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Display or/and Calculate, in no time, at every Soft1 Data grid (e.g. at Documents grid), a range of Numeric Totals (Average, Count, Numerical Count, Min, Max, Sum), for selected cells; this way, you can monitor the prices of your interest, (e.g. to check the Average discount, value, cost price etc).

More specifically, to calculate the Totals in specific cells, work as follows:

  1. Click on <> symbol, which is located on the grid' s footer, to automatically display the indications of Totals (Average, Count, Numerical Count, Min, Max, Sum).
  2. Select a range of cells that need to be displayed by holding Shift key+ up or down arrow

The available Numeric Totals are the following:

  • Average: Calculates the average values within a list of numbers, e.g. average value.
  • Count: Counts the number of all selected cells.
  • Numerical Count: Counts the number of selected numeric cells.
  • Min: Locates the minimum value among the selected cells.
  • Max: Locates the maximum value among the selected cells.
  • Sum: Sums the values of all selected cells.