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Soft1 B.A.M (Business Automation Machine) is an advanced tool that helps you design and executes business processes in Soft1. Use Soft1 B.A.M to automate any process, from the simplest, such as sending an email upon completing a CRM action, to the most complex one, such as processes that are repeatedly carried out and involve a large number of factors. 

Soft1 B.A.M. allows you to:
  • combine any Soft1 module/ object / job, as well as include processes you have already designed with Soft1 BAM,
  • schedule or even activate workflows on an event / action in Soft1,
  • carry out a lot of tasks, such as send email / SMS / Soft1 messages, extract files, import/update records, execute SQL commands, printout forms, create reminders, run data flows, as well as create HTTP requests,
  • use or even design your own variables,
  • assign processes to specific users or groups in Soft1,
  • track the stage(s) of a process.

In order to use Soft1 B.A.M you should be aware of the following:
  • Soft1 B.A.M. is available from Soft1 4.00.518.11105 version,
  • Process design in Soft1 B.A.M is supported by Series 5 UI, 
  • "Soft1 Open enterprise engine" has to be activated in the Soft1 installation/sn. 
  • Soft1 B.A.M. has to be included into the Web & Mobile licenses of the Soft1 installation/sn

Further technical information on Soft1 B.A.M. can be found in the Soft1 Tools list, which is available for certified partners at the SoftOne Partners Portal.

Click here for a Business Process design example.