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Features added / modified

Email Validator
Email validation has now been added to the email fields. It checks the validity of an email based on some rules. Only validity is checked, not existence.

Cheques/ Bank account No.
At Cheques(CHEQUE), the length of the 'Bank account No.' field has now been increased to accept 50 characters.

Customer Branches/ Pricing category
At Customer Branches, the Pricing category has now been added.

Budgeting/ New dimensions
At Budgeting (Sales/Purchases/Accounting/Expenses/ABC), 2 more dimensions have now been added.

Prospects & Draft entries/ New fields
At Prospects & Draft entries(SODRAFT), the Latitude & Longitude fields are now available.

Company data/ Business Activity
At Company data, the Business Activity(COMPANY.SOUNIT) field has now been increased to accept 128 characters.

Multilingual Data Management/ Service & Item Sets
The Multilingual Data Management has now been added to Service & Item Sets(SPCITESRV).

Project Statistics/ New fields
The following fields have been added to Project Statistics(PRJCSHEETS) report, as well as to Project Details, Sub-Projects Details, and Related Projects Details (related jobs):
* Text 01 -05
* Table 01-05
* Date 01-05

Email Intrastat/ Length
The length of the Email Intrastat field has now been increased to accept 128 characters.

Personal User Menu/ Search
At the Personal User Menu, when adding a new job, report etc., the user can now search by their name (i.e. Sales Documents).

FIFO Open-Item Calculation/ New field
At FIFO Open-Item Calculation(FiFoFinpayTerms) job, the 'Open-item method' is now available.

Payments of Assigned Documents/ Credit notes
In Payments of Assigned Documents(TRDFCTDOCREPEX) report, the credit notes value is now displayed in a negative sign.

Sales opportunities/ Status
In Sales opportunities, Quotations tab, the Status column is now available.

Bug Fixing

Retail Documents/ Pricing category
At Retail Documents, when changing customer, the prices of the already filled in items will be recalculated according to the new customer's pricing category. If there is no pricing policy and the customer has no pricing category filled in, then the prices will be adjusted based on the Document Type. In case there is a pricing policy, the existing behavior applies.

Collections Statistics/ Salesperson & Collector
At Collections Statistics(VCASHIN), the Salesperson and Collector are now properly displayed when entries/records related to wire transfers doc lines.

Payroll/ Employee data
Employees' data are now transferred upon using the 'Export to .xxf file' job. All required checks are made to ensure payroll periods and cost centers are available.

Copy Company/ Employees data
Employees' full data are transferred upon using the Copy Company(CopyCompany) job.

Groups of Companies Schema/ Credit Notes
At a Groups of Companies Schema/Model, when creating a new document at Credit Notes Calculation(CULCTMPCREDIT) the login salesperson is now filled in. The same adjustment was made for Purchase Credit Notes.

Series 6/ User access rights
Fixed the issue ''Customer is not a valid integer value'. It occurred when setting user access rights (either by using the Key icon or right-clicking on a job) having previously selected the English language at the login screen.

Create Production Docs based on Consumption/Production Notes
Fixed the issue ''InsertSpcs: W/h already exists.
The 'Create Production Docs based on Consumption/Production Notes(PRDDOCPRDN)' job is now properly working.

Retail/ Virtual Cheques
When payment is made with virtual cheques, the corresponding table is filled in with the instalments upon saving the document along with the pay-off document. This way, the instalments are calculated since the items will have been entered in the document.

Production Documents/ Delete Lots
Deleting lots on Production Documents lines, when having previously selected 'User specified' at Consumption mode (Doc Type) is now properly working.

Series 6/ Browsers Printout date
In Series 6, the Printout date and Entry date are now 2 different parameters. To print the printout date in the default Browsers/Lists, the setting must be activated in General parameters.

Series 6/ WebComponents
In Series 6, when using WebView2 the WebComponents are now properly working.

Companies Parameters/ Surname
At the Companies Parameters, People tab, the Name column is renamed to Surname.

Crystal Reports
Crystal Reports are now properly working.

Sales Documents/ Copy from buffer
At Sales Documents, using Copy from buffer is now properly working.