object/ Datagrid
At Series 5 UI, Dialog Object (Screen Forms Design) is now properly displayed. It concerns the Dialog Object's connection with a Datagrid having inserted/ entered data from Virtual Table.

Cost Acctg. Entries analysis
Fixed the error "Field 'TRDR' cannot be modified." It occurred upon Cost Accounting Entries analysis.

Trading Parties Branches (2008 UI)
At 2008 UI, all Trading Parties' Branches are now properly displayed.

Open Designed Reports/ Crystal Report
Open Designed Reports (Crystal Report type) are now properly executed.

Services Import
Fixed the issue where upon running Services Import, filling in the "Sales UoM" & "Purchases UoM" fields is required.

Designed Browser/ Stock Item Remarks
At Series 5 UI, at a designed Browser/ List, the Stock Items Remarks are now properly displayed.

Entries/ Filters
Displaying data for the located record on a Browser/ List, is now properly working. An issue occurred upon applying Filter (right-click on list column).

Sales - Purchases Docs/ Approval date
At Sales/ Purchases Documents, "Other Data" tab, the "Approval date" field is now properly updated after Doc's approval.

DeleteModule command/ SBSL
Fixed the issue concerning the deletion of a Stock Item set kit. It occurred upon using the DeleteModule command through SBSL.

Custom Screen Form/ Blob field
At Series 5 UI, at a custom Screen form Blob field in memo area, is now properly displayed.

Web SMS Account/ BAM
Web SMS accounts can now be selected at BAM process.

Physical Inventory Docs/ New lot code
At Physical Inventory Documents the "New lot code" column is now properly displayed.

Soft1 User Rights/ New folders
At Classic menu, when creating new folders, the User rights, set at previous folders, are no longer transferred to new ones.

Job positions
Fixed the issue at installation including many Companies, where Job position was not properly selected, when the Organization Unit had been set.

Selecting Seminar Cycles
Fixed the issue at installations including many Companies, where the selection of the Seminar Cycles was not the appropriate one.

Filter values/ Browsers
The filter values of Item codes are now properly saved upon designing the respective Browser/ List.

Stock Items Accounting Categories/ Romania & Cyprus Installation
The following fields are now properly displayed at Stock Items Accounting Categories (Romania & Cyprus installations): 
1. Code
2. Abbreviation
3. Description

Bug Fixing

Intrastat - Imports Report/ Supplier expense
Fixed the issue at Intrastat - Imports Report (INTRASTAT_REP). It occurred when a non EU Supplier expense appeared, participating though in Costing Folder ("Participates in Intrastat Report" field).

Features added / modified

Companies/ Contact
"Web page" field has now been added at "Contact" panel for Companies.

Stock control/ Production Doc. Status
Stock Control per Production Doc. Status ("Created", "Released", "Completed") can now be configured at Production Parameters.

Bug Fixing

Browsers Grouping/ Related Jobs
Fixed the issue at Grouping in Browsers/ Lists.
Related Jobs, such as Document Conversion, are now properly working upon right clicking.

Automatic Doc. Conversion/ Printing
Fixed the issue at Automatic Doc. Conversion. The copies of the original Document are now printed prior to the ones of the converted Document.

Internal Fast Report/ Chart object
At "Internal Fast Report" Form type, the chart object is now properly saved.

Panel display/ Local fields
At panel display, local fields are now properly displayed.

ABC Transactions/ Negative sign (Credit)
At Activity Based Costing Transactions, Documents with a negative sign (credit) are now properly displayed.

Physical Inventory Docs
"Physical Inventory Documents" job (MtrNatBalance) is now properly working.

IR7 xml file (Cyprus Localization)
Employees' data are now properly displayed at the produced IR7 xml file no matter the number of lines at Employment table (Cyprus Localization).

Customer/ Accounting Category
Fixed the issue "Deletion is not allowed. There are references to this entry from "Acctg transactions". It occurred upon deleting a Customer connected to a GL account.

Browsers/ Preselection Lists
At Browsers/ Lists (e.g. Customers) a Preselection List can now be deleted, in case all entries are removed.

Production Doc/ Copy from Βuffer
The Production Document which participated in Production Costing Process can now be deleted when resulting from Copy from Buffer.

Production Doc/ Serial Number
Fixed the issue where at Production Documents, in case of changing the Main Product which was monitored in SN, then the "Serial Number" tab was not properly updated.

Accounting/ Trading Party
Fixed the issue "Ole Error: 80040E57. String or binary data would be truncated". It occurred upon creating a new Customer, having previously set "Yes" at Create account field (Customer Parameters/ Accounting area).

Custom Screen Form/ ShowWebPage
Fixed the issue "Interface not supported". It occurred at a custom Screen Form, using the "ShowWebPage" Soft1 internal function to open a link in a PDF file.

Employees Actions/ Insert (Date)
The "Insert" (Date) is now properly saved upon creating a new Employee Action.

Features added / modified

Unpaid documents/ Trading Parties branch
The Trading Parties branch (Cust. branch, Supplier Branch, etc) has now been added as column at "Unpaid documents" (Related Jobs).

Employees Actions/ New fields
At Employees Actions Browser/ List default filters, the following fields have been added:
1. Employee code, From
2. Employee Surname, From

Doc columns/ Description (User Language) field
A link in the "Description (User Language)" field has now been added at the Document lines.

Other Transactions/ Document approval
"Document approval" related job is now available for Other Transactions (Trading Parties).

Bug Fixing

Mark up Wholesale/ Retail prices
Fixed the issue where the Mark up Wholesale/ Retail prices were different from the Stock item ones, upon updating the Sales prices (Purchase Doc).

Payments Plan (Wire transfers)
Fixed the issue "Enter data in trading party field". It occurred in some cases, upon running the "Payments Plan (Wire transfers)" job (BfnSupDebPayments).

Cash Flow/ Transfers
Fixed the issue, at Cash Flow, where some period transfers were not properly updated if specific filters were selected.

Open Designed Reports/ Printing Rights
Fixed the issue upon setting Open Designed printing rights through Custom Administration (FINDOC TEST).

Label Report Forms/ Stock Item image
Stock item images are now properly printed at Label Report Forms.

CRM Parameters/ Renaming fields
At CRM Parameters, "User-defined fields" tab, "Text01" to "Text05" fields' renaming is now properly displayed at Browsers/ Lists.

Retail Pro/ Advanced Payments value
At Retail Pro, fixed the issue where the Advanced Payments value was not properly updated. It occurred upon multiple selection of Advanced Payments - Collections.

Browsers/ New preselection
Fixed the issue "Duplicates not allowed". It occurred upon adding/ creating a new preselection from Browser/ List.

B.A.M./ Soft1 Scheduler (Azure)
At Azure installation, B.A.M. scenarios are now properly working through Soft1 Scheduler.

Features added / modified

Purchase Documents Type/ New values
At the Purchase Documents Type, "Commercial Data" tab the following values regarding the alternative code, have been added at the "Use price" field:
1. Wholesale
2. Retail


Outstanding Sales Orders report/ New filters
At "Outstanding Sales Orders" report (PEND_FIN), the following filters have been added:

1. Groups
2. Business unit
3. Comm Category
4. Acctg Category
5. Manufacturer
6. Season.

Group of Companies/ Company filter
At Group of Companies schema/ model, the "T.R.No." field has been added, at browsers including the "Company" filter (RELCOMPANY).

Working hours in xxf file
Exporting/ importing "Working hours" along with "Working time" models as .xxf files, is now available.

Bug Fixing

Export Company data/ file name
Upon running jobs such as "Export Company data" (acmd:acCutCompanyData), the file name is now properly displayed.

Group of Companies schema/ Lots balance
Fixed the issue where at Group of Companies schema/ model, lots balance of a child company was displayed.

Users/ Documents for User approval
The "Documents for User approval" (UserProcs) regarding User with approval rights, is now properly working.

X.FORM/ Advanced Javascript Editor
"X.FORM" command is now properly working at "ON_FORMLOAD" event.

Docs conversion/ Maintain VAT Status parameter
The parameter "Maintain VAT Status", upon converting a new Document, is now properly working.

Special transactions/ Instalments recalculation
The instalments could not be recalculated at the "Special transactions" module upon deleting an Instalments Document.

Retail Pro/ Stock Items description
At Retail Pro, the Stock Items description is now fully displayed.

Retail Pro/ Gift Receipt
At Retail Pro, upon creating a Gift Receipt, the Stock items of the Document are now properly updated.

Series 5 UI/ Documents - Delete Origin column
At 2008 UI, the "Origin" column (ITELINES.FINDOCS), at Doc item lines, cannot be deleted anymore.

Series 5 UI/ Documents - Add Origin column
At Series 5 UI, fixed the issue where the user could not add the Doc's "Origin" column at the item line.

AGROS/ Docs data (Farmacon)
Fixed the issue occurring at Agros, after updating Doc's data by Farmacon.

Collections/ New cheque
Upon creating a new cheque through Collections, the Cash Account is now properly filled in, whether the data have been completed through the cheque body or the lines.

Printout forms/ Clear Form after data entry parameter
Fixed the issue "TEMPLATES: Dataset not in edit or insert mode". It occurred upon saving Printout forms, having previously activated the "Clear Form after data entry" parameter (System settings).

Series 5 UI/ Grouped Browser - Auto-numbering
At Series 5 UI, auto-numbering is now properly displayed at a grouped Browser/ List.

Designed Screen Form/ Read only option
Fixed the issue where at a designed Screen Form, if the "read only" option is applied to any field, then it affects the custom (CCC) field as well. (E.g.: CUSTOMER.REMARKS/ CCCCUSTOMER.REMARKS)

Contracts/ Designed Screen Form
Setting the "*" as the default value (automatic codification) is now properly working at Contracts designed Screen Form when creating a new entry for Contract.

CRM calls/ Delete Docs
At 2008 UI, fixed the issue "System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 02A9EDB3 in module 'XDll.dll'. Read of address 00000000 Error type: EAccessViolation". It occurred upon deleting Documents (CRM Calls).

BOM/ Replenishment - Supply tab
At 2008 UI, the "ΒΟΜ" field οn the "Replenishment/ Supply" tab, is now displayed.

Features added / modified

Payroll elements/ New resolvers
The following resolvers have been added for "Comment" column/ field (HR & Payroll/ Accounting Links):
1. Payroll element code ([PRV7CELM1].
2. Payroll element description [PRV7CELM2].

Group of Companies schema/ New field
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, the "Department" field is now available at "Data per Company" tab.

Crystal Reports via e-mail
The Crystal Reports can now be sent via e-mail.

Retail Docs/ Coverage of pending option
The "Coverage of pending" option has now been added at Retail Doc lines (right-click).

Create Installment invoices job/ New flag
The "Contract Branch" flag has now been added at "Create Installment invoices"(CreditCntrInterest) job.

Bug Fixing

Fixed the issue, at Series 5 UI, where only the default fonts were dipslayed at "xplorer.cfg" file.

Document Open-items
Documents Open-item is now allowed regardless of the entry date or date limit.

Points collection/ Different modules
Fixed the issue where no calculation of points from different modules (Sales/ Purchases) was performed in case the user did not logout and then re-login to the system.

Doc Open-item/ Date Limit
Fixed the issue " ". It occurred upon Documents Open-item, having previously set "Date limit" & "Prohibition" option at "Modify printed Doc" field (Comm. Management Parameters, Document Series).

Doc Conversions history/ Graph
The graph at Document Conversions history is now properly displayed.

Collection Docs/ Delete Open-item
Α respective message is now properly displayed upon any modification performed at Collection Documents, which have been matched.

Series 5 UI/ cst file password
At Series 5 UI, the cst file's password is now properly displayed.

2008 UI/ CA Entries analysis
Fixed the issue "Grid index out of range" at 2008 UI. It occurred upon CA Entries analysis.

Cheques Due Dates Report/ New filter
At "Cheques Due Dates Report"(CHEQUE_MOV) the "Only Cheques with balance" filter has now been added.

Accounting Entries import
Checking is now properly performed at Accounting Entries import, having previously set the "Prohibition" value at "Unbalanced entries" field (Accounting parameters).

2008 UI/ Copy from buffer
Fixed the issue where, under certain circumstances, the copy from buffer process was not properly working at 2008 UI.

Cost Price Calculation/ Annual weighted average price
Fixed the issue where the cost price calculation was not properly performed if the "Annual weighted average price" evaluation method has been selected. It occurred under certain circumstances upon running the "Cost Price Calculation" job.

Sales/ Purchases history/ Branch
Fixed the issue "Ole Error: 80040E14. The multi-part identifier "DTA.ISACTIVE" could not be bound". It occurred at a Group of Companies Schema/ Model at a child company, in case of selecting a Branch at Item Sales/ Purchases history.

Screen Forms/ VB Script
Fixed the issue "ScriptError: Permission denied: 'MsgBox'(Line: 2 Ofs: 2)". It occurred at a Screen form using VB Script code.

Multilingual Data Management/ Description (User language)
At a Multilingual Data Management Schema/ Model, the Browser's entries are now properly filtered, having previously added the "Description (User language)"(USRLNGNAME) field.

Costing folders/ Item lines
At Stock Documents, upon closing the Costing folder, the lines of Items with different lot are now propeprly updated.

Items Detailed Trial Balance per W/H report/ Qty 2
At "Items Detailed Trial Balance per W/H"(MAT_ANL_WBAL) report summing of Quantity 2 is now properly performed at general totals.

Mass Approve/Reject Documents/ Approval scenario
The "Mass Approve/Reject Documents" related job is now properly performed having credit control approval scenario.

Cost Analysis Entries
Fixed the issues "Invalid URLencoded character (% π) at position 43" & "[S]: Ole Error:80040E14. The ORDER BY clause is invalid in views, inline functions, derived tables, subqueries, and common table expressions, unless TOP, OFFSET or FOR XML is also specified". It occurred at Cost Analysis Entries (Accounting / Cost Accounting).

Soft1 Messages
The messages at Soft1 are now properly displayed.