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The label of a Stock Item contains important data that is useful not only in the internal organization of a company (e.g. Inventory Balance) but in informing the Trading Parties as well (e.g. a Customer) for a specific stock item (e.g. price, discount, item variations). 

The Labels document is a Soft1 Stock document (Commercial Management > Stock Management > Stock Documents), which gathers all the items whose labels should be printed, e.g. new purchase, discount periods, etc.  

Before creating a Soft1 Labels document, you have to design:

  1. the Doc. Series and the Type so as to create the document and
  2. the Labels Report form, with the data/ information that will be displayed. 

How to create a Labels document

To create a Labels document, follow the steps below: 

  1. Use Soft1 Stock items Browsers-Lists and Filters, to display only the required information (e.g. Code, Factory code, BarCode, Alternative code). Then use:
    • <Shift> + <Up/ Down Arrow>, to massively select continuous stock items, 
    • or <Ctrl> + <click>, to massively select scattered stock items,
    • or <Ctrl> + <A>, to select all the stock items. 
  2. Right-click to select the Labels document and in the new pop-up window, set:
    • the Doc. Series, for creating the Labels document,
    • the Report form, that you designed, 
    • the Quantity, for the labels you want to print:
      1. Balance: The suggested quantity will be based on the total w/h balance.
      2. Without Quantity: The user has to set the required quantity. 
      3. Balance per Warehouse: The suggested quantity will be based on the balance of the below selected Warehouse
    • the Delete after print option, to delete the document right after printing the labels. Otherwise, you will find it in the list of Stock Documents.
    • the Printer (MS Office, physical/ cloud printer, PDF, etc)
    • and Save to File, i.e. the path where the labels file shall be saved, if you have not chosen to immediately print it. 
  3. Click on Run and make sure that the document’s data is correct. Finally, Save it to automatically print/ save the labels.

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