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Version 600.622.11542

Features added / modified

Custom & Report Tools

Customer transactions / Start sending & Delivery date
The following fields are now available in the 'Customer transactions' related job (Trading parties → Customers):

  • Start sending date
  • Delivery date


Sales Statistics / MTRDOC table
The 'MTRDOC' table has now been added to 'Sales Statistics' (VSALSTATS).

Oracle installations / BAM
BAM is now supported in Oracle installations.

Operations & CRM

Customer Actions / Comment 2
'Comment 2' (SOACTION.COMMENTS1) field has now been added to 'Actions' grid (Trading parties →  Customers → Related jobs).

Tasks / xxf file
Item & Services lines are now transferred when inserting xxf file in Tasks.

Projects / Working group
The following fields have now been added to 'Working group' grid (Jobs menu → Projects → Sales opportunities Design):

  • Name
  • Tel. 1
  • Email

Sales & Purchases

Sales per Item / Customer route
'Customer route' field has now been added to 'Sales per Item' report (STAT_MSAL).

Stock - W/h Management

Physical stock taking documents / Box code
You can now add the 'Box code' (PACKCODE1) through Item lines, in 'Physical stock taking documents' related job (Jobs menu → Commercial Management → Stock Management → Opening Balances - Physical Inventory →  Physical Inventory Documents).


Employees Parameters / Expenses list
'Expenses list' field has now been added to Parameters menu → CRM → Employees-Contacts → Employees Parameters.


Romanian installations / DLL shortcuts
'eFactura OAuth Registration' & 'eTransport OAuth Registration' have now been added to menu in Romanian installations. The relevant DLLs are available via Add-ons.


View results / Drop down list
A drop down list has now been added to fields 'Code From - To' and 'Surname From - To', in 'View results' (PRDVALSHOW) & 'Show results per period' (PRDVALSHOWEXT).

Trading Parties

Summary item lines / New fields
The following fields have now been added to 'Summary item lines' Module
allowing them to be displayed in custom screen form in the respective band.

  • Disc.1
  • Disc.2
  • Disc.3

These fields have been added to 'Sales per Item per Customer' (CUS_SAL) and 'Sales of Services per Customer - Analytical' (CUS_SRVSAL) reports.

Financial Management

Unpaid documents / Comment
'Comment' column has now been added to 'Unpaid documents' report (CUST_OI).

Bug fixing

Sales & Purchases

Sales Opportunities / Quotation
The 'Modify in a different fiscal year' field has now been added to 'Cancel transactions', as in 'Reversal' job. Therefore, the Quotation can now be cancelled to a different fiscal year, through Sales opportunities (PRJC[FORCEFILTERS=PRJCRM:2,FORCEVALUES=PRJCRM:2]).

Gift item transaction / 100% discount
Fixed the issue in Item with 'Gift item transaction', when applying a 100% discount.


Employees / Last modification date
The last modification date is now recorded in Employees data.

Production - MRP

Production documents / BOM
Fixed the issue 'Ole Error: 80040E14. Ambiguous column name 'MTRL' which occurred under certain circumstances in Production documents, when selecting an item and then BOM.

Version 600.622.11541
Features added / modified

Activity Based Costing

ABC link / Transport. means
The 'Transport. means' (MTR5) resolver has now been added to the Other Transactions ABC link.

Sales & Purchases

Workstations / Print to POS
The 'Print to POS' filter is now displayed, when the Machine type is 'JCC (VeriFone)' or 'JCC (Ingenico)', in a Workstation.

Sales Documents Conversion / Start sending
The 'Start sending' field has now been added to the 'Sales Documents Conversion' job (DSALMASSCONV).


Evaluations / Status
The 'To be returned' value has now been added to the 'Status' field, in 'Evaluations' (HRCUSNAIRE).

Questionnaires / Mandatory comment
'Mandatory comment' column has now been added to 'Questionnaires' (HRQSTNNAIRE).

Companies & Branches

Customer Collections / Cash Register
The line's Cash Account is now filled in, when selecting Cash Register with '0' Code, in Customer Collections.


Inactive employees
Inactive employees are now displayed in the employees filters, in the following jobs/reports:

  • Payroll reports
  • Employee income tax control report (EMPL_INS_VAT)
  • Banks (EMPL_BANK_REP)
  • Check accounting entries (EXP_GL_REP)
  • Update accounting entries (AcnBatchTemplateGL)

Period payroll elements / Time type
'Time type' field (Parameters menu → HR & Payroll → Calculation parameters → Period payroll elements per employee) is now updated when running 'Synchronize payroll data' job (InitDataXdt).

Trading Parties

Group of Companies Schema / Commercial & Financial Transactions
In Group of Companies Schema/Model, 'Company' filter changed to Multi select, in Commercial & Financial Transactions.

Bug fixing

Stock - W/h Management

Group of Companies Schema / FRemQty1
In Group of Companies Schema/Model, 'FRemQty1' function is now displaying proper results.


Soft1 Portal / VAT job
On Windows 11 using /usewebview2 you can now 'run' the automated 'VAT job' from Soft1 Portal.

Commercial Activity

Group of Companies Schema / Bonus Cards
In Group of Companies Schema/Model, fixed the issue 'Ole Error: 80004005. Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=, <, <= , >, >= or when the subquery is used as an expression' which occurred upon selecting Bonus Cards, in cases where the same Card was set to the same customer in a different company. 


View results / Payslip
When 'Payslip' is selected either with right click or from the side menu in 'View results' (PRDVALSHOW), the print preview is displayed, if formula for path and formula for file name are not set in the report form.
If no file name has been set in the form, the report is displayed on the screen (preview).

Production - MRP

Production documents / Bill of Material
Fixed the issue 'Selector record not found (SPCPRD=ΧΧΧΧ)' which occurred under certain circumstances, when selecting BOM, in Production documents.

Financial Management

Wire transfers
The message 'Attention! The document is not approved!' is now displayed when selecting Wire transfer to bank or Payment to bank, in non-approved wire transfers.

Version 600.622.11540
Features added / modified

Custom & Report Tools

S1 Designer / Import/Export to Excel
'Import from & Export to Excel' has now been added to the pop-up menu in the String list grid, (S1 Designer). The same option has been added to the external/internal of the Objects.

Operations & CRM

Contracts / Emails
You can now send emails through the Contracts Browser/List.

Stock - W/h Management

Lots Current Balance / Show negative balance
'Show negative balance' filter has now been added to the 'Lots Current Balance' report (LOT_AVAIL).


List of expenses browser
'List of expenses' Browser/List has now been added to the Parameters menu → CRM → Employees-Contacts → Employees Parameters → myWorkplace tab.

Employee Evaluation Questionnaire / Text (rich text)
'Text (rich text)' field has now been added to Employee Evaluation Questionnaire.

Public & Private folder
'Public folder' and 'Private folder' fields have now been added to 'OneDrive Parameters' (Parameters menu → CRM → Connections).

Right to news-announcements attached files (emails)
'Right to news-announcements attached files (emails)' field has now been added to 'OneDrive Parameters' (Parameters menu → CRM → Connections).

Right to employees attached files (emails)
'Right to employees attached files (emails)' field has now been added to 'OneDrive Parameters' (Parameters menu → CRM → Connections).


Retail / Documents processing
Documents processing has now been added to Retail.

Production - MRP

Production Documents / Cost elements group
'Cost elements group' has now been added to 'Cost data' tab (Production Documents). By selecting it, a relevant line update message is displayed.

Production Cost / Waste Qty
'Waste Qty' field has now been added to the columns of the following reports:

  • Production Cost Analysis Report (PRDNCOST_REP)
  • Production Cost Report (SPRDNCOST_REP)
  • Production Cost Analysis Report per Associated Codes (PRDNCOSTREL_REP)

Trading Parties

Group of Companies Schema / Commercial & Financial Transactions
In Group of Companies Schema/Model, 'Company' filter has now been added to 'Commercial & Financial Transactions' (Commercial Management → Trading Parties).

Financial Management

Debits/Credits / Cost center
'Cost center' is now available in Debits/Credits.

Bug fixing

Operations & CRM

Group of Companies Schema / CRM Calendar
In Group of Companies Schema/Model, the department of the login company is now taken into account, in the CRM Calendar.

CRM / Repeat action
Fixed the issue 'Selector record not found (RSRC=ΧΧ)' which occurred under certain circumstances, when selecting 'Repeat action' (CRM → General Actions).

Purchase document / Contract
The Contracts in Purchase documents are now properly filtered based on Supplier.

Sales & Purchases

Transfer documents / Save New Template
Fixed the issue 'PURORDLINES: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset' which occurred when transferring a Sales Doc into a Purchase one, having Saved New Template and Items with variations.

Stock - W/h Management

Variation Statement
Fixed the issue 'ORA-00904: "ISNULL":invalid identifier' which occurred in Oracle installation, in 'Variation Statement' report (MAT_STMCDIM).


Design actions / Approval data
'ACTFPRMS.APPROVELIST' field has been increased to accept 150 characters.

Evaluations / Questionnaire
In Multi-company installation, in 'Question Group' hyperlink only the groups that were created in current Company are now available (Evaluations → Questionnaire).

Job position
Fixed the issue 'Saving New Entry is not allowed. The 'Skill' field does not exist' when creating a new job position in a child company, under certain circumstances.

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets Entity Status - Summary
The transactions are now properly updated in 'Fixed Assets Entity Status - Summary' report (CON_BOOK_GR).

Financial Management

Create SEPA file / Bank of Cyprus
Fixed the issue 'Field 'BPSPAYMENT; not found' which occurred in 'Create SEPA file' job (ExportSepaBanksFile) of Bank of Cyprus.

Version 600.622.11539
Features added / modified

Retail Pro

Workstation / Cash account
You can now select 'Current Account' (Cash accounts → General data → Account nature) in a Workstation's Suggested Cash Account (Closing).

Sales & Purchases

Prospect Supplier
Prospect Supplier has now been added to Purchase documents.

Conversion History / Inactive users
Inactive users are no longer displayed in Document Conversion History.

Unpaid - Matched (+/-)
'Unpaid - Matched (+/-)' field has now been added to Sales Documents.

Stock - W/h Management

Participating in Balance cost
'Participating in Balance cost' filter has now been added to the following reports, with values 'All W/h' and 'Only W/h participating in cost calculation':

  • Stock Ledger (MAT_BOOK)
  • Items Trial Balance (MAT_BAL_2)
  • Stock Opening Balances (MAT_START)

Stock Items / Negative Lot Balance
Stock Items description has now been added to 'Negative Lot Balance' report (CUS_MAT_LOTBALDATE).


Employee evaluation model / Questions date
When creating a new Employee evaluation model, the 'Date' field is now set to 1 of the current month of the entry, upon saving the Questions.

Requests / Comments
In 'Requests' the 'Comments' field has been increased to accept 255 characters.

List of expenses / Approval Data
In Company processes → List of expenses → Design actions → Approval Data, the following are available:

  • 'For purchase/procurement' option has now been added to 'Action' column
  • 'Employee-Purchases(Expenses)' has now been added to 'Action carrier' column

In the 'Approval Data' area (List of expenses) the number of lines added for action 'For purchase/procurement', is the same to the number of 'Employee-Purchases (Expenses)' on the lines of the requested expenses.

Announcements / Comments
'Comment' column has now been added to Employees grid (HR & Payroll → HR → News - Announcements).


Payroll financial data / Brief financial overview
New filters based on the payroll period and period type, have now been added to Employee tab (Payroll financial data → Brief financial overview). The values displayed are based on the default display of the Period payroll elements, in the Period Data tab.

View results / Payroll period code
The Payroll period Code has now been added to the 'View results' (PRDVALSHOW) using the 'Period' Browser.

Payroll file / Astrobank
'Astrobank' option has now been added to 'Payroll file' field (Banks → General data)

Checks upon payroll calculation
'Checks upon payroll calculation' option has now been added to parameters menu → HR & Payroll → Calculation parameters. These checks will be updated with the 'Synchronize payroll data' job (InitDataXdt).

Production - MRP

Production Order Folder / Project Order
When transferring an order to a Production Order Folder, the Line Projects are also transferred.

Bug fixing

Operations & CRM

CRM General Actions / Show on map
'Show on map' related job is now properly working (CRM → General Actions).

Stock - W/h Management

Trial Balance / Balance value
The Balance value is now properly updated in the following reports:

  • Item Detailed Trial Balance per W/H (MAT_ANL_WBAL)
  • Trial Balance per Storage bin (WHOUSEBIN_STM)
  • Service Trial Balance - Analytical (SRV_ANL_BAL)


Activate/deactivate web account
Fixed the issue which occurred in Oracle installation, when right clicking in the Employees Browser, the 'Activate/deactivate web account' job.


Update allocation at cost centers (from calendar)
The 'Update allocation at cost centers (from calendar)' job (UPDATEPRDCOSTCNTR) has been restored. The job takes the info from Actions' lines.

Financial Management

Link with Business unit
Fixed the issue 'Ole Error: 80040E14. The multi-part identifier "FTR17BUNI.ACNMSK" could not be bound'. The accounting entries are now properly created when creating a Customers' Other transactions document, and having previously set the 'Business unit' resolver to accounting link setup.

Version 600.622.11538
Features added / modified

Custom & Report Tools

S1 Scripts / DEPART
In S1 Scripts (KEF_Gnrl) the DEPART field has now been added to VAT fields. 

Retail Pro

S1 Retail Designer / Balance
The Supplier's Balance is now available as an option, in the function of Supplier's payment, in S1 Retail Designer.

Sales & Purchases

Document lines / Reference code
'Reference code' is now available in Document lines.

Conversion / Transfer Branch 2 WH 2
'Transfer Branch 2, WH 2' flag has now been added to Conversion dialogue, with 'Yes' default value.

Document lines / EXTRA fields
Adding the EXTRA services fields is now available in columns of Document lines.

Sales & Purchases per Item / Professional Category
'Customer Professional Category' & Supplier Professional Category' filters have now been added to 'Sales per Item' & 'Purchases per Item' jobs respectively.

Stock - W/h Management

Lots / History changes
'History changes' has now been added to Lots, through Related jobs.

General Ledger & Accounting

Chart of Accounts / Attached files
Attached files have now been added to Chart of Accounts (Accounting Related jobs).


Attached files / myWorkplace
Special category myWorkplace has now been added to Attached files.

Employees / Create Leave entitlement
Multiple Leave Type selection is now available when right-clicking in 'Create Leave entitlement' job (Employees Browser).

Companies & Branches

Group of Companies Schema / Receivables & Payables on specific Dates
In Group of Companies Schema/Model the Companies filter has now been added to 'Receivables on specific Dates' & 'Payables on specific Dates' reports.

Production - MRP

Production documents / Items quantity
The values of 'Quantity 1' & 'Quantity 2' fields are now set to zero, when changing an item in Raw materials' lines (Production documents).

Production documents / Lot codes
'Code 1' & 'Code 2' fields are now available in the lines of Production documents.

Bug fixing

Operations & CRM

Service folders / Conversion
When converting service folders into a service-spare parts document, the suggested series is no longer the series set on the folder, but on the Workstation.

Sales & Purchases

Printout form / PDF
The size of PDF file was reduced when printing/saving the printout form with the image file.

Mass Document Conversion / One to one
The document conversion process is now properly completed when the 'Grouping' field is set to 'One to one'.

Document Series / Composition
Series field is now displayed in Composition area (Document Series → Special data tab).

Stock - W/h Management

Embedded browser / URL addition
URL addition in an item with Embedded browser is now properly working. Add-ons update is required.

General Ledger & Accounting

Last modification / Manual dates limit
Τhe date of last modification in manual dates limit is now properly saved.

Trial Balance report / Balance
The values of 'Balance' column are now properly displayed in Trial Balance report (ACC_GL_BAL_IAS).

General functionality

Senditnow / SMS
Fixed the issue 'System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 0318BB62 in module 'XDll.dll'. Read of address 00000000 Error type: EAccessViolation' which occurred under certain circumstances when sending SMS.

Companies & Branches

Group of Companies Schema / Accounting plan
In Group of Companies Schema/Model with a different accounting plan per company, the plan is now properly displayed in Other transactions lines.


Employees / General payroll data
Payroll data which have been set to be displayed in employees, are now available in 'General payroll data' field (Parameters menu → HR & Payroll → Parameters).

Payroll period / Advance Payment
Payroll period's description is now displayed in Employees' tab (Financial → Installments → Advance Payments), not its id.

Employees / Not counted on the payroll
When an Employee is not counted on the payroll, no changes are allowed to be saved while using the following jobs:

  • Modify period data (PRDVALCHANGE)
  • Modify results (PRDRESULTSCHANGE)
  • View results (PRDVALSHOW)

Oracle / Show results by period
Fixed the issue 'ORA-00904: "DATEADD": invalid identifier' which occurred in Oracle installation, when selecting 'Show results by period' job (PRDVALSHOWEXT).

Employees / Modifications
Fixed the issue which occurred under circumstances when saving modifications to an employee, who had the Department field filled in.

Employees & Contacts

Salesperson / Period data
Salesperson's sales are now displayed in the period data (through financial data), in case it was selected in the document lines and not in the header.

Financial Management

Group of Companies Schema / Cash accounts
In installation with Group of Companies Schema/Model, cash accounts transactions from a group company are now properly displayed.

Version 600.622.11537
Features added / modified

Connectors - Integrations

Sync actions with Google & Office 365
The 'Sync actions with Google & Office 365' parameter has now been added to Services.

Operations & CRM

Calls / Next step
New flags have now been added to maintain the 'Operator' and the 'Order placed by' from the original action, in 'Next step' Related job (CRM → Calls).

Service folders / New fields
'Disc.' & 'Net value' fields are now available in Service folders Lines.

Suppliers / Create Installment invoices
'Create Installment invoices' (Leasing) is now available for Customers, Suppliers, Creditors, Debtors and Cash accounts.

Retail Pro

S1 Retail Designer / Maintain salesperson in cancellation
'Maintain salesperson in cancellation' parameter has now been added to S1 Retail Designer.

Stock - W/h Management

Qty Overview - Comparative Analysis
New Stock Statistics report has now been added to the menu 'Qty Overview - Comparative Analysis' (ITEM_COMP_FISCPRD).

Items Detailed Trial Balance / Participating in Balance cost
'Participating in Balance cost' filter has now been added to 'Items Detailed Trial Balance' (MAT_ANL_BAL), with the following values:

  • All warehouses
  • Only warehouses participating in cost calculation


Create leave entitlement Log
Using the parameter Paytrace, the Log of the ‘Create leave entitlement’ job is displayed in the Results.

List of expenses / Approval data
'For purchase/commission' option has now been added to Action column (HR & Payroll → List of expenses → Approval data tab).

Date Limit / Employees actions
The 'Employees actions' has now been added to 'Module' as an option (Parameters menu → HR & Payroll → Date Limit).

News-Announcements / New fields
In Series of News-Announcements when the 'Sub-module' is set to Employee Requests, the following fields are now displayed:

  • Form section (myWorkplace)
  • Printout Form (myWorkplace)

Questions / URL
The value '13-URL' has now been added to Type field in HR & Payroll → HR → Evaluations → Questions.

Employees / Create Announcement
When right-clicking on 'Create Announcement' (Employees), the 'Start date' field is now mandatory.

MyWorkplace Admin / Managers data
'myWorkplace Admin' field has now been added to Job positions, so that all HR employees can view the managers data.

Seminar cycles / Participation limit
The following fields have now been added to 'Seminar cycles':

  • Participation limit (min)
  • Participation limit (max)

List of expenses / Status
The following options have now been added to 'List of expenses' job, in Status field:

  • To be paid
  • Settled

Commercial Policies

Sales agreement per Branch
Sales agreement per company branch is now available.
'Branch agreement' option has been added to the Pricing policies (Types of Sales Documents → Commercial data).

Companies & Branches

Companies data / Comments
The value 'Without transfer in lines' has now been added to Comments field (Companies → General data).


Payroll element / Department
The 'Department' field is now transferred to the payroll element 2009-Company dept. It is required that there is no previous record of the 2009 payroll item for any employee in order to see the history.

Payroll elements / New function
Function float MSSQL.fnSOgenPayVal (company int, prsn int, calcelm int, refdate date) has now been created, which returns the values of payroll elements.

Calculating net income (Mass)
When right-clicking on the Employees Browser → Other jobs → Calculating net income (Mass), the following jobs can now be executed:

  • Save Changes: the amounts created are reduced and the changes are saved.
  • Recalculation: The amounts created are reduced, the changes are saved and a recalculation of the payroll period is performed
  • End job: In case where the calculation of the period has been performed, the job stops and no modification is made to the financial results

Template list - Payroll elements
The option to select a template list of payroll elements has now been added to the 'Account Statement' job (HR & Payroll → Payroll → Reports/Printouts → Fixed Assets - Control Reports). The user can create their own list by clicking on the respective hyperlink.

Trading Parties

Unpaid documents / Show in one line
'Show in one line' flag has now been added to 'Unpaid documents' (CUST_OI). By selecting it, the trading party is transferred to the first two columns of the report.

Suppliers / Outstanding notes
The notes with 104 Behavior are now displayed in Suppliers' Outstanding notes (through Related jobs).

Financial Management

Documents Open-item / Comment
The 'Comment' column has now been added to Documents Open-item.

Bug fixing

Custom & Report Tools

S1 Import / Script
Fixed the issue which occurred upon deleting a script in S1 Import.

Open Designed Report
DateTime field is now properly displayed upon printing an Open Designed Report in excel.

S1 SQL Scripts / Custom administration
Deleting S1 SQL Scripts is now available from Custom administration.

Operations & CRM

Calls / Next step
The item is now transferred when selecting the 'Next step' Related job (CRM → Calls).

Group of Companies Schema / CRM Calendar
In installation with Group of Companies Schema/Model, the departments based on the company are now properly filtered, in CRM Calendar.

Project Transactions (lines)
Document's Code is now fully displayed in Project Transactions (lines).

Group of Companies Schema / Action statistics
Fixed an issue 'Ole Error: 80040E14. Ambiguous column name 'SODTYPE' which occurred upon adding 'Module' and 'Trading party' filters in Action statistics job, on base with Group of Companies Schema/Model, in a company other that the main one.

Projects / Project task
Creating a Project is now available, after modifying a Project task.

Sales & Purchases

Stock Items / Storage bins
When changing the W/H in a document, the Storage bin also changes based on the default storage bins, set on Stock Items.

Re-issue by cancelling with reversal / Printed
The 'Printed' field of a Cancellation document is now properly updated, when using 'Re-issue by cancelling with reversal'.

Stock items URL image
Fixed the issue 'The following error have occured.Unsupported image format' which occurred upon printing documents, in case there was no saved URL image in some stock items.

Stock - W/h Management

Stock Management parameters / Check SN availability
The 'Check SN availability' parameter has now been added to the Stock Management parameters. When selected, it performs, during document creation, a validity check of all serial selected in the lines, so that, if a serial has been processed in parallel by another user and is no longer available, the creation is not allowed by issuing a warning message informing about the serial that is no longer available.

Items / Available lots
Under certain circumstances there was no proper redirection in available Item lots.

Available Serial Numbers / 50 characters
All the available Serial numbers are now displayed upon selecting them in a document. The same exists in 'Available Serial Numbers' Related job.

Lots Trial Balance / Dates
The Dates filter is now properly working in 'Lots Trial Balance' Job (LOT_BAL).

General Ledger & Accounting

Accounting / Period Trial Balance - Analytical
The 'Accounts w/o trans. in Specified Dates' filter with 'No' value, is now properly working in Accounting → Period Trial Balance - Analytical.

General functionality

Soft1 browsers / Non-controlled jobs
Soft1 browsers are now displayed in a user with no Access to execute Non-controlled jobs, and having the following rights to Core operations:

  • Screens - select (right to select Soft1 screens)
  • Browsers - select (right to select Soft1 browsers)


Related employees / Participates in payroll
In Employees → Related employees, if the 'Participates in payroll' field is set to Yes, the 1st date of the login month is suggested, e.g. 1/10/2023.

Production - MRP

Consumption Requirements from Orders (Semi-finished Analysis)
The Order Series are now properly displayed in Series filter (Consumption Requirements from Orders (Semi-finished Analysis) job).

Trading Parties

Suppliers / Unpaid Documents
All the available filters of 'Unpaid Documents' Report (Suppliers → Related jobs) are now properly displayed.

Financial Management

Cash Accounts Other Transactions / Group of Companies Schema
Fixed the issue 'Ole Error: 80040E14. Ambiguous column name 'SODTYPE' which occurred in Cash Accounts Other Transactions in Group of Companies Schema/Model and Company other than the main one, when filling in the relevant trading party through cash account.

Copy from buffer / Cash accounts other transactions
The bank and the relevant trading party are now transferred to the new document, When copying a last entry from Cash accounts other transactions.

Other transactions / Copy
Fixed the issue which occurred when copying from a last entry of other transactions.

Version 600.622.11536
Features added / modified

Type of Leaves / Activate auto approval
The 'Activate auto approval' field has now been added to Employees. It is applied to all Type of Leaves.

Modify/Delete completed leaves
The 'Modify/Delete completed leaves' question has now been added to the Type of Leaves, with the following available options:

  • No check
  • Warning
  • Prohibition

Employees Parameters / Organization Chart (main company)
In a company with another main company, the 'Organization Chart (main company)' field is now available (Employees Parameters).  

Leave approval / Replacing employee
The 'Replacing employee' field has now been added to Leaves, to allow them to approve leaves instead of the supervisor.
Upon creating a leave with a replacing employee, the field can be updated afterwards in the Approval Data lines, in case the 'Inform replacing employee of previous leaves' is activated in Employees Parameters.

Copy offer / Cost center
Upon selecting 'Copy offer' in Sales opportunities (CRM → Sales), the cost center of lines is now transferred.

LINENUM field has now been added in 'MTRLATTRIBUTES' table (Item variations).

Employees / Performance evaluation
'Mandatory answer' column has now been added to Questionnaires. As soon as the status of a step changes to 'Completed' a check is conducted and a prohibition message is displayed if the mandatory questions have not been answered.

Leaves / Approval data
If there are stages only with Information in Approval data (Leaves → Type of Leave), then upon creating the Leave in the lines of Approval data, the status is automatically updated to 'Completed'.

Requests / Approvals
'Approval' (LDSTATUS) field has now been added to Requests → General data (SOPRSNREQ).

Tasks / Transfer subject
The Next step has also been added to the multiple tasks selection. 'Transfer subject ' flag has been added to the dialogue.
If it is selected, the task's subject will be transferred to the new task, from which it was originated. If it is not selected, the new task will get the subject of the dialogue.

Requirements Analysis & Evaluation
Stock Items' description are now displayed, upon printing in excel file the 'Requirements Analysis & Evaluation' (Shortage/Requirements - Analytical → Right-click → Print).

Cash accounts Other transactions / Related supplier
Related supplier is now transferred to the new document, when copying from the last entry in Cash accounts Other transactions.

FIteAvgBalDays function / W/H
'W/H' has now been added to FIteAvgBalDays function, as additional parameter.

Prod. Order Folder / Lots
'Code 1' and 'Code 2' fields have now been added to Production → Prod. Order Folder.

Number of lines displayed (Selectors)
The 'Number of lines displayed (Selectors)' parameter (System settings → Parameters) is now also performed in DATERANGE fields (Date ranges).  

Object Log File / VAT rates
The Object of VAT rates has now been added to Object Log File (TRACEDEF).

Approved documents
In the approval scenario it is now possible to select in the prerequisite stages a stage with 'Approved' approval status.
So, it is suggested to add an additional stage to the scenario with the desired users to continue to modify a document after its approval.
This stage should:

  • have 'Approved' approval status
  • be below the stage of the user who approves and
  • have prerequisite the stage of the user who approves,

so that the users can modify after the approval, but cannot approve themselves.

Bug Fixing

Deactivate Web account
The web account is now deactivated after selecting 'Deactivate account' (right-click on the Employees list).

Payroll period / Automatic data entry
Fixed the issue in case of client/server installation during automatic data entry: it did not change the payroll period on the main screen.

Menu / Search
Fixed the issue which occurred under certain circumstances upon searching in the menu.

Create SEPA file / Optima bank
Optima Bank has now been added to the available banks in the 'Create SEPA file' job, for payroll payment through Bank.

Show results by period / Set as default browser
The issue in setting the browser as default has now been restored, in the 'Show results by period' job (PRDVALSHOWEXT).

Payroll period / Modify results
Fixed the issue which occurred in the 'Modify results' job, where, after the creation, values were temporarily lost from payroll period data.

Item Balances per Lot
The response time of the 'Item Balances per Lot' report has been improved.

Project Tasks / Person
'Module' field has now been added to Project Tasks' lines (Services Management → Projects). A person can be selected upon filling in the field.

Cash entry modification
The massage 'ATTENTION! The cash entry has resulted from an indirect record' is now displayed upon modifying cash entry, which was indirectly created.

Bank accounts / IBAN control
Under certain circumstances IBAN control was not properly performed in bank accounts.

Version 600.622.11535
Features added / modified

Items Detailed Trial Balance per W/H / Hide W/H with no transactions
The 'Hide W/H with no transactions' filter has now been added to the 'Items Detailed Trial Balance per W/H' Job (MAT_ANL_WBAL).

Modify net income (mass)
'Modify net income (mass)' job (MASSPRDVALCHANGE[SRCCALCELM=1]) has now been added to HR & Payroll → Payroll → Payroll - Period, with a similar operation with 'Batch Modification of Period Data'.
The difference is that the payroll elements that are filled in Payroll Parameters → Calculate → Multiple → Payroll Element (Can be modified) are brought for modification. If there is no value there, the payroll elements are brought from Calculate → Payroll elements for Net income calculation - Simple → Can be modified.
Finally, the modification updates field RLVAL1 rather than LVAL1 as in 'Batch Modification of Period Data'.

Employees browser / Payroll printouts
When right-clicking on the Employees' browser, 'User defined payroll report' & 'User defined payroll report per period' have now been added to 'Payroll printouts'.

Calculate Gross Income from Net / Automatic data entry
Upon running the 'Calculate Gross Income from Net' Job (GROSSFROMNET), the Automatic data entry is cancelled after the job is completed.

Printout Forms / Employee evaluations/reviews
In HR & Payroll Parameters → Printout Forms → Employee evaluations/reviews, the 'Default' flag is now available.

Cost centers Reports
In 'Cost centers (summary)' (EMPL_COST_CNTR) and 'Cost centers (detailed)' (EMPL_COST_CNTR_AN) Jobs, 'Show employees' filter has now been added with values:
-Employee with cost centers

Modify period data
In case the user proceeds to 'Modify period data' Job (PRDVALCHANGE), before the following Jobs 'Automatic data import' (PRDVALAUTO) or 'Calculate payroll' (PRDVALCALC) are executed, the message 'No data to modify' is displayed.

Working time analysis
In 'Working time analysis' report (HR_ACTIONS_PER_WEEK) the final totals are now displayed per employee.

Update sales priced / Substitute smaller values
The 'Substitute smaller values' field (Purchases Document Types) has now been added. It includes the following values 'None', 'Automatic' & 'With question', to update the sales prices.

Item transactions / Doc. Series & Type
The 'Doc. Series' & 'Type' fields have now been added to 'Questions'  (Item transactions Related job).

Service Folders / Duration
In Service Folders in case there are no actions, the Duration will be defined from Folder's Start and End Date.

Create Reconciliation Scenarios / Exclude manual acctg. entries
In 'Create Reconciliation Scenarios' Job (ACNCONSDEF), 'Exclude manual acctg. entries' field has now been added.

Redeem points (Bonus card)
The 'Redeem points (Bonus card)' filter has now been added to Sales Parameters. The filter includes the following values 'Fixed value' and 'Progressive Escalation'.

Objects Log File / Warranties
In 'Objects Log File' job (TRACEDEF) 'Warranties' have now been added.

Bonus Cards / Forbid negative points
In Bonus Cards Parameters 'Forbid negative points' field has now been added.

Document Types / Lot/SN matching
The 'Lot/SN matching' field has now been added to Purchases, Sales & Stock Management Document Types. The filter includes the following values 'No', 'Strictly Yes' & 'Yes with priority'.

Projects / New fields
The following green fields have now been added to Projects Browser:
-Revenue (VAT incl)
-Expenses (VAT incl)

CRM / Origin
The 'Origin' field (CRM → General Actions) has now been added. It's similar to the 'Origin' field (CRM → Services → Service tickets).

Special VAT for fixed assets (S.C.T)
In GL links the Resolver 'Special VAT for fixed assets (S.C.T)' (MTL231) has now been added.

SubForm / Maximize
In Design of forms' properties and S1 Designer, Maximized option is now available.

Show stock balance per company
In Stock Management Parameters 'Show stock balance per company' field has now been added with 'Free (all companies)' and 'Restricted (specific companies only)' values.

Unpaid Documents / Carrier
In 'Unpaid Documents' & 'Unpaid Documents per Business Unit' of Trading Parties, 'Carrier' (MTRDOC.SOCARRIER) field has now been added.

Purchase Order Plan / Balance
In Purchases → Purchase Order Plan → Items to order & Production → Production Automations → Documents based on shortage/requirements, 'Balance' column has now been added.

Customers / Contracts
In Customers card the 'Contracts' field has now been added (Code, From - To).

Cash Entry modification
Cash Entry modification is now available. Additionally, the warning massage 'ATTENTION! The cash entry has resulted from an indirect record' has been added upon creating/saving the entry.

Bug Fixing

Redemption card
Redemption card is now properly calculated with 'Henceforth discounts in totals (disc.1)' Type.

2008 UI / Fast report preview
In 2008 UI fixed the issue 'System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 50062473 in module 'rtl270.bpl'. Read of address 0058002A Error type: EAccessViolation'. It occurred upon selecting Fast report preview.

Retail / Variations balance per W/H
The 'Variations balance per W/H' field (CDIMWHREST) has now been added to document lines' columns (Retail).

Period payroll elements / Calculated
The Period payroll elements which are Value elements and the 'Manual entry allowed' field is set to 'Yes', then the payroll elements will be displayed in 'Calculated' tab (Modify period data' Job).

Physical Inventory Documents (zero quantity)
Fixed the issue 'Attention! No business unit has been recorded for item' which occurred upon running the 'Physical Inventory Documents (zero quantity)' Job (MtrZeroNatBalance), in case were in Stock Management Parameters the Document Lines control per Business Unit had been set.

Cash Entry Date
When changing the date of an Accounting Entry, which had created a Cash Entry, the date of the Cash entry was not changed.

Demand Forecasting / Data from Purchases
Fixed the issue which occurred in Stock Items 'Demand Forecasting', when drawing data from Purchases.

Messages display
In 2008 UI the messages display is now properly working.

2-factor authentication and Send SMS
Fixed the issue which occurred when using 2-factor authentication and Send SMS to connect.

Extra variations / Copy values
Variation Analysis values were not properly updated, upon copying the latest Stock Item entry.

Payroll / View results
In 'View results' Job (PRDVALSHOW) the Period payroll elements are now properly displayed.

Employee with Passport
Fixed the error message ''PRSNIN: Field 'PASSPORTNR' not found' which occurred upon saving modifications for Employee having set 'Passport' to Type field (ID Card details area).

Credit Control
In case the following values 'Pending dispatch notes value' (OPNSHP) and 'Transaction Expenses - Value' (FINEXPAMNT) have been set in Credit control formula, a Credit control message is now properly displayed.

Documents / Select agreement
In Documents' Related jobs, the module's relevant agreement is now properly displayed in 'Select agreement'.

Customer's & Supplier's transactions / Comment 2
In Grid's properties (Customers transactions → Design), document's 'Comment 2' has now been added.

SERIES table / ToLang function
Under certain circumstances the 'ToLang' built-in function was not displaying proper results.

Printout form without Automatic filing
Fixed the issue which occurred in printout form then the 'Automatic filing' flag is not activated.

Sales Budget
When modifying the Description's width in Summary data table (Sales Budget report Design) all data are now properly displayed.

Exports - Prohibition to export data from Grids
When the 'Exports - Prohibition to export data from Grids' filter is activated (User & Rights → Users → Core operation), copy / paste option is no longer available.

Fixed Assets Status (Summary)
Fixed the issue which occurred in 'Fixed Assets Status (Summary)' Job (CON_BOOK) upon selecting Entity branches.

Cash account transactions / Collection Type
Fixed the issue 'Ole Error: 80040E14. Invalid column name 'spaytype'. It occurred in 'Cash account transactions with cheques analysis', in case 'Collection Type' column had been added.

Custom display with VB Script
Fixed the issue 'OLE error 800A01C2' which occurred in custom display with VB Script.

Calculate Payroll of Mass modification
Fixed the issue 'Field LVAL not found'. It occurred for a new Employee, in case no Payroll elements of Mass modification have been selected (Payroll Parameters), and upon running 'Calculate period' job having activated 'Modify data' flag. The '3001-Day Work' payroll element is automatically suggested for modification.

Special transaction / Template
Under certain circumstances upon selecting a template, document's totals were not properly updated.

Update Stock limits
The 'To' field in Dates is now taken into account in 'Update Stock limits' Job (UpdateSafetyLimits).

Version 600.622.11534
Features added / modified

Assigned Invoices & Factoring Disbursements Report / Credit notes
Credit notes are now displayed with a negative sign in 'Assigned Invoices Report' (TRDFCTDOCREP) and 'Factoring Disbursements Report' (TRDFCTDOCREPEK).

Retail Pro / Show windows task bar
'Show windows task bar' flag has now been added to S1 Retail Designer → Miscellaneous tab. By selecting it, computer's taskbar is visible while using Retail Pro.

Bug Fixing

Pricing policy / Gift
Fixed the issue where a 100% discount was not maintained in Gift Line, after Document Recalculation, when Pricing Policy was applied.

Customers / Outstanding quotations
Fixed the issue of the 'Outstanding quotations' display, when the job was selected through the Customer's card.

Bonus card / Update discount
Fixed the issue 'ATTENTION! The discount is greater than the transaction value' upon Document update discount from Bonus card, in specific cases.

Closing cash register / Collection-Payment Documents
'Closing cash register' is no longer transferred to Copy from buffer of Collection or Payment Documents.

Pricing methods with combinative scaling
Fixed the issue which occurred in Applying pricing methods with combinative scaling.

SN card / Canceling transactions
'Canceling transactions' filter has now been added to 'SN card' (SLINES_STMS), with default value 0 (the same filter exists in 'SN transactions per item').
When the filter is selected, then Cancelled Documents are brought to the Report. By default, only non-canceled documents will be brought, and whose Type sets the Status (inside or outside) of the SN.
The same filter has been added to 'SN Journal' (SLINES_JRNN).
Additionally, 'Cancelled' field has been added, which can be used in these 3 Reports, so as Cancelled documents can be differentiated when 'Canceling transactions' filter has been selected.

Group of Companies Schema / Description transfer
In Group of Companies Schema/Model, Project's description is now being updated in Child Company, while it was modified in the Main Company.

Group of Companies Schema / Match documents
In Group of Companies Schema/Model, having logged into a Company and wanting to match a Document of another company, the Documents of Company B' are now matched.

CRM / Skip null final dates
Fixed the issue with the operation of Parameter User availability → Skip null final dates.

Accounting Entries / Value modification
Fixed the issue of 'Cash entry' update, when the value was modified in the initial Entry.

Sales - Purchases - Services folders / Warranty update
Fixed the issue of Warranty update operation in Sales, Purchases and Service folders.

Ιnterface 2008 / Email-Web SMS accounts
Fixed the issue 'HELPER: Field 'CODE' not found' which occurred upon opening 'email/ Web SMS accounts' in 2008 interface.

Version 600.622.11533
Features added / modified

Lines analysis
You can now search in 'Lines analysis' table in 'Links to Accounting' & 'Link to revenue-expenses'.
Search can be performed by clicking on [...] in each column, above the Available fields. By typing, e.g., Text1 + Text2 + Text3 and enter, Soft1 searches the words Text1, Text2 & Text3 in any Series.

Update payments
'Update payments' flag has now been added to 'Banks' & 'SEPA (ISO 20022) payroll file' jobs. Upon running jobs, if the flag is activated, the payments are saved per period and payable amount of payroll element in a new table, having as a date the Debit one.
This table is available in a new tab, in Employees -> Financials -> Payments, whereas in S.S../Loans/Resources (previous tab).
The suggested value of the option comes from Payroll parameters, in 'Files' tab.

Balance per company / User rights
User with rights in specific Companies, can now view the balances of the companies to which they have rights (Stock Items Related Jobs → Balance per company).

Production / Released to Created
When the status of Production document is set to 'Created' from 'Released', the pending items are removed. Additionally, 'Modify status to Created' job has now been added to Related jobs of Production documents. Therefore, the documents with 'Released' status will be displayed in grid in order to change their status.

Default notification account
'Default notification account' filter (PREDEFINEDACCOUNT) has now been added to Employees Parameters, with EMAILACCOUNTS editor.

Accounting - myDATA Entries / Trading Party's Branch
The Trading Party's Branch is now being transferred to 'Acctg. Entry' column, in 'Accounting - myDATA Entries' (MYDATATODOC).

Payroll parameters
The following Parameters
'Work calendar Series', 'Working time Types', 'Status' and 'Labelling', have now been added to Payroll parameters. This way their values will be suggested in Payroll calculation, just as in Time-tracking.
Additionally, 'Time-tracking', 'Work calendar Series', 'Working time Types', 'Status' and 'Labelling', are now available in Termination of employment contract, just as in Payroll calculation. These values will be suggested from Payroll parameters.
A new tab 'Calculate' has been created in Payroll parameters, including the ones related to calculation.

Statistical number BGBULSTAT
Statistical number (BGBULSTAT) has now been added to Company's data (Romanian installations).

Aging - Customer Balance
'Apply open items' filter has now been added to the 'Aging - Customer Balance' Browser.

HoursBetween & MinutesBetween Functions
'HoursBetween' & 'MinutesBetween' functions, which return the difference in hours and minutes, have now been added.

Spare parts / Service Folders
'Automatic import of spare parts' filter has now been added to Services Parameters. Upon selecting the Item, its spare parts are filled in the lines, if they have already been filled in the Item.

Service folders / Order series
'Suggested Order Series' filter has now been added to Services Parameters, when clicking on Order planning through Service Folders.

Maintain delivery data in triangular transactions
'Maintain delivery data in triangular transactions' flag has now been added to Documents Conversion.

Stock control / Storage bin
When performing Stock control for Items monitored in Lot and Storage bin, a relevant message is displayed upon document's creation, in case of a negative balance.

Sales Year Overview / Customers Acc. Cat.
'Acc. Cat.' filter has now been added to the 'Customers' area, in 'Sales Year Overview' (DSBSALES) & 'Sales Overview - Comparative Analysis' (DSBSALESFISCPRD).

Retail / Orders suggested Series
In Retail, Series with Order Behavior have now been added to suggested Users Series.

Bug Fixing

Payroll Financial data / Total cost
'Total cost' is now available at the bottom of the screen, in Employees → Payroll Financial data.

Debit/Credit Statistics
Fixed the issue which occurred in 'Debit/Credit Statistics' (VLINSTATS), if there were Cost Centers whose code included more than 7 characters.

Group of Companies Schema / Purchase document - Oracle
Fixed the issue 'ORA-00932 inconsistent datatypes expected CLOB got CHAR' in Group of Companies Schema/Model. It occurred upon creating Purchase document, in Oracle Database.

Soft1 BI Connector / Export Data
Fixed the issue which occurred in 'Export Data' (Company Processes → Soft1 BI Connector), upon selecting 'Save New Template'.

Sales document Browser / Fast report preview
Fixed the issue which occurred upon printing Sales documents in Fast report, having selected all Document Types in filters.

Group of Companies Schema / Resources
In a Group of Companies Schema/Model, Data per Company, are now properly filled in, upon creating new Resources.

Payroll calculation / Oracle
Fixed the issue which occurred in a new tab, after Payroll calculation (Oracle installation).

Group of Companies Schema / Employees' data per Company
Upon creating a Group of Companies Schema/Model, Employees' data are now copied in 'Data per Company' tab.

Group of Companies Schema / Copy data
Upon creating a Group of Companies Schema/Model, all fields in Data per company, such as, Acc. category, Payment method etc.  were copied.

Auto replacement of item set
Fixed the issue 'ATTENTION! There is a difference between Variation analysis and the total quantity on line 9999999' which occurred upon Document conversion, having activated 'Auto replacement of item set' in Type, for Stock items with color / size.

Sales Doc Transfer / Stock items variations
Stock items variations are now properly displayed in Lines, upon transferring a Sales doc to a Purchase one.

Financial transactions (L.C.)
All columns are now displayed upon printing Customers transactions, in PDF (Customers → Financial transactions (L.C.)).

Imports-Exports per Item
The quantity is now displayed in 'Imports-Exports per Item' (STAT_ITEM) when Analysis period is not selected.

Tasks / Folder hyperlink
'Folder' hyperlink is now properly working upon creating a new Task (CRM → Tasks).

Document line value (no discounts)
'Document line value (no discounts)' field is now available in Sales Document's Lines.

Performance Calculation
Fixed the issue wwhich occurred when right-clicking in Evaluations → Performance Calculation.

Update Accounting Entries / Execution Stages
Execution Stages and Results are now available, upon running 'Update Accounting Entries' job (AcnBatchTemplateGL).

Show results per period
In 'Show results per period' (PRDVALSHOWEXT),  Dates are now properly displayed in 'Calculations date' column.

Purchase Overview - Comparative Analysis
Fixed the issue 'Access violation at address 7BD6CA10 in module 'FinDoc.bpl'. Read of address 00000000 Error type: EAccessViolation'. It occurred in 'Purchase Overview - Comparative Analysis' (DSBPURCHFISCPRD).

Group of Companies / Creation
Fixed the issue 'No periods have been defined for the current date' which occurred in Azure, upon login to a company, following the creation of a Group of Companies Schema/Model.

Embedded browser / Intrastat files (Import)
Submission of 'Intrastat files (Import)' is now available with Embedded browser.

Stock control / Storage bin & Lot
Fixed the issue 'Variant or safe array index out of bounds' which occurred upon Document Conversion when performing Stock control for Items monitored in Lot and Storage bin.

Group of Companies Schema / Documents creation
Fixed the issue which occurred in Azure, upon creating documents, following the creation of Group of Companies Schema/Model.

Sales Orders per Item
Fixed the issue 'No argument for format ' AND %s.SALESMAN IN (SELECT PRS)' which occurred in 'Sales Orders per Item' Report (STAT_ORDERMSAL), having selected the filter 'Salesperson' and the 'Detailed' flag activated.

Conversion / Payment methods
Payment methods are now displayed upon Document Conversion, through Related Jobs.

Version 600.622.11532
Features added / modified

Credit note / Cancellation by reversal
In case of transaction cancellation by reversal while using credit note (mandatory process for providers), all pending items of the initial document are restored, from which the reversed document resulted.
In this case, reversing series with different behavior (credit note behavior) must be set in sales documents' reversing series field. This way while using cancellation by reversal process, the sales document will be reversed and pending items included in the initial document's lines will be removed.

Work schedule
In Work Schedule the following filters have been added:
-Only Employees with Actions, with 'Yes/No' Options.
-Show Working hours, with 'Working hours code', 'Working hours description', and 'Registered hours' Options, so that the user can select the display mode.
When 'Show Working hours' filter has a different value from 'Working hours code', the Working hours analysis is not displayed in Report.

Automatic creation of payroll periods
Automatic creation of payroll periods is now available upon using 'Calculate termination of employment contract' Job (CONTRACTSOLVE). To activate this, select 'Yes' in 'Automatic creation of payroll periods on termination of employment contract' (Parameters menu → HR & Payroll → Parameters). Provided that you have activated the above-mentioned option, in 'Calculate termination of employment contract' Job, you cannot select payroll periods upon running this job, because all necessary payroll periods will be automatically created.

Meeting Payroll Reports / Company Data
Statement of parametric fields is now available in Payroll Reports, in Define Report → Company Data.
The following data can be stated:

  • Fields from memory tables with abbreviation: X.e.g. :X.SYS.LOGINDATE, :X.COMPANY.NAME
  • Calls from available functions with abbreviation ^ e.g. ^DateToStr(LoginDate),     ^UserName
  • Parameters use with abbreviation & e.g. &Report

Modify CRM Meeting
More options have been added to CRM Parameters in 'Modify Actions' field.
-Only from the initial action
-And by the actions of participants (question)
-Only from the initial Action
-And by the actions of participants

Modify period data
In 'Modify period data' (PRDVALCHANGE), when running Recalculate payroll, the initial calculation date is now taken into account as the calculation date.

Suppliers / Purchase Orders per Item
In 'Purchase Orders per Item' (STAT_ORDERMPUR) &'Sales Orders per Item' (STAT_ORDERMSAL), 'Code' and 'Description' fields of Item / Service / Fixed asset, can now be opened in grid with hyperlink and be redirected, through Related Jobs of Customers / Supplies.

Goals / New fields
'Category' and 'Type' fields have now been added to Goals. (Jobs menu → HR & Payroll → HR → Goals)

GL accounts / Suppliers - Debtors
In 'Do not participate in detail balance sheet' Accounting parameter, you can now select more than one account, e.g. 30;33.

Maintain route on triangular transactions
'Maintain route on triangular transactions' check box has now been added to Conversion Job.

Credit Notes Calculation Results
'Create credit notes (Inventory Only)' have now been added to Credit Notes Calculation Results.

Copy to Companies / Commercial categories
In Other Companies Database, when right-clicking in Browser → Copy to Other Companies. Copy of Commercial categories (Stock Items, Services, Fixed Assets & Debit/Credit) is now available.

Job monitor / Absence
'Absence' column has now been added to Job monitor. It currently displays the already saved Leaves (leaves, sick leave, absence) whose Status value is different than the 'Cancelled' one.
The word/caption that is displayed is the abbreviation field of each Leave type.

Job calendar / Save new Template
Job calendar’s display mode can now be saved in ‘Save new Template’ field.

Installation lines/ MTREXTRA
MTREXTRA table is now available in Installations lines grid.

Retail Pro / Items List
In Retail Designer, when 'Search' is selected in Items list (Operations), the browser/list will also be used in +Barcode option.

Sales Overview - Comparative analysis
In 'Sales Overview - Comparative analysis' (DSBSALESFISCPRD), Data display from different companies is now available.

Work schedule
In 'Work schedule' (WRK_HOURS_CAL) Report, actions with 'Cancelled' status are no longer displayed.

Data of cheques on reference date
'Marginal status' filter has now been added to 'Data of cheques on reference date' Report.

Bug Fixing

User rights
User rights are now properly working in UTBL tables, groups, and business categories.

Employees Parameters / Code format
In Employees Parameters the warning message 'Attention! Composition data has been defined for the "Code Format" field without having set a value in the field' is displayed. It occurs when:

  • in 'Code format' hyperlink, composition data has been set
  • in 'Code Format' field no value has been set.


Email templates / Customers
Field data is now properly displayed in Email templates when the Customers module is selected.

Confirm saving
Fixed the issue which occurred in Browsers regarding saving confirmation.

Group of Companies Schema / Pricing Policies
In Group of companies Schema/Model, fixed the issue which occurred upon applying Sales pricing policy from Retail.

Create Reconciliation Scenarios
'Yes/No' field (FINDOC_FINDOC_BOOL01) has now been added to 'Create Reconciliation Scenarios' (COMMCONSDEF) filters.

Custom object / Drag and drop
In a custom object, the 'Drag and drop' option in Primary Band Table through Lock Tree, is now properly working.

Retail Pro / Points calculation
When selecting 'Bonus Card' in Retail Pro and activating 'Track Cancellations' in Workstations - Parameter Groups (WRKSTNGR), Points calculation is now performed for completed transactions.

Attached files / Add URL
Add URL (Attached files) is now properly working when Chrome & Edge Browsers have been set at 'Statements Submission mode' field (Users & Rights Parameters).

Version 600.622.11531
Features added / modified

Job calendar / Plan job
When right-clicking on Job Calendar to create Actions the below-mentioned Series are now clearly displayed based on Employees Parameters:
-Day off
-Working time outside normal working hours
The user can now search by code or description the Series of Working hours when right-clicking on Job calendar. Since there have been created more Series, these can be used when right-clicking on Job calendar → Employees actions. 'For all' flag is available when selecting 'Series' (right-click on Job calendar).

Trading Parties' Branches / Accounting Dept email
Accounting Dept email has now been added to Trading Parties' Branches.

List of Expenses / Payments
Redirection is now available in 'Payments' of List of Expenses.

New Functions / IncHour & IncMinute
Functions IncHour & IncMinute have now been added.

Order Planning / Transaction currency
'Transaction currency' filter has now been added to 'Order Planning' job.

Copy Company / TRN
TRN has now been added upon copying Company.

Reports / New filters
The following filters have now been added to Reports 'Items Detailed Trial Balance', 'Trial Balance - Analytical', 'Trial Balance', 'Trial Balance by Customer Branch', 'Aggregates Trial Balance', 'Trial Balance by Currency', 'Summary Trial Balance', 'Summary Statement':
-Acctg category
-Comm. Category
-Pricing Category
-Prof. category


CRM Parameters / Operator availability
'Include null final dates' has now been added to CRM Parameters, in 'Operator availability'.

System Settings / Confirm cancellation in Master object
'Confirm cancellation in Master object' has now been added to System Settings.

Create Company / Cheques transactions
Upon creating a Company, Cheques transactions are now being transferred.

Purchase Documents / Lines Conversion
In Sales to Purchases Conversion dialog (and vice versa), Conversion Qty has now been added with values 'Qty - Purchased' and 'Not processed documents'. Additionally,
'Not processed' column has been added to Stock Items grid.

Conversion / Payment method
'Payment method' has now been added to new values, in Conversion job.

Documents calculated 'green' fields / Decimals
The calculated 'green' fields of Purchases, Sales & Trading Parties are now displayed with decimals in values.

Group of Companies Schema / Composition documents
Composition documents from Sales documents are now properly created in Group of Companies Schema/Model.

Aging Balance Report / Apply open-items field
In Aging Balance Report(SUP_OPITEM) the options 'Yes', 'No' & 'Up to reference date' have now been added to 'Apply open-items' field.

Customers / Sales Orders per Item
In 'Sales Orders per Item'(STAT_ORDERMSAL) Customers Group has now been added to filters.

Bug Fixing

Group of Companies Schema / Prospect Customer
In a Group of Companies Schema/Model, a Customer who was Prospect in Main company, can now be selected in Documents.

Maintain payment terms in triangular transactions
'Maintain payment terms in triangular transactions' has now been added to Documents Conversion job.

GL trace analysis - Commercial Mgmt. / Business unit
Fixed assets Business unit from Depreciation Documents, are now updated in 'GL trace analysis - Commercial management' (VACNTRACEGL).

Copying Stock Items to Companies / Suppliers codes
Upon copying Stock Items in other Companies, Suppliers codes are now being copied.

Sales document / Production document creation
Fixed the issue which occurred upon creating Production document from Sales document.

Trading Parties' data / Check TRN
'Check VIES - TRN' data now updates 'Check TRN' field in Trading Parties' data.

Salesperson Performance Report / Decimals
Decimals are now displayed in Salesperson Performance Report (DSBSALESMANPERFORM).

Purchase Order Plan / Status SOSMALLINT4
In Purchase Order Plan(DRESTPUR) 'Status' (SOSMALLINT4) field has now been added including the following values:

Office365 emails
Fixed the issue which occurred upon running 'Office365 emails' job from Client.

Docs Conversion / Payment method
Upon Docs conversion, Payment method is now being transferred.

Browser appearance / Pivot Analysis
Pivot Analysis Browser is now properly working.

S1P.Round / Proper result
'S1P.Round' function displays now proper results.

Printing Document / Word
Fixed the issue 'The requested member of the collection does not exist' which was displayed upon printing Document in Word.

Browser / Filter to Exclude this in numeric field
Fixed the issue 'Expression expected but ')' found' which was displayed upon selecting Filter to Exclude this in numeric field, in Browser.

Browser / Fast report preview
Fixed the issue 'Invalid pointer operation' which was displayed in some cases upon printing Browser in Fast report.

Browsers / Cancel Documents modification
Fixed the issue which occurred in Browsers for Cancel Documents modification.

Production Orders Phases / Abbreviation
'Abbreviation' has now been added to Phases of Production Orders.

Documents with Gift / Recalculation
Upon Document Recalculation, Gift Discount is maintained in Total Pricing policy.

Document columns / Fixed asset Description 2
Fixed assets' Description 2 is now available in line columns.

Email templates / Local Fields
Local Fields are now properly saved in Email templates.

Projects / Balance brought fwd
'Balance brought fwd' in Projects, is now properly displayed, in case 'Expenses not charged on lines' flag is activated and do not surcharge the Lines, through Questions.

S1 Designer / Custom object
Fixed the issue which occurred upon opening Custom object in S1 Designer.

Stock Items / Data per W/h
Stock Items data per W/h are now properly displayed, in case of [] symbols in description.

Documents / Entity
The Entity that was set in Document Types is now properly displayed.

2008 UI / Intrastat / Customs Date
In 2008 UI, 'Intrastat / Customs Date' is now displayed in Other transactions Documents.

Version 600.622.11530
Features added / modified

Series 6 UI / Wrap grid column titles
In Series 6 UI, 'Wrap grid column titles' has now been added to Systems Settings → Parameters, where Description wrap is available.

Employees Actions / Check double actions
'Check double actions' browser has been added to Employees Actions, which brings Double actions of Work, Day off
 and Non-working with common date of entry and Status:
-To be activated
-In progress
Cancelled are missing.


Employee Leave Statistics / File processing
EMPL_LEAVE_REP_OBJ object has been created, where green fields are used, instead of red, for Calculation.

Documents / Payoff recalculation
In message ' There is a difference between the document's total and the payment. Continue Yes\No, with recalculation?',  besides the options Yes/No, 'Yes with recalculation' option has also been added. Once it is selected, payoff will be recalculated based on the changes of the initial Document and then the entry will be saved.

Job Monitor / Working hours
In case of a violation, the ! symbol is displayed on the corresponding day where the violation occurs, and on the total Working Hours per week. In addition, the modification symbol for the data is now the * symbol and is displayed on days when there are already recorded actions and a modification has been made by the user. To activate the relative indications the user has to move to the next line, after the modification has been made.

Employees' Broswer Design / FGetPayPrdFlds function
'FGetPayPrdFlds' function has been added to Employees' Broswer Design, in Local fields → Available functions → Application → Payroll. It gets as Parameters:
-Payroll year
-The name of Payroll years-periods table (PAYPRD)
and returns field's Value, e.g. FGetPayPrdFlds(FiscPrdPay,PayPeriod,FROMDATE).

Payroll / Template list - Payroll Elements
'Template list - Payroll Elements' has been added to Payroll Settings.
'Template list - Payroll Elements' option has been added to Questions. in User defined payroll report.

Customers / Update Coordinates
'Update Coordinates' job has been added when right-clicking in Customers Browser/List.

SoftOne.Lib.dll / SetParam & DeleteParam methods
'SetParam' & 'DeleteParam' methods have been added to SoftOne.Lib.dll for .net. use.

Create Production Docs based on Consumption/Production Notes / New filters
'Branch' & 'W/h' filters have been added to 'Create Production Docs based on Consumption/Production Notes' job.

Trading Parties Balance / User with restricted access
User with restricted access in specific Companies is no more able to view all Companies Trading Parties Balance, in Related Jobs → Balance per Company.

BAM / Attaching more than one files in e-mail
Attaching more than one files is now available in sending e-mail in BAM.

Other Transactions / Debit/Credit Accounting category
Resolvers of Debit/Credit Accounting category are now added.

Employees Leaves object / Μobilephone & Εmail
Μobilephone(X_MOBILEPHONE) and Εmail (X_EMAIL) fields have been added to Employees Leaves object (SOPRSNLEAVE).

BAM / E-mail account
A button that enables a new Variable has been added to Sender Account field, in BAM scenario.

Period payroll elements / Manual entry allowed

'Manual entry allowed' field is Read-only in Period payroll elements. The value update will be performed through Synchronize payroll data Job.

Item Set / Consumption Lines
All Type options (SPCLINETYPE) have been added to Consumption Lines grid in Sets/Kits, just like in Documents Lines.

Copy Company / Specifications & Item Sets
Specifications & Item Sets are now transferred upon copying a Company. The same happens upon copying Parameters, by selecting 'SPCS' table.

Fixed Assets Status Summary / Entity branches
'Entity branches' filter has now been added to Fixed Assets Status Summary of Accounting Standards.

Screen Forms Design / Image import
Image import is now available in Screen Forms Design → Layout → when right clicking → Add → Photo.

B.A.M. Run Time / Web Call
URL copy is now available in BAM Run Time, during Web call.

S1 Retail Designer / Change Collector
'Change Collector' has been added to S1 Retail Designer.

Payroll / Employee's signature
Employee's signature to be available in the Employee's documents via an image. After the image file is imported, right-clicking on properties, Signature must be selected in Special category field.
SOSIGNFILE function has been created in Employees.
It can be used in advanced report as follows:
Add a Picture object and set [PRSNIN."SOSIGNFILE"] value in FileLink property.
'Employee's signature' will appear in 'Special category' field, from Employee's documents.

Jobs / Refresh button
A Refresh button has now been added to Jobs Task bar. It triggers a new search in the database.

Bug Fixing

Sales Credit Notes Rules / Price per UoM (scaling conditions)
'Price per UoM (scaling conditions)' field has been added to 'Field 1' in Sales Credit Notes Rules(CRDRULE.13).

Pricing policy rules and combinative scaling
Fixed the issue which occurred in Discount pricing policy rule while removing/cancelling with Combinative scaling.


Fixed Assets Depreciation
Fixed Assets Depreciation is now properly calculated.

Fixed Assets Status - Summary / Include sold F/A
'No (previous fiscal year)' option in 'Include sold F/A' flag, is now properly working in Fixed Assets Status - Summary (CON_BOOK).

Fast Report Browser / Filters Reports
Fixed the issue with the Filters Reports in Fast Report Browser.

Commercial categories / Hierarchy
Hierarchy is now properly displayed in Services, Debit/Credit & Fixed Assets Commercial categories.

Employees Browser
Fixed the issue 'PRSNSCORESLINES: Field 'X_07619D1B0' not found' which occurred upon logging into Employee's Browser.

GL Accounts / Check TRN VIES
Fixed the issue 'Communication error' which occurred in 'Check TRN' in GL Accounts.

Documents / Check stock balance per variation
Fixed the issue which occurred upon saving Document, when 'Per variation' flag was activated in Stock control, in Document's Type.

URL image / Account credentials
Account credentials are now saved when adding URL image through Dropbox.

CRM Meetings / Contract
'Contract' is now updated in CRM Meetings.

2008 UI / Trading Parties Parameters
In 2008 UI fixed the issue which occurred upon selecting Trading Parties Parameters in 2008 UI.

2008 UI / Stock Management Parameters
In 2008 UI fixed the issue which occurred upon selecting Stock Management Parameters.

CusChequeBalanceDate / SQL order
'CusChequeBalanceDate' function properly displays results as an SQL command.

Reverse Production Costing
'Reverse Production Costing' job is now properly working.

Custom Report with 2 Modules / Ascending numbering
In Custom Report with 2 Modules, ascending numbering is now properly displayed per Module.

Browser with Grouping & 2 Modules / Stock Items filters
Fixed the issue which occurred in Browser with Grouping and 2 Modules, when filtering Stock Items.

Add URL / Embedded browser
Αdding a URL with an Embedded browser is now performed. An update of the Add-ons is required.

Stock items / Extra variations
Fixed the issue which occurred upon loading Stock items variations, in Extra variations.

Collection document from Sales document / Credit control
Collection document is now created from Sales document, when Credit control is applied.

Group of Companies Schema / Bonus card
Fixed the issue which occurred upon selecting Bonus card in Retail Document, in Group of Companies Schema/Model.

Job Monitor / Auto break record
In Job Monitor(WORKCALENDAR), when 'Auto break record' field value is set to Yes, then the 00:00 is now accepted in 'From time' and 'To time' fields. Respectively, regardless of 'Auto break record' value, 'From time' and 'To time' fields accept 00:00 value for regular working hours.

Version 600.622.11529
Features added / modified

Check in-Check out / New fields
In Check in-Check out → Other data the following fields are now available:

Check in-Check out / Show on map
When right-clicking on Check in-Check out, 'Show on map' option is now available.

Stock Items - Customers - Suppliers Related Jobs / UoM(P)
UoM has been added to:
-Stock Items Pending Purchase & Sales Orders
-Pending Quotations & Orders
-Pending Customers & Suppliers Notes

UoM(P) has been added to:
-Pending Quotations & Orders
-Pending Customers & Suppliers Notes

Actions and Leaves Limits
Actions and Leaves Limits are now available. The date after which no deletions or modifications are allowed, is saved in Parameters menu → HR & Payroll → Date Limit. When trying to modify or delete specific Action or Leave for a blocked date, the following message appears 'Date range in between blocked dates (Date Limits)'.

Check in / Location log file
Since Location's display and log file has been activated in myWorkplace, 'Latitude' & 'Longitude' fields are available in Check in-Check out → Other data.
Also, when right clicking on 'Show on map' the respective location is displayed.

Customer Timeline / Branch
Trading Party's Branch is now available in Timeline's filters.

Item code / Increase characters
In Stock Items → Trade → Purchase prices per supplier 'Item code' field has now been increased to accept 50 characters.

Check in-Check out / Inserted by
In Check in-Check out → Other data 'Inserted by' field is now available.

Crystal reports / New buttons
In Crystal reports the following options are now available with right-click:
-Export to PDF

Batch - Employee modification data
In Batch Modification of Period Data (MASSPRDVALCHANGE) when selecting an Employee and clicking on Modify period data, Employee's modification data appears in a new window.

Alternative Packaging / Characters
The size of 'Alternative Packaging' field (MTRPACK) has now been increased to accept 128 characters.

Create SEPA file / Οptima bank
In available Banks and 'Create SEPA file', Optima Bank is now available.

Purchase Documents / Create Agreements
You can now update Agreements in Purchase Documents including Items with a 'Warranty' Type.

Office365 / Import emails
Import emails from Microsoft 365 accounts is now supported by Office365.

Statements per Business Unit / Claims
In Statements per Business Unit Report (CUST_STM_BU_NEW), Claims column is now available in Browser design.

Trading Parties' Balance
The following functions that indicate Trading Parties' Balance of specific business unit are now available:
-CusBalanceBU (Customers)
-SupBalanceBU (Suppliers)
-CreBalanceBU (Creditors)
-DebBalanceBU (Debtors)

Transfer Reminder in Repeat Action
Upon clicking on Repeat Action, the Reminder of the Initial one is now being transferred.

Balance control per Lot
Since Special Lot control has been activated in Document Types, Lot code is now displayed in Balance check relevant message.

Contact selection / More than one Trading Party
Upon selecting a Contact that belongs to more than one Trading Party. e.g. in a call and then selecting a Customer, the selector now displays the Customers associated to that Contact.

Search code / Characters
The 'Search code' (SCODE) field has now been increased to accept 50 characters, in MTRLINES table.

Documents / Βusiness Unit
Upon editing Documents, Business unit is now being transferred.

Organizational units / Working hours
In Organizational units multiple selection of Working hours is now available.

Users & Rights Parameters / html editor
'Default font html editor' & 'Default size html editor' Parameters are now available in User & Rights → Parameters.

E-mail account parameter / XSendWebSMS
Parameter with Webaccount for command 'XSendWebSMS ' X.CALLPUBLISHE ('SysRequest.XSendWebSMS', '6999999999', 'SMS from web service',0,0,100); is now available.

Bug Fixing

Outlook 365 Accounts / Email import
A new job is now available for importing emails from Outlook 365 accounts.

Create Production Docs based on Consumption/Production
The Create Production Docs based on Consumption/Production job is now properly working.

CRM General Actions / Operator availability
Operator availability is now properly working in CRM General Actions.

CRM Calls / Trading Parties' Prof. category
In Calls Browser of CRM Trading Parties' Prof. category is now properly displayed.

executeReport / PDF Orientation report
Fixed the issue in Report's orientation exported in PDF when using executeReport.

Transfer Purchase document to Sales
Fixed the issue which occurred upon transferring Purchase Document to Sales.

Sales opportunities / Copy & cancel Quotation
Fixed the error 'System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 514428B2 in module 'dbrtl270.bpl'. Read of address 00000040 Error type: EAccessViolation' which occurred upon copying or cancelling a Quotation through Sales opportunities.

Retail Pro / Gift Receipt
In Retail Pro a button with Available Gift Receipt is now available in POS Display.

Double check-in action
The 'Attention! You cannot enter a double check-in action' message is now displayed when the previous Check-in is in Submitted status.

CRM Tasks / Soft1 Map
The Soft1 Map upon selecting 'Show on map' related job is now properly working in CRM Tasks Browser/List.

New lot code / Characters
The 'New lot code' field (CRLOTCODE) has now been increased to accept 50 characters (in Doc lines).

Production documents / Serial Number
Fixed the issue in creating Serial Number from Production documents.

myERGANI Live / Keep track of working time
Only actions with 'Submitted' status are now displayed in:

  • Keep track of working time
  • ERGANI Monitor

Submit Forms / URL image
In 'Submit Forms' with 'Embedded browser' selection, upload URL image is now applied. Soft1 Add-ons update is required.

Features added / modified

Group of Companies Schema/Pricing Policies
In Customers/Suppliers parameters, at 'Group of Companies - Pricing Policies' area, the 'Cross-company sharing' flag has now been added, which, when selected, enables the application of common pricing policies to group companies.
Note that the flag must be activated for all Group of Companies Schema it is not recommended to change it.

Related Employees/ New columns
At Employees → Other data → Related employees, the following columns are now available:
* Date of birth

List of Working hours/ New columns
At List of Working hours(WRKHOURS), the following columns are now available:
*Remote working days
*Day off

Coverage of pending - PACKCODE1 & PACKCODE2
When using 'Coverage of pending' job, on doc lines, the 'PACKCODE1' Box code and 'PACKCODE2' Palette code are now updated.

Employees List/Age
At Employees Browser/List the 'Age' column is now available.

Goals/Next code
In Goals, using the GETNEXTCODE=1 parameter upon New entry, the Next code is automatically filled in.

In Goals, Questions field is now mandatory.

H.R. Evaluation Models/Weight
In H.R. Evaluation Models, the 'Weight' column is now available.

Service Folders / Send to Customer
In Service Folders, the user can now create Documents per Customer using the 'Send to Customer' job.

Geographical Zone/Abbreviation
At Geographical Zone selector, Abbreviation field has now been added.

Variation Trial Balance / Brand
In Variation Trial Balance(MAT_BALCDIM) report, 'Brand' filter is now available.

Doc Types (Wire Transfers)/Modify in a different fiscal year
In Doc Types (Wire Transfers), the 'Modify in a different fiscal year' field is now available.

CRM Parameters/Reminder to next step
In CRM Parameters, the 'Reminder to next step' is now available. If the respective field is selected in an action, it is transferred to the new one.

Other Transaction Document / Comment 2
Upon automatic payoff of an Other Transaction Document, Comment 2 is transferred too.

Summary Trial Balance - Trading party acctg. cat
In 'Summary Trial Balance' Report(TRD_BAL) 'Trading party acctg. cat' column has now available.

Payments Plan (wire transfers)
On the Wire transfers docs created through the 'Payments Plan (wire transfers)'(BfnSupDebPayments) job, the Project, the Business unit and Contract are now transferred from the original documents.

G/L account transactions/New column
At 'G/L account transactions' related job (Tax & Acctg. base) the 'Comment' column is now available.

Bug Fixing

Fixed assets / Undepreciated value
Undepreciated value of fixed asset which was fully depreciated and sold in future fiscal year, is now properly displayed.

Stock Statistics / Intra-company transactions
In Stock Statistics(VITESTATS), Branch is now properly displayed in
Intra-company transactions docs.

Consumption Notes - Quantities
When using the 'To production document' job, to create production documents, the quantities based on BOM are now properly calculated taking into consideration the consumptions made previously.

Leave days Types/ Action carrier
In Leave days Types--> Approval Data area, if the user selects any other option than 'Employee' in the Action carrier column, the user is now allowed to select Employee.

Attach to message
In Documents, upon clicking on 'Attach to message' only the selected values are filled in now, not the previous ones.

Cyprus SEPA file
Fixed the issue 'Field 'MULTIFILES' not found' which occurred upon creating SEPA file for Cyprus bank.

Employee Goals / New columns
In Employees ->Benefits/Tasks/Goals->Goals tab the following columns are now available:

Cyprus Localization
The correct VAT rate is now proposed in the Sales Order lines, based on the Country Coefficient (Cyprus Localization).

Users & Rights/Reports - run (right to print to draft or image printers)
At Users Core operations, the 'Reports - no redirection right' is now available.

Agreement Price per Color/Size
Upon searching Items in Documents using the Alternative code and Agreement Price per Color/Size, the Agreement Price is now properly filled in.

Group of Companies Schema - Inventory Control
In Group of Companies Schema/Model, the 'Inventory Control' is now properly working, upon saving Document.

Group of Companies Schema/Physical Inventory Documents (zero quantity)
Fixed the issue 'Ole Error: 80040E14. Invalid column name 'MTRSEASON''. It occurred at a Group of Companies Schema/Model upon running 'Physical Inventory Documents (zero quantity)(MtrZeroNatBalance)' job using Season filter.

Series 2008 UI Next & Previous record
In Series 2008 UI when updating a record, 'Next' & 'Previous record' options are now properly working.

Doc conversion/Items monitored in SN
Upon Doc conversion, proper check is now performed on items monitored in SN having Yes (Mandatory).

Salesperson Performance Report - Filters
In CRM -> Sales -> Reports -> Salesperson Performance Report(DSBSALESMANPERFORM), proper filtering is now performed based on Salespersons' description.

Cancel transaction - ENG Login
'Cancel transaction' job is now properly displayed in Documents browsers, upon selecting ENG to login in Greek & CY installations.

Documents/ Quantity configuration
The Quantity configuration set at Document Types, is now properly working.

Coverage of Pending/ No lot
The Coverage of Pending Type is now properly working if there is no Lot on Coverage doc lines.

Purchase Order Plan/Item variations
Upon running the 'Purchase Order Plan'(DRESTPUR) job, the item variations are now properly analyzed in the generated Documents.

Non-approved Doc / Serial Number
In non-approved Document, SN Item transaction is longer performed.

Service Folders /Projects
Upon sending Service Folders to Customers, Projects are now correctly transferred to the doc lines.

Costing Folders/Expenses Value
The Expenses value is now correctly displayed in the Costing Folder List/Browser, in case an Other Transaction was linked to more than one folder.

Doc lines/Balance per W/h
Fixed issue that occurred in some cases when selecting 'Balance per W/h.' on the Doc lines.

Oracle DB/Create web account
Fixed the issue 'ORA-00923: FROM keyword not found where expected'. It occurred on oracle database when creating or modifying a web account.