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Keep up on the features added/ modified bug fixing, regarding the Soft1 S360 & Soft1 SFA  Web & Mobile applications.

Soft1 360 / SFA ( 5.2.1 / 5.2.2 / 5.2.3 / 5.2.4 )

Version 5.2.1
Discount field/ Payment method
"Discount" field is now updated, even if the Document lines have been filled prior to the Payment method.

Meetings via EVA (calendar format)
Fixed the issue regarding Meetings displayed through EVA (calendar format).

Document Types/ Agreement (Pricing policies)
In Offline mode, at Document Types, the user can now set Agreement (Pricing policies).

Electronic signature
The user can now insert an electronic signature by clicking on "Signature" field.

Barcode scanning/ Device camera
Barcode scanning is now available using the device's camera. This option can be found at the new multiple selector (Items' grid).

Offline mode/ Gadgets data
Upon login to S360, the Gadgets data are displayed. These data are available even if there is no connection to the Internet (Offline mode).

Offline mode/ Automatic synchronization
At General Settings, the automatic synchronization or a pop-up window is available if the user wants to perform synchronization after each posting.

Sales Docs/ Orders Qty
At Sales Documents and specifically at Items multiple selector, the order's qty can now be defined based on inventory qty.

Lists/ Browsers - Number of entries
The user can now set/ define the number of entries, which will result from lists and selectors.

Items Showroom
Fixed the issue regarding Items Browser/ List at Soft1 version. The Items Showroom issue has been fixed at S360_5.2.1 version.

User Rights/ Printing
Fixed the issue regarding printing rights. Users can now send reports to printers provided that they have access rights.

Item Pricing policy/ Offline mode
The Pricing policy of Items is now properly displayed in Offline mode.

Locked filters/ Clear option
Fixed the issue regarding the "Clear" option. The locked filters are no longer deleted.

Multiple selector/ Local fields with SQL
Fixed the issue regarding the fields display using SQL query at multiple selector.

New Doc/ Customer filters
Upon selecting Customers when creating a new Document, the Browser's filters, which have been set by the user with root=1, are now applied.

S360 Touch screen/ Approvals gadget
The "Approvals" gadget can now be removed by the user through S360 settings.

Meetings/ Custom detail table
Fixed the issue regarding Meetings at a custom grid. The field value was missing while moving the entries with arrows (left-right).

Screen form Grid/ Scroll
Fixed the issue regarding the scroll down/up functionality on Screen form's grid.

Custom grid/ Edit lines
Fixed the issue regarding a custom grid. It occurred upon deleting a field when editing the line.

Doc lines/ Item (QTY1 & QTY2)
Both Stock Item quantities (QTY1 & QTY2) are filled in at Doc lines provided that "Yes" has been set at "Fixed relation" field.

Field title/ Hyperlink
The title of T.R.No. field is converted to hyperlink once it is completed. In case the user selects the hyperlink the entry's data are automatically filled in with GSIS data for the specific T.R.No.

Custom grid/ Changes on lines
Fixed the issue regarding a custom grid. It occurred upon modifying a field on the grid and then editing the line. Changes are properly displayed at a pop-up window.

Version 5.2.2
Screen forms design/ Web Components
Web components have now been added to Screen forms, for example, CheckIn, Maps.

Online mode/ Local caching data
Local caching data functionality is now available in Online mode.

Smart Cell/ Compact-Extended display
Smart Cell functionality, at Browsers/ Lists, is now available. Compact/ Extended functionality is available too.

Version 5.2.3
Collection line/ Currency
The Code and Description "100-Euro" are now available at collection line by selecting the Currency.

Qty field/ Calculations
Calculations can now be performed by continuously pressing on "Qty 1"(ITELINES.QTY) field.

Gadgets (offline mode)/ Online data update
All Gadgets are properly working in Offline mode with Online data update.

Item lines/ Value modification (Offline mode)
The modification of value at Item lines is now available in Offline mode, in combination with Pricing Policy.

HTML Gadgets
HTML Gadgets are now available.

Version 5.2.4
Offline mode/ Docs Printing
Upon printing Documents, in Offline mode, the information (words) is now printed, not the number of the Document.

HTML Gadget/ Login
Fixed the issue "Failed to execute 'atob' on 'Window': The string to be decoded is not correctly encoded" regarding an HTML Gadget. It occurred upon login in case the code was not in URL.

Customers profile card/ T.R.No.
Running the "Check T.R.No." job (Customers Statement) is now properly working at mobile/ tablet devices. All fields are properly displayed.

Sales Documents/ Automatic Calculation
At Sales Documents, automatic calculation can now be performed when the value of Discount 1 and Discount 2 is changed.

Customer & Item selector
The Customer and Items selector can now return the root browser results. Filters can be applied to data too.

Questionnaire/ Replies display
Fixed the issue regarding the "Questionaire Replies" job. The replies are now properly displayed.

20200731-1155-1-3039/ 20200825-1155-1-3188
Related jobs/ New meeting
Fixed the issue regarding the "Meetings" Related jobs having set force values. It occurred in case the field was empty and the value was 0 (zero).

Logo printing/ Bixolon printer
Printing a logo using a Bixolon printer is now available at S360.

SN balance per W/H report/ W/h field
Fixed the issue regarding the "SN balance per W/H" report. The W/h field is now properly working.

Fonts/ Bixolon printer
When printing at Bixolon printer, smaller fonts are now available through Settings>General Settings>Bixolon printer settings.

Offline calculations/ Nominal price (Pric. Cat.)
At Offline calculations, the use of the nominal price of Customer's Pricing Category is now available.

20200922-1155-1-3574/ 20200922-1155-1-3576
Customer signature/ Design
Fixed the issue regarding the signature design and more specifically curved lines.

CheckIn/ CheckOut features
If you add the CheckIn/CheckOut feature, you can either select the "Related jobs" or leave the the "Meeting".

New Doc/ Date & Time display
Fixed the issue regarding date & time upon saving a new Document. The current date of the device was suggested at "TRNDATE" field provided that there is no default value at "Date" field at Screen form design. In that case, the default value is X.SYS.LOGINDATE.

Online-Offline mode/ Entries numbering
Transferring entries' numbering from Offline to Online mode is now available.

Fast Entry/ Online-Offline mode
Fast entry can now be performed to quickly save Sales Documents in Online & Offline mode.

Multiple selection filters
The search filters operate now in combination with the side filters.

Meetings/ Device orientation(landscape/portrait)
The List of Meetings can now be oriented portrait or landscape based on the device orientation. Once the Meeting is selected from the List, it is marked with the respective pin on the map.

View Lists as Grids
The user can now view the editable Lists as Grids in the forms.

20200714-2165-2-19/ 20191025-1155-2-3403
Dοcuments/ Customer Items
The user can now define/ set Customer Items at Documents.

Sales Documents/ Extra fields
At Sales Documents and more specifically, at Items multiple selector, the user can define/ set extra fields regarding the Item & Customer.

20200714-2165-2-23/ 20200714-2165-2-24
Offline mode/ W/H balance check-Qty update
At Sales Docs, and more specifically at Items multiple selector, the quantity of W/H balance can now be displayed in Offline mode. Upon Offline Sales, the balance is being checked and the quantity is updated too.

Meetings on maps by Salesperson & Status
Meetings can now be displayed on the map by Salesperson & Status.

Related jobs/ Sales opportunities
Sales opportunities can now be created from Related jobs in Online mode.

S360 Touch/ Available printouts
The list of available Printout Forms is based on selected Series in S360 Touch (version 5.2).

Customer Statement/ Subject (send email)
Fixed the issue regarding the Subject's display upon sending email to Customer Statement.

General Settings/ Customer Items
At General Settings, the question for "Customer items" flag has now been added.

List/ Browser results
The results of List/ Browser are now properly working. The user is no more redirected to the top of the Browser/ List, upon reaching the bottom of the results.

Group of Companies Schema/ Aging Balance report
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, fixed the issue regarding the Aging Balance report.

Printout forms/ Doc printing
Fixed the issue regarding the selection of Printout Form different from the one set at Doc Series.

Doc modification/ W/h (offline mode)
The W/H field is now properly working upon modifying a Document in Offline mode.

Filters/ Dates
The "Dates" filter is now automatically filled in based on the default "Specified date" in Soft1. The following options have been added too:
1. Today
2. Yesterday
3. Current week etc.

"Print" button
The "Print" button is now properly working.

Photo file name
The photo file name connected to dropbox has the following format: WebId_date_time.

Orders shipping/ Discounts display (Offline mode)
Fixed the issue regarding the rounding of Item value at second decimal on Sales Doc lines. It occurred in Οffline mode, after applying Pricing Policies and particular discount.

Star printer/ Connection
Fixed the issue regarding the Star printer connection.

Related jobs (Browsers/ Reports) / Screen Forms
Related jobs (Browsers/ Reports) have now been added to Screen Forms.

Meetings/ Local notification
Local notification is now available for Meetings of the connected employee/user.

Google maps/ Address fields
Google maps are now available at address fields for:
i) show on map
ii) define and update address based on map position.

Lot barcode scanning/ Items
The user can now scan a lot barcode to find an Item.

Offline mode/ Printout forms
At Printout forms (i.e. Customer balance), in Online mode, correlated fields can now be printed.

Settings/ Color themes
The Light/Dark theme is now available from the Menu Settings.

Stock Balance per W/H/ Date, To field
At "Stock Balance per W/H" report, the "Date, To" field is now properly working.

Offline mode/ Value (Document lines)
Fixed the issue concerning the value modification at Doc lines in Offline mode.

Trading parties data/ GSIS
Fixed the issue regarding Trading party data transfer from GSIS. The "City" field is now properly transferred.

Calendar/ New Meeting
Fixed the issue concerning the Calendar. It occurred upon creating a new Meeting for days after the reference date.

Customer Replies/ Attached files
Fixed the issue concerning the Attached files display at "Customer Replies" job (CRMCUSNAIRE).

Changing password/ Expiration date
Upon changing password, the Expiration Date (if there is one) can now be updated too.

Customer Branch control
Customer Branch control is now available at Customer Stock items in Online/ Offline mode.

Questionnaire/ New button
At Questionnaire wizard questions, the "Done" button is now available in order to save changes.

New HTML Gadget/ Options
The following options have been added to the new HTML Gadget, per Week/ Month/ Year:
1. Orders (at Salesperson Gadgets so as to access his data)
2. Sales (on Customer tab, so as the Salesperson to access the Customer's data)
3. Collections
4. Meetings (at a Meeting so as the Salesperson to access the Branch data or/and the Customer's data.

Stock Documents/ Multiple Stock Items selection (iOS 14)
Fixed the issue regarding Stock Documents. The Multiple Stock Items selection in Offline mode (iOS 14), is now properly working.

Use of Browser/ Default selectors
Fixed the issue regarding the use of selectors at Browsers/ Lists (i.e. Items, Customers, Suppliers). The "Use Browser as selector for Items and Customer" parameter has now been added. This way, the default selectors can be used.

Customer data/ GSIS
Upon receiving Customers data from GSIS, the following fields are now updated:
1. Zipcode
2. Title
3. Profession
The "City" field is not received/ returned by GSIS.

Document lines/ (Sets/Kits)
Fixed the issue regarding edit at Document lines including Sets/Kits.

Unpaid Documents/ Soft1 Templates
Fixed the issue regarding the "Unpaid Documents" job. The Soft1 Templates are now properly working.