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Use the Payments Plan (wire transfers) job to automatically schedule the payment of supplier/creditor documents, based on settlement dates, as well as create the corresponding wire transfers in Soft1. 

Document matching (open-item) is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of the Payments Plan job, in order to avoid overlapping. To this end, make sure that you match the supplier/creditor documents to the already made transactions, so that the job suggests the appropriate plan for the remaining payments.

To use the Payments Plan (wire transfers) job, available in the Financials menu > Cash Accounts & Bank transactions, follow the steps below:

Step 1 # - View the settlements
Use the filters:

  • Payment from - to, to indicate the time frame within which you want to view the settlements that have occurred,
  • Supplier accounting category, to select a specific supplier category,
  • Currency, for specific currency transactions.

Select [Data Initialization] and [Run] to display in the grid the settlements that have occurred, according to the filters set above.

In our example, according to the filters, three settlements appeared in the grid (i.e. 05.07.2018, 12.07.2018 and 13.08.2018) related to the IVDN000004 document for the supplier "Mermaid Ltd." 

In addition, you will see:

  • the Bank that the supplier cooperates with, the respective Bank Account along with the IBAN,

(It is recommended that the above-mentioned details are pre-filled in the Supplier’s tab, in order to be automatically suggested to the wire transfers that will be created.)

  • the Delay, i.e. the days that have elapsed since/pending for the date of settlement,
  • the Balance, i.e. the outstanding amount of this payment and
  • the Value, i.e. the amount you will eventually choose to transfer to the supplier.

You can also view the totals per supplier/creditor, per date and per month. 

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Step 2 # - Select the settlements you want to pay and modify the payment amount.
Type directly in the Value field the amount you wish to pay and then set <Yes> in the respective Payment column.

In case you wish to set the Payment to <Yes> for all the records, select [Update default values], set Payment to <YES> and then Run the job. 

To find out how the totals per supplier/creditor have been shaped by the Value modification mentioned above, select [Refresh totals] and then [Run].

In our example, we selected to pay the amount of € 150 instead of € 200, for the supplier "On-ependytiki Ltd.". See below how the Totals per supplier are set up:

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Step 3 # - Create wire-transfers in Soft1
The Payments Plan job will create a wire-transfer document, including all the supplier payments.
In order to record the document in Soft1, complete the following information: 

  • The Date that the payment is being made.
  • The Series of the supplier/creditor document. (The series must have both the “Auto-numbering” and the “Document code configuration” parameter activated.)
  • The Cash Account from which the payment will be made. 

Finally, select [Issue Wire Transfer Document] and [Run].

The wire-transfer document will then be available in Financials > Cash Accounts & Bank transfers> Wire transfers > Suppliers wire transfers/Creditor wire transfers. Document matching (open-item) to the paid documents will automatically take place.

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