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Find here smart instructions and advanced features to simplify your operations and improve your Soft1 experience.

Fast Report Preview
Give your data an extra–creative printout

Visualize your Browser or/and Report data, according to your own preferences, in the most fast and easy way. How?

Simply select the Fast Report Preview option to make on-the-spot changes in terms of structure, layout, or/and visual output, for example, change colors, add images, barcodes etc.

Any adjustments are automatically displayed on the screen before proceeding to final print. You can also design templates, which can be used each time you click on Fast Report Preview option for the specific Browser/ Report.


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Labels print - Stock Documents
Print fast and easy your Stock Item Labels

Gather all required information regarding your stock items, such as prices, discounts, stock keeping units (SKUs) in a single Document, to facilitate your daily business operations.

Simply, select the stock items, by using a Soft1 Stock Items List, right-click and create the Labels Document. Set the number of labels (for example, based on Warehouse/Branch Balance), and either print them or save the file for future use.


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Date & Time filter
Dynamically filter your browser/ list

Filter data in Soft1 browsers, easily and quickly, based on the specific date & time that you wish. View targeted CRM actions, such as phone calls or service tickets, as well as documents, by specifying the time period you are interested in.

For example, to track and manage CRM actions, all you need to do is run the Tasks Statistics browser, setting the start and end dates respectively. Soft1 automatically filters the actions, limiting the results to the selected date and time.


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Lock Trading parties Transactions
Keep control over your transactions

Manage your transactions and automatically prevent users from posting specific documents to the trading party of your choice. How? Making the most of Soft1 Locked transactions.

This feature practically allows you to select any trading party of your company, e.g. a supplier, and define which transactions they will be blocked from, such as a wire transfer. In this way, even if a user tries (by mistake) to create a wire transfer to that supplier, Soft1 will prevent the transaction from being posted.


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Reminders and Messages in Soft1
Stay updated with important events

Keep both you and your employees updated on scheduled tasks, outstanding issues, etc. by using Soft1 Reminders and Messages.

Just post a reminder or a message in Soft1, set the receiver(s) as well as the date, the time and the recurrence pattern and there you have it!

Next time the user/users is logged into Soft1, the reminder or the message will automatically pop-up on their screen.


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Company expenses management!
Manage lists of expenses

Business travel expenses, transportation expenses, board and hospitality expenses.

Manage any expenses incurred by you or by the employees of your company, easily and quickly, through Soft1 Lists of Expenses.

The best thing about using them? You can submit your expenses for approval, at the exact moment they are made, while on the move!

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Data Grouping and Aging Analysis!
Evaluate critical business data

Monitor your business data in the most effective way, such as collections/ payments or even stock item balances, analyzing them, fast and easy, by date ranges.

How? Apply Grouping Scenarios to Soft1 Jobs, Browsers or/and Reports, e.g. on Customer Unpaid Documents, in order to monitor your company's claims, and allocate the corresponding balance based on the agreed pay-off date.


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Keyboard Shorcuts
Act smart and save time

Use time-saving keyboard shortcuts to accelerate your job management. Run your Soft1 Browsers/Lists, Jobs, Reports or any other task by defining the desirable keyboard shortcuts.

Simply type the key or key combination that you have previously defined as a shortcut (such as “Ctrl + 1”), and view your customer list, the balances or collections/payments report, as well as any other action concerning your daily business tasks.

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Display Data using Color Matrix
Highlight key data

Use Soft1 Color Matrix to directly spot the desirable information within a Browser/ List (or even a CRM Calendar), thus ensuring no loss of any valuable business information.

Do you need to monitor your customers sales per trimester? Just create a color matrix under the title “Customer Turnover per Trimester", define a range of turnover and select colors (and text formatting) for each range.  Hence, the respective Browser/List shall automatically display in dark green background and white bold color e.g. the turnovers that exceeds the amount of 200.000€ etc.

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Hierarchically Structured Data (Multi-level Grouping)
Create multi-level hierarchical relationships for your data

Organize, monitor and manage your daily data based on your business requirements. How? By grouping them easily into similar categories and by creating a hierarchical relation among them.

For example, would you be interested in designing targeted pricing policies based on specific Stock Items Category or/ and Sub-category? Take advantage of the Hierarchy function, use drag & drop to design the hierarchy levels and organize your data based on these (e.g. short-sleeved shirts).

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Smart Soft1 List search
Get the information you need in no time

Use Soft1 Active Browser to work smart and reach the required data fast and easy. This way, you may narrow down search results to actually needed.

Simply type characters, words, or key phrases into Active Browser search field and the Soft1 List automatically displays the respective data. Just like the Google Search engine! You may also make more advanced and targeted searching by adding symbols.

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"Browser Data" functionality in Soft1 grids!!
Insert data in your documents, quickly!

Avoid multiple manual registrations. Save time, by inserting data in your documents, easily, through the "Browser Data" functionality.

Let’s say you want, for example, to create a sales document with stock items. Simply, select the specific possibility with right-click, then search for the desired entries and … Enter! The document’s fields are automatically completed and all that's left to do is insert the quantities.


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Printouts Log file
Check out your documents’ printouts

View, easily and quickly, the number of recorded printouts of any Soft1 document through printouts’ history.

Simply, use the "Printouts Log File" and set the dates of interest. Soft1 displays automatically all the printed documents in the specific dates along with additional printing details

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Multiple Dynamic Filter
Focus on the data of your interest

Simplify your job by displaying only the data that you need to analyze and process. Easily and quickly, applying even more composite criteria, just like in Excel!

Through any Soft1 List (e.g. Customers) simply select the criteria of your interest and easily apply Multiple Dynamic Filters, by defining various conditions (AND / OR) for even more targeted results. Benefit? Display only the data that you need to Focus on.

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Soft1 Timeline
Display your actions in chronological order

Easily and promptly get an overview of the lifecycle of your contacts with Customers, Projects, Transactions, Accounts and other significant jobs. How? By viewing directly, on Soft1 Timeline, the history of all the past and ongoing events, actions and transactions.

Through the Customer’s tab, for example, you can view the chronological sequence of all the related actions that have occurred, such as documents, phone calls, quotations, meetings etc. and easily select and view any action with a simple double-click.

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Payments plan
Automate your payments

Manage your money better, having a complete picture of your business obligations to suppliers and other creditors (based on settlement dates).

Schedule your payments and issue pay off documents directly through Soft1, saving valuable time every day.

Use the "Payments Plan – Wire Transfers" job to automatically create wire transfers in Soft1.

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Soft1 Maps
Show your routes on the map

Schedule your visits, meetings and products delivery by reducing time and cost of your routes. Show addresses on the map (via Google Maps), fast and easy by displaying, at the same time, the optimum route.

Simply select a Soft1 List/ Browser, such as the Sales Documents. Choose the desirable records.. and right-click on "Show on Map" job.

Now you can view the addresses of the selected records as points on the map!

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Automatic Execution of Browsers!
Automate the execution of your Browsers

Get immediate access to important information of your business anytime you wish. How? By scheduling the automatic execution of the application’s Browsers using the List Scheduler.

Just follow simple steps to select the desired browser and specify the execution timeframe, the frequency (e.g. Weekly) and the exact start time ... and you are ready!

The results of the Browser will now automatically appear on your screen, at the specified date and time.

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