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Keep up on the features added/ modified, bug fixing, incorporated into the Soft1 5.00.520.113311 version regarding the Soft1 S360 & Soft1 SFA  Web & Mobile applications.

Soft1 360 / SFA ( 5.1.17 )

Reports/ "Analysis period" field
Error regarding the "Analysis period" field has been fixed. It occurred upon running the report and the field was not filled in properly. 

Business Unit field/ Auto fill in
Error regarding automatic filling in of Business Unit field has been fixed. If the BU is added at Customers' editor and as Force value too, then the field is now properly filled in.

Custom JavaScript
Running custom JavaScript has now been added.

Customers/ Items filters
Error regarding Customer Items filtering has been fixed. It occurred after S360 disconnection. The Items' filters are now working properly.

Showroom/ Enter Items (offline mode)
Error regarding wrong calculation has been fixed. It occurred upon entering/ saving Items from the Showroom in Offline mode.

Usual Items option/ button
Error regarding the "Usual Items" option/ button has been fixed. It is now working properly.

Keep up on the features added/ modified, bug fixing, incorporated into the Soft1 5.00.520.113311 version regarding the Soft1 Mobile Warehouse (WMS). 

Soft1 Mobile Warehouse (WMS)

To be approved documents/ New functionality
You can now automatically delete the Documents to be approved, which have been previously created/ generated in Soft1. This applies in case of cancelling the Packing.

Offline mode/ Export and use of storage bins
When scanning at offline mode, you can now export and use the storage bins after synchronization.

Inventory Documents/ WMS login date
You can now have the WMS login date as a suggested date when saving new Inventory Documents, provided that it is <> than the current date.

Orders qty/ New icon
A new quantity icon (i) has now been added, next to the Search Item field, to indicate respective information.

PDA/ Available SN
Fixed issue regarding the available Serial Numbers.

PDA Settings/ New parameter
At PDA Settings, a new parameter "Similar lines" has been added including the following values:
1. Indifferent
2. Warning
3. Prohibition

Order List/ Customer Branch
Fixed issue regarding the Customer's branch. It is now displayed in Order List for Picking.