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Keep up on the features added/ modified, bug fixing, incorporated into the Soft1 5.00.520.11407 version regarding the Soft1 Mobile Warehouse (WMS).  

Soft1 Mobile Warehouse - WMS (500.520.255.1417)

PDA device/ Item image (link added)
At PDA device the image is now properly displayed when saved with a link attachment (link added to the image).

Order Picking/ Packing - New columns
At Soft1 Mobile Manager setup, different columns have now been added for Order Picking & Packing.

Item search/ Description
The Item can now be searched by using the description. The user can search an Item by using a part of the Item's word even w/o using the asterisk (*).

Receipt from Customer/ Particular supplier
Fixed the issue regarding the Receipt from Customer process. The parameter "Particular supplier" displays now the proper Supplier upon saving a Document.

Doc lines/ Editor
Fixed the issue regarding Doc lines including Items w/o lot. In that case, the editor becomes inactive.

Order Picking/ Expenses transfer
Fixed the issue "Field 'EXPN' cannot be modified". It occurred at Doc expenses transfer upon Order Picking process.

PDA Settings/ New parameter
The parameter " "Whousebin search-how" has now been added at the PDA Settings. The parameter defines whether the editor will be the Code or the Description of the storage bin at order lines.

PDA device/ Doc Series
Fixed the issue at Azure Installations regarding the Order Picking. The Doc Series with no Order behavior are now displayed so as to be selected at the PDA device.

PDA device/ Login date
Fixed the issue occurring when the date changed since the last login. A respective message was displayed and no action was allowed (search Items, save Docs etc). The PDA now is working properly.