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Features added / modified

Stock Items/ Abbreviation
The 'Abbreviation' field at Stock Items User-defined fields has now been increased to accept 30 characters.

Production Orders/ Item SN
At Production Orders, the 'Item SN' field is now available at Raw/ Auxiliary Materials grid lines.

Production Orders Browsers/ MTRLINES table
At Production Orders Browsers/ Lists the user can now use the 'MTRLINES' table [PRDLINE & MPRDLINES] as already performed at Production Docs.

XSENDSMS function/ New parameter
A new parameter has now been added to XSENDSMS function.
From now on, use:
* '0' parameter to send SMS messages
* '1' parameter to send Viber messages
X.CALLPUBLISHED('SysRequest.XSendWebSMS', '0123456789', 'SMS Message', 1);

Company/ Multilingual data management
Μultilingual data management is now available for the following:
* W/h Address
* Company Branches

Documents Processing/ Grouping
At Documents Processing related job, null value option has been added to Grouping field, in case no Grouping is required.

Production Orders & Docs/ Brand & Model fields
At Production Orders & Production Docs, the 'Brand' & 'Model' fields have now been added to 'Raw/ Auxiliary Materials' and 'Co-Products/ By-Products' grids.

Bug Fixing

SN balance per W/H
The SN Balance results are now properly displayed at the 'SN balance per W/H' report [SLINES_QWH].

Series 2008/ History
In Series 2008 UI, fixed the issue: 'System error!
Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 031CB849 in module 'XDll.dll'. Read of address 000000C0
Error type: EAccessViolation'.
History is now properly working.

Sales Orders/ Stock Items filters
Fixed the issue which occurred at Sales Orders(ORDER_STM) results. It occurred when certain Stock Items filters have been set.

Classic menu/ Drag & Drop
Drag & drop functionality is now properly working from the Series 6 Personal menu to the Classic menu.

Documents Processing/ Merge lines
Fixed the issue which occurred upon using Documents Processing related job, once filling in Outstanding Sales Orders in case 'None' was selected at 'Merge lines' field.

Production Automations/ Documents based on shortage/requirements
Fixed the issue which occurred when running the 'Documents based on shortage/requirements job [DRESTPRD] through Production Automations.

ABC Allocation
Fixed the issue which occurred at ABC Allocation, once a new line without analysis was filled in.

Documents with Open-Items/ Redirection
Fixed the issue at Documents with Open-Items(CUST_OI_FIN) report. Redirection is now properly working once the 'Non-matched' option is selected (Selection filter).

Browser design/ Image print form
In Series 6 UI, the 'Image print form' option is now properly working upon Browser/List design.