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Features added / modified

Payroll elements/ New resolvers
The following resolvers have been added for "Comment" column/ field (HR & Payroll/ Accounting Links):
1. Payroll element code ([PRV7CELM1].
2. Payroll element description [PRV7CELM2].

Group of Companies schema/ New field
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, the "Department" field is now available at "Data per Company" tab.

Crystal Reports via e-mail
The Crystal Reports can now be sent via e-mail.

Retail Docs/ Coverage of pending option
The "Coverage of pending" option has now been added at Retail Doc lines (right-click).

Create Installment invoices job/ New flag
The "Contract Branch" flag has now been added at "Create Installment invoices"(CreditCntrInterest) job.

Bug Fixing

Fixed the issue, at Series 5 UI, where only the default fonts were dipslayed at "xplorer.cfg" file.

Document Open-items
Documents Open-item is now allowed regardless of the entry date or date limit.

Points collection/ Different modules
Fixed the issue where no calculation of points from different modules (Sales/ Purchases) was performed in case the user did not logout and then re-login to the system.

Doc Open-item/ Date Limit
Fixed the issue " ". It occurred upon Documents Open-item, having previously set "Date limit" & "Prohibition" option at "Modify printed Doc" field (Comm. Management Parameters, Document Series).

Doc Conversions history/ Graph
The graph at Document Conversions history is now properly displayed.

Collection Docs/ Delete Open-item
Α respective message is now properly displayed upon any modification performed at Collection Documents, which have been matched.

Series 5 UI/ cst file password
At Series 5 UI, the cst file's password is now properly displayed.

2008 UI/ CA Entries analysis
Fixed the issue "Grid index out of range" at 2008 UI. It occurred upon CA Entries analysis.

Cheques Due Dates Report/ New filter
At "Cheques Due Dates Report"(CHEQUE_MOV) the "Only Cheques with balance" filter has now been added.

Accounting Entries import
Checking is now properly performed at Accounting Entries import, having previously set the "Prohibition" value at "Unbalanced entries" field (Accounting parameters).

2008 UI/ Copy from buffer
Fixed the issue where, under certain circumstances, the copy from buffer process was not properly working at 2008 UI.

Cost Price Calculation/ Annual weighted average price
Fixed the issue where the cost price calculation was not properly performed if the "Annual weighted average price" evaluation method has been selected. It occurred under certain circumstances upon running the "Cost Price Calculation" job.

Sales/ Purchases history/ Branch
Fixed the issue "Ole Error: 80040E14. The multi-part identifier "DTA.ISACTIVE" could not be bound". It occurred at a Group of Companies Schema/ Model at a child company, in case of selecting a Branch at Item Sales/ Purchases history.

Screen Forms/ VB Script
Fixed the issue "ScriptError: Permission denied: 'MsgBox'(Line: 2 Ofs: 2)". It occurred at a Screen form using VB Script code.

Multilingual Data Management/ Description (User language)
At a Multilingual Data Management Schema/ Model, the Browser's entries are now properly filtered, having previously added the "Description (User language)"(USRLNGNAME) field.

Costing folders/ Item lines
At Stock Documents, upon closing the Costing folder, the lines of Items with different lot are now propeprly updated.

Items Detailed Trial Balance per W/H report/ Qty 2
At "Items Detailed Trial Balance per W/H"(MAT_ANL_WBAL) report summing of Quantity 2 is now properly performed at general totals.

Mass Approve/Reject Documents/ Approval scenario
The "Mass Approve/Reject Documents" related job is now properly performed having credit control approval scenario.

Cost Analysis Entries
Fixed the issues "Invalid URLencoded character (% π) at position 43" & "[S]: Ole Error:80040E14. The ORDER BY clause is invalid in views, inline functions, derived tables, subqueries, and common table expressions, unless TOP, OFFSET or FOR XML is also specified". It occurred at Cost Analysis Entries (Accounting / Cost Accounting).

Soft1 Messages
The messages at Soft1 are now properly displayed.

Features added / modified

CRM Calendars/ New options
The following options have now been added at CRM Personal & Group Calendar:
1. Month (horizontal display)
2. Month (Vertical display)

Retail Pro/ Collections
At Retail Pro, collections can now be matched to retail receipts.

Customers Unpaid Docs report/ New filter
At Customers' "Unpaid Documents(CUST_OI)" report the "Doc project Code, From" & "Doc project Code, To" fields have now been added at filters.

Costing Folders Type/ New fields
At Costing Folders Type, the following values have now been added at "Item Grouping" field:
1. Per W/H
2. Per W/H, Lot and Project
3. None (Per Invoicing line)

Contracts/ Business Unit
The "Business Unit" field has now been added at Additional data/ Comments tab (Contracts).

Available lots related job/ New field
The "Lots with balance" field has now been added at "Available lots" related job (Stock Items), including the following values:
1. Positive and/or Negative
2. Positive only

Trading Parties/ Actions - New fields
At "Actions" related job (Trading Parties), the following fields have now been added:
1. Order placed by
2. Operator
3. Update date

Stock Management Parameters/ New field
The "Lot" field has now been added at At Stock Management Parameters, (Companies & Synchronization tab, Fields excluded from sync area).

Intrastat/ Invoice value
The Intrastat value is now updated with the statistical and invoice value of the exchange rate entered/saved at Intrastat tab. This occurs in case the transaction is performed with an EU Trading Party in different currency.

Bug Fixing

Accounting/ Chart of Accounts display
Accounts sorting is properly applied upon saving an unbalanced Accounting entry.

2008 UI/ Accounts per period report
Fixed the issue "QUESTIONS: Dataset not in edit or insert mode". It occurred in 2008 UI upon running the "Accounts per period"(SXACNTPRDBOOK) report.

Restore/ New database
Fixed the issue "Cannot open database "tests1" requested by the login. The login failed". It occurred when selecting "Restore" upon creating a new DB connection.

Outstanding Orders/ Line Comments
Comments on Document lines are now fully displayed in "Outstanding Orders" reports of Sales and Purchases.

Cheques/ Cash Accounts update
Fixed the issue occurring upon saving Cheques at Cash transactions. The Cash Accounts are now properly updated in case of changing lines.

Customer / Supplier Wire transfers
Fixed the issue where 'Field "Transaction line" already exists' was encountered on adding expenses at Customer/ Supplier wire transfer that included more than one lines.

Series 5 UI/ cst excel import file
At Series 5 UI, the cst excel import file's password is now properly saved.

Retail Pro/ Login user
Fixed the issue at Retail Pro where the login user set at XCO was not suggested.

ABC Analysis
Fixed the issue where the allocation of ABC Dimensions was not properly displayed upon ABC analysis at Doc lines.

BAM/ Printout Form step
The selected Entity at a BAM step is now properly working for job actions of Type: Print Form.

Stock control (At Item - W/h Group level)
A proper stock control per Warehouse is now performed in case the "At Item - W/h Group level" value has been set at Doc Types/ Basic Stock control area.

Stock Items/ Balance per company
Fixed the issue where the Stock Items Balance was not properly displayed when selecting "Balance per company" Related job.

Intrastat - Exports Report
Fixed the issue "'Format 'SELECT (CASE WHEN I.NAME IS NUL' invalid or incompatible with argument'." It occurred upon running the "Intrastat - Exports Report".

Features added / modified

Calendars/ Week (Horizontal display)
The "Week (Horizontal display)" option has now been added at Calendars.

Doc with App. Scenario/ Stock Balance check
At a Document with Approval Scenario (Document's Type), the Stock Balance check is now properly performed.

Supplier Item Descr./ Field length
The length of "Supplier Item Descr."(MTRSUPNAME) field has now been extended to accept 128 characters.

Stock Liquidation Prices Calculation job/ New filters
At "Stock Liquidation Prices Calculation"(CalcIasPrice) job, the following filters have now been added:
1. Commercial Category
2. Group

Update wholesale/retail prices
The "Update wholesale / retail prices" field (Stock Mgmt parameters) has been updated as follows:

0 - None
1 - From wholesale to retail (w/o previous value)
2 - From retail to wholesale (w/o previous value)
3 - Two-way (w/o previous values)
4 - From wholesale to retail (Always)
5 - From retail to wholesale (Always)
6 - Two-way (Always)
* Options 0,1,2,3 operate as the previous ones (0 - None, 1 - From wholesale to retail, 2 - From retail to wholesale, 3 - Twο-way) and the update takes place only if the price to be changed is zero(0). If the price to be changed is different than zero(0), then it remains the same.
* For options 4,5,6 the update always takes place, regardless of the price to be changed is zero(0) or not.

Sales/ Purchases Reports - New field
The "Inactive Variations" filter has now been added at the following Reports. It functions in combination with "Variation Analysis' filter when its value is set to "Yes".
Sales reports: Outstanding Sales Orders, Sales Orders, Sales Orders per Item, Sales Orders per Customer, Sales per Customer Branch, Sales per Item, Sales per Item per Customer, Sales per Item per Customer Branch, Sales per Customer per Item.
Purchases Reports: Outstanding Purchases Orders, Purchase Orders, Purchase Orders per Item, Purchase Orders per Supplier, Purchases per Item, Purchases Supplier analysis per Item, Purchases per Item per Supplier.

Retail Pro/ Cancel by reversal
At Retail Pro, upon selecting "Cancel by Reversal" the cancellation Document is now displayed on the screen.

Services/ Last sales price to customer
At Sales Services Invoices, Services tab, the "Last sales price to customer" option is now suggested.

Purchases/ Sales/ Service Folders Doc Types - Warranties
At Purchases, Sales and Service Folders Doc Types, the "Warranty update" field includes the following:
1. "No"
2. "Yes" (w/o deletion in change)"
3. "Yes (delete in change)"
If "Yes" (w/o deletion in change)" is selected, upon modifying the SN at a saved Doc, a new warranty is created. The old one is not deleted and the Doc is "disconnected" from that.
If "Yes (delete in change)" is selected, upon modifying the SN at a saved Doc, a new warranty is created and the old one is deleted.

Payables on specific date report/ New filters
At "Payables on specific date" (Suppliers & Creditors Finance Reports) the following filters have now been added:
1. Doc. Types
2. Doc. Series

Retail Pro/ Labels printing
At Retail Pro, you can now print labels through the S1 Retail Designer Operations.

Document Approval related job
The "Document Approval" has now been added at Documents' Related Jobs.

Composition Docs/ Total Qty.1 & Total Qty.2 fields
At Composition Documents, the "Total Qty.1"(QTY1) & Total Qty.2"(QTY2) fields are now filled in with the sum of the respective lines' quantities.
(It is required to have previously added the fields in the Screen Form)

Fixed Assets Parameters/ Up to the end of previous month of sale
At Fixed Assets Parameters, the "Up to the end of previous month of sale" option has now been added at "Calculation on sale" field (Depreciations Calculation area)

Spare Parts Docs/ Variations
Upon creating a Spare Parts Doc from Services Folder, you can now select variations on Items lines.

Bug Fixing

Lots/ Purchase price field
The Lots "Purchase price" field is now updated based on the "Last sales price" field (Stock Mgmt parameters).

Accounting entries/ Chart of Accounts
Fixed the issue "Grid Index out of range". It occurred at 2008 UI, upon adding a Chart of Accounts into Accounting entry.

Open-item entries/ Warning message
Fixed the issue upon changing the value of a matched cash document. The following message is now displayed: "Attention! The ope-item entries of the document have been deleted".

Payoff Doc/ Cash register
The proper cash register is now displayed at Collection Doc created/ generated from Sales Doc where the cash register has been changed. (custom screen form)

Retail Pro/ Previous Receipt & Reversal options
Fixed the issue where at Retail Pro, at a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, all companies were displayed when selecting the "Previous Receipt" & "Reversal" options.

Retail Pro/ Stock Balance per W/H
Fixed the issue at Retail Pro upon selecting an Item at "Stock Balance per W/H"(MAT_WHOUSE) report's filters.

Item Variations/ To be produced column
Fixed the issue upon creating a Production Document from Production Order Folder (right-click), including Items with variations (colour/size). Suggested Qty is now properly displayed at "To be produced" column.

Stock Items/ Standard Cost
Fixed the issue "Access violation at address 79D2C526 in module 'Mtrl.bpl'. Read of address 00000000 Error type: EAccessViolation". It occurred upon filling in the "Standard cost" at Stock Items.

Retail Doc/ Zero value
Fixed the issue at Retail Documents. It occurred when having zero value, and wrong decimals were saved at Total value(SUMAMNT) field.

Default text in fields/ System settings
Fixed the issue where the Documents date was not properly displayed from Trading Parties transactions. It occurred in case the "Default text in fields" parameter has been activated from System settings.

Offline mode/ Database connection
Fixed the issue "Access violation at address 082A79F6 in module 'XExtUI.dll'. Read of address 00000049
Error type: EAccessViolation". It occurred upon opening an Object, in case the connection with the online database was lost.

Prod. Order Folder Report/ Product
The quantity of product is now properly displayed at "Prod. Order Folder Report"
(PRDORD_REP) after converting the Prod. Order Folder into Production Document.

Group of Companies Schema/ Employee Dpt.
Fixed the issue at a child company of a Group of Companies Schema/ Model where the Department field was not properly filled in at Employee's Other data tab.

General Ledger/ Cash entry
Fixed the issue "ACNEDIT not in edit or insert mode". It occurred upon recurrent entry of a Cash entry at General Ledger.

Group of Companies Schema/ Employee Branch
Fixed the issue at a child company of a Group of Companies Schema/ Model where the Branch field was not properly filled in at Employee's Other data tab.

Acc. Entries/ New from standard entry
Fixed the issue "[42000] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near ')'. (102)". It occurred upon selecting "New from standard entry" at Accounting Entries.

Group of Companies Schema/ Employee Business Unit
Fixed the issue at a child company of a Group of Companies Schema/ Model where the Business Unit field was not properly filled in at Employee's Other data tab.

Mass conversion of Docs/ Printer
Fixed the issue where the first available printer was not displayed upon mass conversion of Documents.

Documents/ Conversions History
Fixed the issue "VFIN: Field 'TFPRMS' not found". It occurred under certain circumstances at Document Conversions History.

Login error
Fixed the issue where "EnterLogin ProgramId error!" occurred at the login Soft1 process in case the UI was set to '2008 UI'.

Browser/ Printing Progress bar
Fixed the issue upon printing a Browser/ List. It occurred when the "Internal Spreadsheet engine" parameter was not activated at User & Rights Parameters. The printing progress bar is now properly displayed.

ABC parameters/ Link

Fixed the issue where 'LINCATEGORY: Cannot access index field' was encountered on creating an ABC entry and dimension '24- Credit/Debit category' has been set up in ABC link design.

Series 5 UI/ Active Browser
Αt Series 5 UI, searching via Active Browser is now properly performed at Browser/ List when Grouping is applied.

Production Order Folder/ Production Document
Fixed the issue "Out of present range". It occurred under certain circumstances upon converting a Production Order Folder to Production Document.

User access rights (Romanian language)
Fixed the issue upon setting user access rights by right-clicking on Menu (having previously selected the Romanian language at the login screen)

Current Stock Balances report/ UoM2
Fixed the issue where the Stock Item balance was not properly displayed at UoM2 (Current Stock Balances report). It occurred in case of a two-way relationship and zero(0) decimals in UoM2 after running the "Physical Inventory Documents (zero quantity)"(MtrZeroNatBalance) & "Create Physical Inventory Documents" (MtrNatBalance) jobs.

Accounting update from Comm. Management
Fixed the issue "Could not convert variant of type (UnicodeString) into type (Integer)". It occurred upon Accounting update from Commercial Management.

Production Doc (Subcontracted)
Fixed the issue where "Enter data in 'Item' field" message was encountered on creating a Production Document (Subcontracted) from Purchase Document.

CRM Calendars/ Duration
Fixed the issue at At CRM Calendars. The Duration of the Action is now properly displayed.

Generate EAN Barcodes/ DB with Unicode fields
Fixed the issue "Module MTRSUBSTITUTE : Ole Error: 80040E57. String or binary data would be truncated". It occurred upon running the "Generate EAN Barcodes"(CrtMtrSubCode) job at a database with Unicode fields.

Printout Forms/ Characters
Fixed the issue at Printout Forms where the Dates and Descriptions (Items & Trading Parties) were displayed in lowercase characters.

Documents/ DB with Unicode fields
Fixed the issue "Ole Error: 80040E57. String or binary data would be truncated". It occurred upon saving a Document at a database with Unicode fields.

Features added / modified

Copy to companies/ Update sales prices
In two or more companies having set the "Search by: Main code" parameter (Copy to companies area), the user can now select the "Update the sales prices" related job either from Browser's related jobs or from menu's. Items should have common codification for the job's proper operation.

Retail Pro/ Export List
At Retail Pro, you can now export a Browser/ List.

Retail Pro/ Fonts
At Retail Pro, you can now change the fonts through S1 Retail Designer.

Cash registers/ (Bulgarian installations)
At installations of Bulgarian specifications, when performing indirect payoff, the Document's cash register is suggested. Whereas, when performing pay off from collections the workstation's cash register is suggested.

BAM HTTP Request/ Field length
The length of characters at Body field of BAM HTTP Request (Memo) has been increased.

Soft1 BAM/ SMS (Turkish characters)
You can now send SMS using Soft1 BAM tool in Turkish characters.

S1 Retail Designer/ Re-issue by cancelling with reversal
At S1 Retail Designer, the "Re-issue by cancelling with reversal" operation has now been added.

Job Calendar/ New filters
At Job Calendar, two new filters have been added:
1. "Employee Code, From/ To". It filters according to the employees' code.
2. "Employees". It is a multi-select field where all employees are included or those selected from Browser.
It can filter all employees displaying only the selected. If any change is applied at the rest of the fields, it updated too. It accepts 4000 characters.

Retail Pro/ Collection-Payment with credit card
At Retail Pro, the collection/ payment with credit card option has now been added.

Docs Type/ SN Manadatory Use
At Documents with SN Type: Quotation/Order, no check of mandatory use of Item's SN, is performed.

Bug Fixing

Batch Modification of Period Data
Fixed the issue at Series 5 UI, upon Batch Modification of Period Data(PRDVALMASSDELETE) job. Performing copy from excel and paste from clipboard is now working properly.

Series 5 UI/ Browser with editable field
Fixed the issue "Control'' has no parent window" at Series 5 UI. It occurred at a Browser/ List with editable field having previously activated the "Master-Detail tree view" parameter (System settings).

Azure installations/ Remote execution
Fixed the issue "System Error code 1411. Class does not exist". It occurred at Azure installations upon selecting remote execution at a default report.

BAM/ Email (Greek characters)
Fixed the issue upon sending an email with BAM scenario from Tasks. The characters are now properly displayed both in the subject and body of the email.

BAM/ Turkish characters
Fixed the issue where at BAM scenario the Turkish characters were not properly displayed.

2008 UI/ Browser design
Fixed the issue where at 2008 UI, having previously set the CUSTOM=0 function at an object, the user could design a Browser/ List (add/remove a column).

Fixed Assets Documents/ Copy from buffer
Fixed the issue at Series 5 IU, upon "copy from buffer" process at Fixed Assets Documents.

New Customer/ Acc. Category
Fixed the issue upon selecting "Accounting category" when creating a new Customer. It occurred when having previously activated the "Create account" parameter.

Retail Pro/ Inactive Item
Fixed the issue where at Soft1 Retail Pro the inactive could be saved at lines.

Browser filters/ Excel file
The filters of a field with editor are now properly printed in excel file.

Inventory Statistics/ Debits-Credits categories
Fixed the issue at Inventory Statistics(VITESTATS) report. It occurred when having added the "Type of Material" & "Commercial Category" fields. The debits/credits categories are now properly displayed.

Physical Inventory Documents (zero quantity) job
The Physical Inventory Documents (zero quantity)[MtrZeroNatBalance] job includes Items with positive & negative inventory quantities (even with zero transactions within the fiscal year) and zero (0) Item balance.

Project transactions/ Balance brought fwd filter
The balances are no longer displayed in case the "Balance brought fwd" filter at Project transactions Questions area is deactivated.

Items/ Available Serial Numbers
Fixed the issue when selecting the Available Serial Numbers related job. It occurred in case a Serial Number had more than 20 characters. The Documents are now properly displayed at the grid.

S1 Scripts/ New functions
At S1 Scripts, the following functions have been added:
1. CreateTextCodepage
2. OpenTextCodepage
These functions accept the file's codepage as a second definition. The CreateText & OpenText functions remain as they are due to compatibility reasons with older scripts.

Series 5 UI/ Custom Screen Form
At Series 5 UI, fixed the issue occurring on a custom Screen Form.

Docs/ New lines
Fixed the issue where under certain circumstances the Docs lines were not properly updated, upon changing line.

Features added / modified

Intrastat/ Unit of Measure field
The "Unit of Measure"(INTMTRUNIT') field at Intrastat table is no longer mandatory.

HR Requests/ Comment-Answer fields
At HR Requests, the "Comment" field (Request data area), includes the payroll comments set at Employees parameters.
The "Answer" field (HR Answer area) includes all payroll standard comments.

Production Order Folder/ Cancel transactions
At Production Order Folder(PRDORDDOC), the "Cancel transactions" related job is now available to cancel the Production order.

H.R & Payroll params/ New fields
At H.R & Payroll parameters, at Leave days Types, the following fields have now been added:
1. Time limit check (No check, Warning, Prohibition)
2. Control method (Minimum days-Counting from Start Leave day, Minimum days-Counting from Start date, Maximum days-Counting from Previous month Start date)
3. Days

Payroll/ EIDOS_YPOL payroll element
The Payroll element CALC_ERR has been renamed to EIDOS_YPOL and includes the following values:
0. Regular calculation
1. Calculate Payroll Forecasts
2. Calculate Gross Income from Net
3. Calculate Net Income (from data modification)
4. Trial calculation (from data modification)
5. Trial calculation (from data modification)

Employee leave List/ New field-filter
At Employee Leave Browser/ List, the "Code"(SOACTIONCODE) field has now been added as column and the "Type of field"(SERIES) as a filter.

Payroll elements/ 8000-9000 codes
You can now create/ generate payroll elements by using the 8000 & 9000 codes. These codes can be used at calculation sheets and will be available where the 7000 & 8000 codes/payroll elements are available too.

News - Announcements/ New fields
At HR "News-Announcements" (SOHRANNOUNCE), the "Start" & "Date" fields have now been added.

Leaves/ New field
At Leaves(SOPRSNLEAVE) the "Duration" field has now been added.
Select the Start date of leave and type the desirable days of leave at the "Duration" field to automatically calculate the End date of leave.

Commercial category/ Field length
The length of Item's "Commercial category" field has now been increased to 128 characters.

Leave days Types/ Check Balance field
At "Leave days Types"(LEAVETYPE), the "Check Balance" field has now been added including the following values:
1. No check
2. Warning
3. Prohibition

Employees actions/ Work hours update
Using the SOPRSN[NOCHANGE=1] menu commands, the working hours are updated only if there is no previous entry.

Leaves/ Approval Data area - New field
At Leaves, the "Comments"(COMMENT) column has now been added at Approval Data area.

Sales Quotations report/ New filter
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, the "Companies" filter has been added to "Sales Quotations"(OFFER_STM) report.

H.R & Payroll Parameters/ Employee Requests
At H.R & Payroll Parameters, at Document Series, the "Employee Requests" sub-module has now been added.

Retail Pro/ Date
When date changes at Windows, a respective message is now displayed at Retail Pro.

S1 Retail Pro/ Sound
At S1 Retail Pro, no sound will be played upon using the Enter key at a Browser or the keyboard, provided that it has not been previously set at S1 Retail Designer parameters.

Organization Chart/ Employees display
At the Organization Chart, under the description of position all employees included in that job position are now displayed.

Bug Fixing

Document Series/ Module field
The "Module" field (Document Series) is now properly displayed when using the "copy from buffer" option.

ANAF Web Service/ Romanian Localization
Fixed the issue "Unspecified error". It occurred upon using the ANAF Web Service. (Romanian Localization)

Composition Docs/ Error fixed
Fixed the issue where "Subquery returned more than one value ..." error was encountered upon creating a Composition Document.
It occurred in case,
1. the same Item existed in header & detail (different lot) and
2. the "Last purchase price" was set at Uses prices field (Inventory transactions).

Retail Pro/ Offline synchronization
Fixed the issue "Item not found” upon login to Retail Pro after Offline database synchronization.

Triangular Transactions/ Delete Customer (Trading Party)
Fixed the issue where the Customer is no longer deleted when included/ participating in the following fields of Triangular Transactions area:
1. Order from
2. Shipped to
3. Invoiced to

Triangular transactions/ Intrastat calculation
The calculation of Intrastat is now properly performed in case a Trading party has been filled in at "Order from" (Delivery-Transfer tab) at Triangular transactions area.

Crystal Report/ Automatic Filing parameter
Fixed the issue at Printout Form type "Crystal Report", having activated the "Automatic filing" parameter. The file name is now properly created at "Formula for file name" field.

Check VIES job/ Romanian Localization
The address is now properly displayed when running the "Check VIES" job and te characters are Greek. (Romanian Localization)

Browser/ List - Grouping Scenarios
Fixed the issue where the inactive Grouping Scenarios were displayed while grouping a list. The inactive grouping scenarios are no longer displayed.

Alert design/ Formula description
Fixed the issue upon Alert design including more than one formulas. The formula description is now properly displayed while changing lines.

Purchase Documents/ Lots
Fixed the issue "Code already exists" at Purchase Documents. It occurred upon creating / selecting lots in case the lot analysis was displayed in more than 1 lines.

Fixed assets/ Inactive Fixed Assets report
Fixed issue at "Inactive Fixed Assets" report(NONACTIVE). Only the inactive fixed assets are now displayed.

Soft1 B.A.M./ Web user
The actions, which update the B.A.M scenarios, are now performed only by the Web user.

Prod. Order Folder/ Conversion
The "Conversion"(PRDORDDOC.FULLYTRANSF) field is now properly updated at Prod. Oder Folder in case the Production Folder has been converted to Prod. Order or Production Doc.

G/L Accounts Transactions design - Branch field
Fixed issue at Accounting upon designing "G/L Accounts Transactions" screen form. The Βranch field (ACNTRNGL.BRANCH) is now properly displayed.

e-mail Templates/ Pictures
Fixed issue at e-mail Templates (CRM). The picture is now properly saved from a shared folder.

Group of Companies schema/ Fixed Assets Opening Job
Fixed issue at a Group of Companies schema/ Model, at a child company, while running the "Fixed Assets Opening Job"(ASSETOPEN). It occurred when the branch code was similar both in parent and child company and was inactive. The acquisition values are now properly updated.

Data import/ EMPLOYEE table update
Any changes made in EMPLOYEE table are now properly saved when data import has been performed at PRSN table.

HR Employee (Requests)/ Field value
At Requests(SOPRSNREQ), the default value at "HR Employee (Requests)" field can be modified/ changed from screen form design.

Retail Pro/ Workstation - Parameter Groups
Fixed the issue where "Duplicates not allowed" error was encountered / occurred at Retail Pro login process, in case an entry/ record having zero(0) code and abbreviation value has been selected at 'Values per group' field '(object: Workstation - Parameter Groups).

Payroll/ Calculation of payroll element
The "Calculation of payroll element" field is now activated when the "Calculation for previously calculated" field is set to "Yes".

Retail Pro/ Search Items
Fixed the issue "ITEM: Dataset not in edit or insert mode". It occurred upon searching Items.

Customers pricing categories/ Per Branch
Fixed the issue where the price of Item's pricing category was not properly filled in. It occurred in case it has been set at Customer's Branch.

User rights/ Edit Browser
Fixed the issue where user having no rights to design Browser/ List could change the length of columns (right-click and save).

Leave days Types/ Copy from buffer
Fixed issue at Leave days Types(LEAVETYPE). Copy from buffer is now properly performed.

SLA/ Service Tickets
Fixed the issue where SLA monitoring was not properly performed. It occurred in case of creating a Service Ticket without having the SLA previously filled in.

Retail Pro/ Magellan datalogic 3300 HSI scanner
Fixed issue at Retail Pro. The Items are now properly scanned using the Magellan datalogic 3300 HSI scanner.

Doc lines/ Round function
Fixed issue at a Printout Form using the "Round" function. The rounding is now properly performed at Doc lines.

Recalculate Documents job/ VAT analysis
Fixed the issue upon "Recalculate Documents" related job. The VAT analysis is now properly calculated in case there were Items with different VAT at lines.

Cheques Due Dates Report/ Sorting
At "Cheques Due Dates Report"(CHEQUE_MOV) sorting by Due on (dates) is now properly performed.

Consumption Notes/ New fields
At Consumption Notes(PRDCONDOC), the following fields have now been added at columns:
1. Production Order(FINDOC)
2. Production order doc. lines(MTRLINESS)

Users/ Default Screen Forms
Fixed the issue where Users were having more than default Screen Forms.

Purchase Docs/ SNs at Sales Docs
Fixed the issue upon executing 'Transfer to Sales Docs' job (right click on Purchase list) when including Items with SN. All SNs are now properly transferred.

Cost Accounting update/ Commercial Management
Fixed the issue where "Posting new entry not allowed. Field 'Journal' cannot be located." error was encountered / occurred in case of Cost Accounting update from Commercial Management.

Fixed assets/ Depreciations calculation
The calculation of destroyed fixed assets is now properly performed.

Docs printing/ Windows default printer
The Windows default printer is now suggested in case a non Windows printer have been set at Doc Series.

Customers List/ Actual gross profit (fiscal year) field
Fixed the issue where no results were displayed upon Customers List design. It occurred when having added the "Actual gross profit (fiscal year)"[SoRealGrProfit] field. The results are now properly displayed.

Payroll/ Social Security Contributions (per Employee) report
The "Social Security Contributions (per Employee)"(EMPL_INS_PEREMP_REP) report has now been added at Payroll Reports.

H.R & Payroll/ Bonus allocation at CC
Fixed the issue where the bonus allocation was not properly performed at Cost Centers. It occurred upon calculation of gross income from net.

Features added / modified

Document Printout Forms/ Fast Report preview
The "Fast Report preview" option has now been added at Document Printout Forms (and other objects).

1. Regarding the Internal Printout Forms, you can preview them through automatic export to PDF file.
2. Regarding the Advance Printout Forms, you can preview them through Fast Reports Previewer.

In case the Document Printout Forms are printed through the "Fast Report preview" option, the Doc field "Printed" is not updated. Moreover, no other report procedure is activated (document fiscal marking, report events etc).

Reports/ Browsers Design - Fast Reports
Data formatting, preview and printing are now available through Fast Reports for Soft1 Browsers and Reports.

The field "Profession" of the Trading party Branch, now accepts 128 characters.

Stock documents - Revenue - Expenses
Stock documents can now be linked to the Revenue - Expenses documents. The relative parameters have been added to the Stock documents Types, under the "Update Revenue / Expenses" section.

The field  "Name", found in the "Purchase prices per supplier" grid, on the tab "Trade" of the Stock items, now accepts 128 characters.

Balance per company \ Inactive W.H.
The flag "Inactive W.H." has been added to the Stock items related job "Balance per company". By activating the parameter you can view the stock item's balance in the inactive Warehouses of the company.

GSIS database update
The Trading parties related job "Register of non-natural persons" now keeps all the data defined by the user in the Trading party card, that have not been updated on the GSIS database.

VAT check
The Trading parties related job "Register of non-natural persons", during the VAT check, now also updates the Trading party's "Company legal form".

Installations warning
On the "Other data/Notes" tab of the installations, the field ''Warning message'' was added. Each time you select the installation, in any C.R.M. action, the message specified in this field will appear in a pop-up window.

Comments to the Financial Management documents lines
COMMENTS1 & COMMENTS2 fields have been added to the lines of all Financial Management documents.

Open - design documents \ Link to Revenue - Expenses
Open - design documents can now be linked to the Revenue - Expenses documents. The relative parameters have been added to the Open - design documents Types, under the "Revenue / Expenses" section.

"Cash expense" resolver to Wire-transfers
The "Cash expense" resolver has been added to the Wire-transfers accounting links.

Gift vouchers \ Open - design documents
The "Gift vouchers" flag has been added to the Types of the Open - design documents. By activating the parameter, the new tab "Gift vouchers" is added to the header of the Open - design documents lines.

Not included in Vies
The flag "Not included in Vies" has been added to the Sales documents and to the Customers & Creditors Other transactions. By activating this parameter, the document will not be included in the Vies report.

Intrastat value Check
The ability to control the agreement of the document value with the Intrastat value has been added. The relevant parameter, "Intrastat value - Check", has been added to the Types of Commercial management documents and to the Other transactions of all trading parties.

"Trial balance - Analytical" Accounting
The "Series" and "Types" of the Accounting entries have been added as filters, to all "Trial balance - Analytical" reports, of Accounting & Cost Accounting.

Fixed assets Εntity data resolvers
The following Fixed assets Εntity data resolvers: "Business unit", "Country of origin" and "Cost centers", have been added to the Fixed assets, depreciation, purchase & sales documents accounting links. These resolvers can be found under the  "Entity subject to depreciation" section.

Accounting Budgeting
The sizes (Credit, Debit, Balance) of the Accounting Budgeting, are now monitored on Tax & Accounting base.

Total value Budgeting
The total value (Value + V.A.T.) has been added to the monitored sizes of Purchase, Sales and Expenses (Debit/Credit) Budgeting.

Employees’ "Leaves" \ H.R. module
The Employees’ "Leaves" file has been added to the H.R. module. 

Employees "Leave days Types" \ H.R. module
The "Leave days Types" object has been added to the H.R. & Payroll Parameters. 

Employees’ "Requests" \ H.R. module
The Employees’ "Requests" file has been added to the H.R. module.

Employees’ "News - Announcements" \ H.R. module
The Employees’ "News - Announcements" file has been added to the H.R. module. 

"Attached files" \ Employees actions
The"Attached files" tab has been added to the Employees actions.

HR Employee Approval & info
The following fields have been added to Employees parameters: HR Employee (Approval) and HR Employee (info).

User-defined fields (actions)
The tab "User-defined fields (actions)" has been added to the Employees parameters, where you can define fields of employees actions.

Seminar evaluations \ "Seminar" & "Person evaluated"
The fields "Seminar" & "Person evaluated" of Seminar evaluations have been replaced by the fields "Seminar cycle" & "Speaker/Presenter". By selecting the Seminar cycle, the Speaker/Presenter specified in the Cycle will be automatically completed. 

"Active only" flag \ Organization chart
The flag "Active only" has been added to the Organization chart. Activate the parameter and select "Employee" on the Analysis level, to view only active Employees.

Break hours
The field "Break hours" of the Working hours file, now accepts 200 characters.

New fields \ COMPANYEXT table
In the data of Safety Technicians and Doctors (found in Companies → tab "People"), the following fields have been added: 1) Ref. Number-Submission date, 2) Valid until (concerns the previous field) and 3) Hours (annually). All these fields participate in the "E4 - Table of employees" job.

"Trial calculation" \ Payroll
The job "Trial calculation" of the employees wages, has been added: 1) as an employees Related job and 2) as a button on tab "Employment/Contract" and subtab "Employment - Details & Calculation".

Ε12 addition (xml for Construction projects)
The following Y.E.K.A. jobs have been added: 1) Ε12 Employees  Announcement - Construction projects 2) Ε12 Enumeration sheet - Construction project Employees. Through these jobs you can create the .xml files and submit them to the Minister.

Accounting & Comment resolver \ Payroll 
In Payroll accounting Links the following resolvers have been added: 1) the Accounting resolver "Construction project Acctg code" 2) and the Comment resolver "Construction project name". The resolvers are available under the "Employees variable payroll elements" section.

Batch printing payroll receipts
The job "Print form (Questions incl.)" has been added to the Employees browser (by right-clicking on entries). The job allows batch printing payroll receipts for multiple periods.

Features added / modified

Production orders/ Consumption Notes
Upon converting a Production order to Consumption Note, the lots of Production order's lines are now transferred too.

Bug Fixing

Users Access Rights
Fixed the issue where the rights, which have been set at Users Access Rights Parameters, were not displayed.

CRM actions/ Next Step job
Fixed issue "StartTransaction: Transaction count out of range: 0". It occurred at CRM actions, under certain circumstances, upon selecting "Next step" related job.

Code set/ Automatic replacement
Fixed the issue where the code set was not updated at Documents lines. This occurred in case of automatic replacement of Items with lots of not sufficient balance.

Shortages / Requirements Report - Main Supplier filter

Fixed issue at "Shortages/ Requirements Report" (MAT_REQ). It occurred when setting the "Main Supplier"(MTRSUP) filter at the report.

Designed report/ Grouping
Fixed the issue where the grouping at a designed report with SQL user-defined table was not working properly.

Project Transactions
The Project Transactions (lines) are now properly updated in case a Project has been selected at a Document.

Production Documents/ Quantity 2
Fixed an issue at Production Documents upon filling in the Quantity including decimals and the consumable Item is monitored in variations. Quantity 2 is now properly calculated.

Purchases Browser/ Transfer among W/H
Fixed issue "List index out of bounds (0)". It occurred at Purchases Browser/ List, in case of trying to set as default or delete a Template created from "Transfer among w/h" related job.

Production Time Sheets (Work Centers)
Fixed issue "Softone Range Error". It occurred upon saving Production Time Sheets (Work Centers)(PRDPRSDOC) at Production module.

Delete Doc Type/ Printout Form
Fixed issue ''Could not convert variant of type (Array Variant) into type (OleStr)''. It occurred upon deleting a Document Type and Printout Form.

Accounting Opening Job
Fixed issue "Module ACCGLHEADER :  Enter data in field "Currency". It occurred, under certain circumstances, upon running the "Accounting Opening Job"(AcnOpenGL).

Project Tasks/ Start-End date
Fixed issue "VSTGLINES Dataset not in edit or insert mode". It occurred at Projects, where the End date of Project Tasks was smaller than the Start date.

Bonus Cards Statement/ Points Redeem
Fixed an issue upon sum up of bonus points balance at "Bonus Cards Statement(BONUS_POINT_ANAL)" report. It occurred when performing points redeem.

Credit Notes Calculation/ Customers list
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, specifically at a child company, the Customers list is now properly displayed when clicking the selector at "Credit Notes Calculation"(CULCTMPCREDIT) job.

Sales Accounting Report - Analytical/ Self-delivery note
Fixed an issue at "Sales Accounting Report - Analytical"(ACNTSAL). The value of the self-delivery note is now properly displayed.

Tasks/ Participants
Fixed issue "is not a valid integer value". It occurred upon saving a Task including Participants.

Trading Parties/ Indirect creation of GL account
Fixed issue "Enter data in field 'Description". It occurred upon indirect creation of GL account from Trading Parties module.

Features added / modified

Revenue & Expenses Document Templates/ "Copy to other companies"
At Revenue & Expenses Document Templates, the "Copy to other companies" option has now been added when right-clicking on the Browser/ List.

CreateText & OpenText functions/ New parameter
For "CreateText & OpenText" functions an extra parameter has been added, which corresponds to the codepage, in order to export and import text file using different language (that is, another codepage than the one that corresponds to the locale of DB)
- For UTF-8 text files the codepage is 65001. (eg. CreateText(<filename>, 1253) for Greek, CreateText(<filename>, 65001) for UTF-8)
- For UTF-16 text files, the codepage is 1200.

Projects/ "Project Statement per Stage" report
The "Project Statement per Stage" report (PRJC_STM_PRJCSTAGE) has now been added.

Sales Years Overview/ Customer's "Prefecture" field
The Customer's "Prefecture" field has now been added to the Additional fields of the "Sales Years Overview" dashboard.

Doc Types/ New SN Type
For Sales & Purchases, a new SN Type "Quotation/Order" has now been added (at Docs Types), which is exempted from all SNs reports.
- For Sales, it can be transferred to "Sales/Consumption" SN type.
- For Purchases, it can be transferred to "Production/Purchase"" SN Type.

D300 tax form (Romanian Localization)
Error upon validating the Romanian D300 tax form and the relevant .xml file has been fixed. It occurred when having the "&" character. (Romanian Localization)

SRV Monitor
The SRV monitor can now support different server verions. For instance, set cmdline= c:/..../xplorer.exe /server;c:/520/..../xplorer.exe /server.
ports=1:22001;1:22002;2:32001;2:32002 at rvmpnitor.cfg file.

Bug Fixing

Revenue/Expenses & Debits/Credits/ Project transactions (lines)
"Revenue/Expenses & Debits/Credits"(LINEITEM) with "VAT only" Type, now properly update the "Project transactions (lines)" values.

Export Βrowser to excel/ "Expand by"
Error "Access violation at address 591AF4C4 in module 'SOExtCtrls.bpl'.Read of address 000008." has been fixed. It occurred upon exporting the Βrowser to excel having previously selected "Expand by" at Browser design.

Docs Mass Printing/ Physical printer
If, upon running mass/ batch conversion of Documents, and having selected "One to One" at Grouping field and "Mass" at Process field, the user could not select a physical printer if no printer has been set/ defined at Doc Series.

SN Journal report/ Results
At "SN Journal" report, when selecting the Trading Party name on the filters, the results are now properly displayed.

Trading Parties parameters/ Create Account
When activating "Create Account" at Trading Parties parameters, the GL accounts' code format is now properly checked.

Transfer data of Parent company to all/ Excluded values
Error has been fixed at a Group of Companies Schema/ Model. It occurred upon creating a new Item, provided that at Stock Mgmt parameters, excluded values have been set for transferring data of Parent company to all.

Fixed Assets/ Deferred Taxation Report
At Deferred Taxation Report(IASBOOK) (Fixed Assets), upon fixed assets sales the undepreciated values are now properly displayed upon fixed assets sales.

Production Costing Levels job
The "Production Costing Levels"job (PRODITEMLEVELP) is now properly working when using version 2008 UI.

Browser/ Pre-selected List
When deleting the entries of a pre-selected List, at a certain Browser/ List, the preselection is now deleted too.

Group of Companies Schema/ Transportation means
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, when running the "Intrastat imports" and "Intrastat exports" reports, as a child company of Bulgarian standards, the "Transportation means" is now properly displayed.

Group of Companies Schema/ Batch Modification of Period Data job
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, the Employees are now properly displayed at "Batch Modification of Period Data"(MASSPRDVALCHANGE) job, at a child company.

Payroll/ Recalculation (Preparation)

At an Oracle DB installation, the "Recalculation (Preparation)" related job is now properly working.

CRM Parameters/ Custom Screen Forms
In CRM parameters, at User Settings area, custom Screen Forms that have been designed for Employees' list of expenses, are now properly displayed.

S1 Retail Pro/ Customer Collections
Error "access violation" that appeared on Soft1 Retail Pro, has been fixed. It occurred on Customer collections browser, in case it included the Salesperson filter.

Fixed Assets/ Depreciations
The calculation of accounting depreciations (GAS) is performed as follows: Acquisition date minus (-) the salvage value.

Payroll/ Employees file
Error "Attention! Please select period" has been fixed. It occurred upon opening Employees file.

Sales - Purchase Document/ Series field (cursor)
Under certain circumstances, upon creating a new Sales/ Purchase Document, the cursor is now properly set on the "Series" field. The cursor used to appear on the "Date" field.

Unpaid Documents report/ Outstanding cheques
At Trading Parties' "Unpaid Documents" report, the Outstanding cheques are now properly displayed.

UI Softone 2008/ Documents processing
At UI Softone 2008, upon selecting "Documents processing" (right-click on List), the fields "Sort by" & "Process" are now properly displayed.

Sales & Purchase Discount credit notes/ Shipping purpose
Sales and Purchase Discount credit notes, that result from the "Create discount credit notes" job, now include the "Shipping purpose" that is set on the Type.

Offline mode/ Application server connection
"Socket error" messages upon logging in offline mode, have been fixed. It occurred under certain circumstances when the connection with the application server was interrupted.

Report to SoftOne
Error "Unable to send error message" has been fixed. It occurred upon clicking "Send error report" on any Soft1 error message.

Series 5 UI/ Custom Screen Form
In Series 5 UI, at a custom Screen form, when setting the parameter ''CUSTOMBUFEXCLUDE'' in a custom table, the table values are now properly saved.

CRM Group Calendar/ Color matrix
Error "Access violation in SoExtctrls.bpl" has been fixed. It occurred upon scrolling down on the Group Calendar, in case the color matrix specified on the CRM parameters included values that were set to "bold".

Browser Print Grouped/ MS-Excel file
Printing the results of a Browser/ List at a Grouped Level is now properly performed in case of MS- Excel file. 

Internal (Fast Report)
The Internal (Fast Report) is now properly working.

S1 Retail Designer/ Screen Form Design
Error "Access violation" in S1 Retail Designer upon designing a new Screen From, has been fixed.

Conversion of Production Notes into Production Docs/ Cost Elements
Upon converting a Production Note into Production Document the cost elements are now properly transferred based on BOM.

Internal(Fast Report)/ Grouping
At an Internal(Fast Report), if grouping by Item is selected, the Quan((ΕΝ) ITELINES_QTYP) field is properly summed up.

QlikView file certification
Error "Could not load SSL library" has been fixed. It occurred upon QlikView file certification.

Sales per Item report/ New Template
At "Sales per Item"(STAT_MSAL) report, if having set "Period(Month" at Analysis period filter, the value is now properly saved at a new Template.

Series 5 UI/ Journal Entries
Error "Could not convert variant of type (Array Variant) into type (OleStr)" has been fixed. It occurred at Series 5 UI, upon deleting a Journal Entry.

Features added / modified

Acctg. Entry Templates/ Account transactions
At Acctg. Entry Templates (Accounting Parameters), the "G/L Account Transactions" & "General Ledger Accounts Transactions" are now properly displayed when right-clicking on Accounts grid.

Sales Journals & Purchases Journals reports/ New field
At Sales Journals & Purchases Journals reports, the "Date brought fwd" field has now been added. For example, if the user sets at Date field: 01/02 to 28/02 and the Date brought fwd: 01/01, then the January Balance brought fwd will be displayed.

Other Transactions/ Account field
At Other Transactions, when selecting the field "Account" (LINLINES.ACNMSK) at Document lines, the data of the specific account are now properly displayed.

Sales Doc transfer to Purchases Doc/ Set analysis
Upon Sales Document transfer to Purchases Document, the set automatic analysis is now properly performed.

Bug Fixing

Stock Items Set up/ Brands Rights
Error "Access violation at address 07A95F7F in module 'XExtUI.dll'." has been fixed. It occurred upon setting the rights of Brands at Stock Items Set up.

Reports Printing/ Windows Schedulers
When running a designed report through Windows Scheduler, the report's settings are now working properly.

Trading Parties Set up/ Geographical Areas rights
Error "Invalid pointer operation" has been fixed. It occurred when setting the rights of Geographical Areas at Trading Parties Set up.

Retail Pro/ Subforms
At Retail Pro the subforms are now properly displayed.

Service Folders Browser/ Lines Analysis
"System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 50AE27EF in module 'vcl250.bpl'. Read of address 00000058. Error type: EAccessViolation" has been fixed. It occurred at Service Folders Browser/ List, when 'Lines Analysis' has been activated in browser design and "Master-Detail tree-view" parameter has been activated in System settings.

Retail Pro/ Gift voucher
Error "selector record not found (voucher=0)" has been fixed. It occurred at Retail Pro upon Gift voucher scanning.

Printout Forms/ Item Mass-Volume
At Printout Forms, grouping is now properly performed for "Item Mass"(WEIGHT) & "Item Volume"(VOLUME) fields of MTRLINES table.

Intrastat-Exports Report & Ιntrastat-Imports Report/ Transp. means no
At "Intrastat - Exports Report" & "Ιntrastat - Imports Report" the grouping by Transp. means number is no longer performed.

Features added / modified

Project Statement report/ New field
At Project Statement(PRJC_STM) report design, the "Comments"(REMARKS) field has now been added at Modules tab, and more specifically in 'Projects from document lines" module.

Employee BU/ New resolver
At Accounting Link of Payroll, a new resolver has been added for the description of Employee's Business Unit.

Sales Orders per Item - Analytical/ Docs new behaviοr
At "Sales Orders per Item - Analytical"(CITEM_STM) report, Documents of Retail Sales behavior has now been added at the available filters of Doc Series/ Types.

Docs Conversion/ Installation at lines
Upon Doc conversion, the installation is now properly transferred to converted Doc lines.

Employee Specialty/ New resolver
At Accounting Link of Payroll, a new resolver has been added for the description of Employee's Specialty.

Bug Fixing

Doc printing/ Html field
Error fixed upon Doc printing. It occurred when,
1) having set "Yes" at Automatic Routing (Printout Form parameters)
2) an html field type (Local field) has been set at Formula body (Email area).
3) Customer's email has not been setup his Profile Card.

SN Card report/ Warehouse (Romanian Installation)
Error occurring at "SN Card" report(SLINES_STMS) upon selecting the Warehouse, has been fixed. (Romanian Installation).

Fixed Assets/ Depreciations rounding (I.A.S.)
At Fixed Assets, when having
1. the same rate of Acctg and I.A.S depreciations and,
2. the same start date the year depreciations are now properly calculated.

S1 English version/ Fiscal signature
Error fixed upon Document printing. It occurred when selecting the English language at the login screen. Internal (Fast Report) Printout Form has been used, which included the "fiscal signature device administration (type B)" field.

Annual Weighted Avg/ Op. Balance
Using the "Annual Weighted Avg" as a valuation method at Items w/o invoiced quantities within period or previous periods (except for Op. Balance), the cost price is transferred at the above-mentioned periods.

Personal Calendar/ Repeat Action
Error "Cannot create file "C:\Users\kdi\AppData\Local\Temp\Timer.html". The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process" has been fixed. It occurred at Personal Calendar(USRCALENDAR) upon selecting "Repeat Action".

Doc conv./copy from buffer- Deleting lines
When converting a Document having a large number of lines or creating a new one using the copy from buffer process, the lines deletion is now performed in shorter time.

Export file type 7/ Filters
At 2008 Soft1 UI, upon exporting file type 7 of Revenue-Expenses & Accounting, the Yes/No filters are now properly displayed at default Retail Customer.

Retail Pro/ Items scanning
Αt Retail Pro (Azure Installation), the Items scanning is now properly performed using the Magellan datalogic 3300 HSI scanner.

Browser design/ Sorting
Sorting applied at a Browser/ List through design is now properly performed.

Cash Accounts of Other Transactions/ Comments
The proper Comments(COMMENTS) (saved in buffer) are now displayed at lines of Cash Accounts of Other Transactions.

Excel Printout Form/ "Use of Spreadsheet" parameter
Upon printing a Document to Excel Printout Form, and having previously activated the "Use of Spreadsheet" parameter, the Printout Form design is now properly displayed.

Services Folder Browser/ Qty
Upon selecting "Send Customer Statement" from a Services Folder Browser/ List, rounding of quantity decimals is no longer performed.

Aging Balances report/ Previous fiscal year
The "Aging Balances"(CUST_OPITEM) report displayes the proper results in case:
1. the Customer's credit balance in previous fiscal year has been matched/ open-item with current fiscal year's Document and,
2. having set "previous year" as Report date, and "Reference Date, To" at Apply Open-item field.

Data Flow scenario/ BAM
A Data Flow scenario resulting to Sales Documents (SALDOC) is now properly executed from BAM when starting/ initiating from custom object.

S1 2008 UI/ Automatic opening at login
Error has been fixed regarding jobs' opening twice upon login at S1 2008 UI. It occurred when "Automatic opening at login" has been set at jobs properties. 

Objects Log File/ Modify column
At Objects Log File(TRACEDEF), upon selecting "Yes" at Modify column, the Insert and Delete column are no longer activated.

Docs printing/ Excel Printout Form
Documents printing (physical printer) in Excel Printout Form is now properly performed.

Client/Server connection-Conv. Doc
At a Client/Server connection, the deletion of a fully converted Document is no longer performed.

Email/ Attached picture
The attached picture at an e-mail is now properly displayed.

Customers/Suppliers Trial Balance (F.C.)-Op. Balance
Under certain circumstances, the Customer's balance was not properly displayed at Trial Balance in F.C., in case there was only Op. Balance.

List of Expenses/ Labelling
At List of Expenses(SOEXPENDITURES), the user can now select a CRM labelling that bears at least value 6 "Employee List of Expenses".

Bug Fixing

Excel Printout Form/ "Use of Spreadsheet" parameter
Upon printing a Document to Excel Printout Form, and having previously activated the "Use of Spreadsheet" parameter, the Doc lines are now properly printed.

Intrastat- Imports report/ Soft1 Bulgarian language
Error fixed has been fixed upon running Intrastat - Import(INTRASTAT_REP) report while login to Bulgarian language.

Features added / modified

Accounting/ User Defined Journals-New filter
At Acctg User Defined Journals, at Advanced filters tab, the "Acctg Entries-GL Accounts participate in lines" filter has been added to show not only the account's transactions but also entries/ records related to this account.

Fixed Assets Entity Status - Summary report/ New columns
At "Fixed Assets Entity Status - Summary" report, the "Open balance" and "Year" columns have now been added.

S1 Retail Designer/ Fast payment option
At S1 Retail Designer, at Miscellaneous tab, the "Fast payment" option has been added which accepts the following values:
1. Cash
2. Card
3. Cash & Credit Card.

FIFO Open-Item Calculation/ New filter
At "FIFO Open-Item Calculation" job, the "Payment Terms" filter has now been added.

Conversion & Reversal jobs/ Contact field
Upon Documents' Conversion & Reversal jobs the "Contact"(MTRDOC.TRDPRSN) field is now transferred to the other Document.

Docs Conversion/ Account field
Upon Docs Conversion, the "Account" field, at Other data tab,is now transferred to the converted Document.

Lot Balance per W/H (vertical analysis) report/ New field
At "Lot Balance per W/H (vertical analysis)" report the "End date" field has now been added.

Cash Accounts Transactions/ "Portfolio Acctg. Code" resolver
At Accounting Link of Cash Accounts Transactions, the "Portfolio Acctg. Code" resolver [TFL1BIL16FOLDER2] has now been added.

Bug Fixing

Costing folders/ Expenses value
If a costing folder is connected to other transaction, and that transaction is connected with a different costing folder, the expenses value is now transferred to the costing folder.

Purchases Docs/ Buyer
At Purchases Docs, the "Buyer"(SALESMAN) field can now be added at Services & Fixed Assets column lines.

Printout forms/ Contract lines
Upon printing a contract, the lines of the specific contract are now properly printed.

Trading parties/ "Open-item (Unpaid)" related job
Error "The multi-part identifier "" could not be bound." has been fixed. It occurred upon deleting matched Documents (open-items) when running the "Open-item (Unpaid)" related job from Trading parties module.

Payroll/ Modify period data (massively) job
Error upon running the job "Modify period data (massively)" at Employees Browser/ List (Payroll module), has been fixed.

Create Physical Inventory Documents job/ Corrective inventory documents
Upon running the "Create Physical Inventory Documents"(MtrNatBalance) job, the corrective inventory documents (deficits/ surplus).

Sales/ Purchases Year Overview - Comparative analysis/ Items hyperlink
Error "Field "MTRL" not Found" has been fixed. t occurred upon clicking on Items hyperlink at "Sales & Purchases Year Overview/ Sales & Purchases Year Overview - Comparative analysis".

Browsers/ List - ODBC Driver
Error "Βrowser Timeout.Please retry execution.
" has been fixed. It occurred under certain circumstances at Browsers/ Lists when there was an ODBC driver.

Suppliers Payments/ Field length
Error "Ole Error: 80040E57. String or binary data would be truncated" has been fixed. It occurred at Suppliers Payments(CFNSUPDOC) upon creating a new Document in case the supplier's address was longer than 30 characters.

"Items Journals" report/ New filters
At "Items Journals" report, the following filters have been added:
1.  Commercial Category
2. Manufacturer
3. Brand
4. Model
5. Country of Origin
6. Season

Exchange rates/ Prices modification
Error regarding exceeding the limit of maximum discount for Item has been fixed. It occurred under certain circumstances upon changing currency at an existing Document.

Doc lines/ Warranty Items
Items with "Warranty" type and relation to UoMs are now properly displayed at Document lines.

Serial Numbers/ Change W/H
Upon changing Warehouse at a Doc including Items monitored by S/N, the SN availability check, per W/H, is now properly performed.

Docs Conversion/ Serial Numbers
Upon converting a Document with different W/H, no proper check of Item's SN availability performed. Error has been fixed. Moreover, at Stock Mgmt parameters, at Serial Numbers area, the "Delete SNs when changing W/H" has now been added, which deletes the SNs lines upon changing W/H.

Costing Folders/ Other Transactions
Error upon connecting Other Transaction with Costing folder while selecting cost category has been fixed.

Data Flow scenario/ Prices
Upon creating a Data Flow scenario, he grid to set prices is now properly working.

Contracts/ Data Flow scenarios
Error "Field 'LINETYPE' not found" has been fixed. It occurred upon running the "Data Flow scenarios" related job from Contracts to Sales Docs.

Sales Statistics Browser (Grouped)/ Print to MS-Excel
Upon selecting to print "Grouped" of a Sales Statistics Browser/ List, to MS-Excel file, the Group's description is now properly printed.

Organization Chart/ Job position
At graphical display of the Organization Chart the following are displayed:
1. the organization units are now displayed within square boxes.
2. the job position. which is the manager's position, is displayed down on the left.

Sales Docs transfer to Production Docs/ W/H update
Upon transferring of Sales Docs to Production Docs, under certain circumstances, the W/H was not properly updated. Error has been fixed.

Actions Browser/ Start field
At Actions Browser/ List, in case the field "Start" has been flagged "Locked", the results are now properly displayed.

Cash Accounts Browser/ Balance field
Error "Field 'LBAL' not found" has been fixed. It occurred at a Cash Accounts Browser/ List, having previously added the "Balance" field with decreasing sorting.

Customer profile card/ Print to MS-Excel
Upon printing Customer profile card to MS-Excel, the Document and the Series of the first transaction are now properly printed if the parameter "Use of Spreadsheet" has been activated.

S1 Bulagrian version/ Set User access rights
Error "'EMPLOYEE' is not a valid integer value" has been fixed. It occurred upon right-clicking on Sales Docs and selecting "Set User access rights" having previously selected the "Bulgarian" language at the login screen (related to 20200410-1155-1-1368).

Items/ Suggested storage bins
Error occurring upon 'copy from buffer' procedure of an Item with suggested storage bins has been fixed.

S1 Retail Pro/ Alerts
At Soft1 Retail Pro, the Alerts are now properly working.

Creditor Wire Transfers/ Templates with IBAN
Upon selecting saved templates from the Creditor Wire Transfers, the IBAN is now properly updated at column lines.

Import Script/ CreateSupportModule function
"System error!Please send the error report to Softone.
Access violation at address 5005F8A6 in module 'rtl250.bpl'. Read of address 00000051
Error type: EAccessViolation" has been fixed. It occurred upon running Import Script using the "CreateSupportModule" function.

Sales Doc transfer to Purchases Doc/ Quantity
Upon transferring a Sales Doc to Purchases one, including Items with Fixed relation set to "Two-way the first time" option at UoM, Alternative Codes tab, the transferred quantity is the lines' quantity.

CRM Printout Forms/ Doc Series
At CRM Doc Series Setup, you can now select the proper printout form.

Advanced JavaScript Editor/ Run function
Error "The parameter is incorrect" has been fixed. It occurred upon run function at Advanced JavaScript Editor.

Doc printing/ Master-Detail tree view
Error "DATASET NOT IN EDIT OR INSERT MODE" has been fixed. It occurred upon printing a Document from a Browser/ List having set at "Expand by" a second module, in case the "Master-Detail tree view" parameters has been activated.

Import open browser
"System error!Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 77C93D53 in module 'ntdll.dll'. Write of address 00000014 Error type: EAccessViolation" has been fixed. It occurred under certain circumstances upon running Import open browser.

Sales parameters/ Modify price from exc. rate
Error upon creating a new entry at Sales module has been fixed. It occurred while having previously activated the "Modify price from exc. rate" parameter (Sales parameters).

Use of Spreadsheet parameter/ Date field format
In case the parameter "Use of Spreadsheet" is activated, upon printing to MS-Excel file, the format of the date fields is now properly displayed.

Customers/Items designed Screen Form - Project
At a Customers/ Items designed Screen Form the Project is now properly displayed at lines.

Off-Line Setup/ Branch synchronizer
Under certain circumstances, at Off-Line Setup, the user can now be selected at "Branch synchronizer" field.

Physical Inventory Docs/ Same SN
Error occurring at a Physical Inventory Doc while having the same SN at more than one Item lines.

ABC Parameters/ Values allocation
In case the "Per dimension w/o cumulative calculation" option has been selected at Allocation type (ABC Parameters), the allocation of values is now properly performed at dimensions.

User Access Rights/ Search
At "User Access Rights" the entities are now properly displayed when performing Search.

Browsers/ Auto-numbering
At Series 5 UI, upon changing/ selecting Browsers/ Lists, auto-numbering is not applied if it has not been set.

Delete Browser/ General Fields
Under certain circumstances, upon deleting a Browser/ List, the General Fields were deleted too. Error has been fixed.

Purchases Docs/ Origin Document
At Purchases Doc lines, the Origin Doc now properly opens having previously added the "Origin Document"(ITELINES.FINDOCS) column.

Cheques re-update/ Oracle DB
Error "uChequeNew: ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small
ORA-06512: at line 60" has been fixed. It occurred upon Cheques re-update at an Oracle DB.

Purchases-Sales Docs/ "Mass Approve/Reject Documents" job
Under certain circumstances, the "Mass Approve/ Reject Documents" related job was not properly performed. Error has been fixed.

Employees/ ID card Type field
At Employees General data tab, the ID card "Type" field displays the proper data.

Error "ScriptError: 'X' is undefined(Line: 1 Ofs: 17)" has been fixed. It occurred at a Custom Screen Form when using SysRequest.ExecuteXScript.

Features added / modified

Sub-modules of HR Doc Series/ List of Expenses 
At sub-modules of HR Doc Series, the "List of Expenses" value has now been added.

Bug Fixing

Accounting based on payroll/ GData file 
Error "Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (OleStr)" has been fixed. It occurred upon exporting GData accounting file from Financial Management/ Business Operations/ Accounting updates/ Create external files/ "Accounting based on Payroll"(ExportBatchPayGL) job.

Features added / modified

SetIndexVar function/ Import script 
The function "SetIndexVar" has been developed/ designed at import script: having the array and the position as a parameter then the element value can be defined.

S1 Retail Designer/ Insert Row above
At S1 Retail Designer, the "Insert Row above" flag has now been added at Grid Design area.

Accounting- C/A Entries Journal reports/ New filter
At the "Accounting Entries Journal"(TACC_GL_JRN) & "C/A Entries journal"(TACC_ANL_JRN) reports the "Temporary transactions" filter has now been added.

S1 Retail Designer/ Keyboard size (1-10)
At S1 Retail Designer, the parameter "Keyboard size (1-10)" has now been added at Miscellaneous tab. Suggested value "5".

Bug Fixing

Aging Balances report/ Balances display
Running the report "Aging Balances" via a remote server, the balances are now properly displayed.

Fixed Assets depreciations/ Credit Notes
The Fixed Assets depreciations are now properly calculated when a Credit Note is also included in the transaction.

Customers Browser/ Sorting by Prof. cat. - Turnover
At a Customers Browser/ List the sorting by turnover and professional category is now properly working.

Grouped Browser/ "Open new window" option
At a Browser/ List when Grouping has been applied, upon selecting "Open New window" by right-clicking on grouped data, the totals are now properly updated.

Designed Report/ "CusAgedRemain" function
At a designed report where the ''CusAgedRemain'' function is used as an "SQL command", the proper results are now displayed.

S1 Retail Pro/ Docs cancellation
At S1 Retail Pro, provided that the "Track Cancellations" parameter is activated at Workstations-Parameter Groups, the Document cancellation is now working properly.

Group Calendar/ Day
At a Group Calendar, the login date is now properly displayed when selecting "Day".

Transfer to Sales/ Purchases Documents related jobs - New filter
The "Group per" filter has been added to "Transfer to Sales Documents" & "Transfer to Purchases Documents" related jobs.

Sales Docs-W/H balance
Upon creating a new Sales Doc with Data Flow scenario from Stock Items, the Item's balance is now properly updated at Doc lines.

Fixed Assets/ Undrepreciated value
Once Fixed Assets sales and depreciations calculations have been completed, undrepreciated value is now properly calculated.

Existing Docs/ Check of strict numbering
At existing/ saved Documents the check of strict numbering is now properly working.

Browser/ Export to Ascii file
At Series 5 UI, upon exporting a Browser/ List (which included local fields), into Ascii file, no blank characters are displayed now.

Costing folder/ Last purchase price
The last purchase price of Items is now properly calculated in case the Item is included/ participates in a total costing folder in more than one lines.

Fixed Assets/ Depr. calculation per month
The depreciations of fixed assets, owned within current Fiscal Year, are now properly calculated in case the calculation is performed per month.

Documents Browser/ "Name" column
Error "Field 'X_1718E120' not found" upon designing a Browser has been fixed. It occurred when adding the "Name" column and right-clicking to select Filter.

Group of companies schema/ Supp. name- Project descr.
At a Group of Companies schema/ model, at a child company, the Supplier name and the Project description are now properly displayed at the "Outstanding purchases notes" Browser/List.

Trial Balance report/ Oracle DB
Error "FTMPACCDATA: Type mismatch for field 'FISCPRD', expecting: SmallInt actual: Float" has been fixed. It occurred at the "Trial Balance"(ACC_GL_BAL) report at an Oracle database.

Production Document/ Item deletion
Error "Invalid Argument" has been fixed. It occurred upon deleting a Production Document, which has resulted from Sales Document, where the Item has been deleted.

Cheque/ Collection
At an Inventory cheque, where the "Update" field (cheque transactions), is set to "No action (rest value", the collection amount is now properly displayed.

Cost price calculation job/ Last Purchase Price (Cyprus Localization)
The "Cost price calculation" having as valuation method "Last Purchase Price" has been fixed (Cyprus Localization).

Reports/ AVG
The average (total) is now properly displayed in case "AVG" has been set at the reports' numeric field.

Stock Items List/ Inactive Variations
"System error!Access violation at address 079B3097 in module 'XExtUI.dll'. Read of address 00000040 Error type: EAccessViolation" has been fixed.
It occurred at Stock Items List, having added the fields related to Inactive Variations (ITEM.CDIMNUSE1, ITEM.CDIMNUSE2, ITEM.CDIMNUSE3).

Physical Inventory/ WH Lot balance
At Columns Design(Physical Inventory Doc Series), when adding the "W/H Lot balance" (WHLOTREST) field, the column is now properly displayed.

Consumable Item Variations/ Quantity
The quantity of consumable item monitored in variations is now properly updated at "Physical Inventory Documents"(MtrZeroNatBalance) & "Create Physical Inventory Documents"(MtrNatBalance) jobs.

Cancel other transactions/ Cost center
Upon cancelling Other Transaction Docs, the cost center of lines is now transferred into the cancelled Document.

Sales Docs/ Cursor
Under certain circumstances, upon a new entry of a Sales Document, the cursor was not placed at "Series" field. Error has been fixed.

Hierarchy/ Customers Industry Groups
The Hierarchy applied to Customers Industry Groups is now properly displayed upon opening the selector.

Services Folders Design/ New field
The field "Actions" is now available upon designing a Services Folder Browser/ List.

Doc conversion/ Decimals
Upon Doc conversion, which includes expenses with decimals, in case the Customer is modified/ changed, the decimals are no longer deleted at the converted Document.

New Item/ Alternative Codes
Upon creating/ saving a new Item, Item's variations could be selected at Alternative codes lines, provided that a previous Item with variations and alternative codes has been saved. Error has been fixed.

Browser grouping/ Date format
Under certain circumstances, at a Browser/ List upon grouping using Date field, the grouping results were not correct.

Installations/ Right-click on lines
Error "INST: Field 'SOSOURCE' not found" has been fixed. It occurred at Installations upon right-clicking on lines.

Browser-Copy/Fill Value
Error "list index out of bounds" has been fixed. It occurred at a designed Browser/ List upon selecting "Fill value" at an editable column.

Group of companies schema/ "Open-item (Unpaid)"
At a Group of Companies schema/ model, the unpaid Documents of the entire Group of companies are no longer displayed when running the "Open-item (Unpaid)" related job.

Browser Line Analysis/ Master-Detail tree view
Error fixed while using a designed Browser. It occurred when 'Lines Analysis' has been activated in browser design and "Master-Detail tree-view" parameter has been activated in System settings.

Sales Documents/ Inactive Printout forms
Upon printing a Sales Document the inactive printout forms are no longer displayed.

S1 Designer/ Script check
In case there is a syntax error at a script in the S1 Designer, a respective message is now displayed upon "running".

MS-Word Printout form/ Printer
Upon printing a Document, where the MS-Word Printout form is suggested at Doc Series, the MS-Word printer is now properly displayed.

Cash Transactions & Wire Transfer Docs/ Copy from buffer
At Cash Transactions & Wire Transfer Docs, upon "copy from buffer" and "price modification", the value is now properly updated when using the tab key to proceed to another field.

Doc printing/ Printout forms
Upon printing a Document in 3 copies using different printout forms, and having selected the "With question (Yes)" option at Print mode field (Doc Series), the dialogue box is now working properly.

Docs mass/ batch conversion-Printout forms (Automatic filing)
Upon running mass/ batch conversion of Documents, with printout forms having the "Automatic filing" field activated, the Documents are now properly printed.

Doc Open-item/ Modifying fields
Modifying the Delivery-Transfer, MYF, and Intrastat data at a Document does no longer delete Doc Open-item.

Job Position - Employee
Error "Ole Error: 80040E14. Invalid column name 'BRANCH'" has been fixed. It occurred at Employee profile card when selecting 'Job Position' and 'Duties' were to automatically updated.

Custom screen design/ S1P.<functionName>
Error "S1:EAccessViolation:Access violation at address 00000000 in module 'Xplorer.exe'. Read of address 00000000. S1:EAccessViolation:Access violation at address 500678A9 in module 'rtl250.bpl'. Read of address 00000004" has been fixed. It occurred at a Customers custom screen design when using the "S1P.<functionName>" command via javascript.

Batch modification of Period Data/ Dates
"System error! Access violation at address 7B46CE16 in module 'Pay.bpl'. Write of address 000000D0
Error type: EAccessViolation" has been fixed. It occurred upon entering dates at "Batch modification of Period Data" job at "Leave Days" & "Absence Days" fields.

Group Calendar/ Date
At a Group Calendar, upon selecting the "Day" the date is now displayed as well.

S1 English version/ Set User access rights
Error "'EMPLOYEE' is not a valid integer value" has been fixed. It occurred upon right-clicking on Sales Docs and selecting "Set User access rights" having previously selected the "English" language at the login screen.

Advanced Printout Form/ Item description
At an Advanced Printout Form, with DataSet analysis, the Item's description is now properly printed.

Production Docs/ Stock items variations-Qty decimals
Error fixed at Production Documents. It occurred when,
*produced and consumable stock items were monitored in variations, and at the same time
* the quantities for consumable items were in decimals.

2008 UI/ Advanced Javascript Editor
At 2008 UI, error fixed upon running ''Advanced Javascript Editor''.

Automatic filing/ Printing in PDF file
Upon printing a Document using a printout form including the "Automatic filing" field, the PDF files are now properly created.

Features added / modified

Acctg. Links/ Resolvers: Number 01-04
The Acctg. Resolvers: Number 01 up to Number 04 has been added in Acctg. Links in Fixed Assets modules.

Delete Credit Notes job/ New filter
At "Delete Credit Notes" job(DeleteCreditDoc), the "Document code, From" & "Document code, To" filter has been added.

Doc Types / Stock control
At Document Types parameters, "Stock & Commercial data" tab, the following values are now available for Basic stock control:
1. At Item level
2. At Item - W/h level
3. At Item - W/h Group level

Bug Fixing

Analytical General Ledger report/ Transactions-Type
Error fixed at "Analytical General Ledger" report in Accounting module. It occurred upon adding "Transactions" (from Design report, Define Modules tab) and having added the "Type"(ACNTYPE) filter too.

Soft1 Retail Pro/ Item selection
Error "Access violation at address 50C24D74 in module 'vcl250.bpl'. Read of address 0000001C." has been fixed. It occurred at Soft1 Retail Pro upon selecting Items, provided that in S1 Retail Designer the Themes 5 & 6 have been set.

Retail Advance payment/ Alert condition
Error "VADVFIN: Field 'TFPRMS' not found" has been fixed. It occurred upon selecting "Advance payment/Order" (related job) in Retail module provided that an alert has been set as module condition. You can now set the SALDOC.X.FPRMS =XXXX condition.

Cash accounts actions
Error regarding wrong account at cash accounts actions' lines has been fixed. It occurred when a Cash Account was the holder of a cheque. In that case, the Cash in hand Account is not displayed at lines but the holder of the cheque.

Documents/ Prohibition of max discount
Error fixed upon saving a Document including Item with dimensions and prohibition of max discount, while there was no discount applied on the Doc.

Customer Credit Control/ Balance Average Aging
Error has been fixed at Customer Credit Control when having set at "Credit Control formula" the "Balance Average Aging" expression term. It occurred upon displaying the credit control at Doc screen and the value did not match with Customer's balance average aging at Customer's Financial data.

Browser/ Grouping by date
At System Settings, if the Dates format is set to 23/09/03, the grouping at a Browser/ List is now properly working.

Sales Docs/ Copy from buffer
Under certain circumstances, at Sales Docs upon copy from buffer process, the price of the initial Sales Doc lines was not transferred. Error fixed.

Sales per Customer report/ Sales Turnover (Year) field
"Master/Detail SQL synchronization error" has been fixed. It occurred upon adding the "Sales Turnover (Year)" as a sorting field at "Sales per Customer" report.

Documents/ New cheques
Error fixed upon saving a new cheque at an existing (saved) Collection Document.

Browser/ Horizontal grouping
At a custom Sales Browser/ List when applying horizontal grouping the description of "Geographical Areas" field is now properly displayed.

Retail Pro/ Cursor
At Soft1 Retail Pro, upon selecting "Payment" the cursor is now displayed/ placed at Cash field.

Stock Statistics - Series/ Type filters
Error "expression expected but nothing found" has been fixed. It occurred at Stock Statistics upon selecting "Series" or "Type" in case they have been previously added as filters.

Group of Companies schema/ Create-Edit Projects
Error "Access violation at address 0C8B2BF3 in module 'Trdr.bpl'. Read of address 00000000" has been fixed at a Group of Companies schema/ model, when creating or editing Projects. It occurred when the "Update all" and "Transfer data of Parent company to all" options had been activated at Projects General Parameters.

Print to MS-Excel/ Subform in Screen Form
'Access violation" error has been fixed at Series 5 UI. It occurred upon printing in MS-Excel the data found in a virtual grid included in a Subform (Custom Screen design). In addition, at S1Designer, at Object's Script, a button that helps to detect errors has been added. The Object must be saved to function properly.

F/A Entity Status - Summary report/ Detailed filter
"SoftOne Range Error (Name: 'FANALBOOK')" has been fixed. It occurred at "Fixed Assets Entity Status - Summary"(CON_BOOK_GR) report when selecting the "Detailed" filter.

ABC- Per dimension w/o cumulative recalculation
At ABC parameters, the selection of a model has been activated for "Per dimension w/o cumulative recalculation" parameter.