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Through Soft1 Reminders and Messages, you can set reminders, regarding issues/ tasks for you or your company's employees, to avoid missing important events (such as Meetings, Tasks, Calls, E-mails, etc). Furthermore, you can send/ receive messages concerning Entries, Documents, etc.

Below you will find all the required information on how to activate and manage Reminders & Messages in Soft1. 


Set Reminders, to always stay updated with scheduled events, as well as outstanding tasks/issues, that concern you or/and your colleagues.  

To receive and get notified on Reminders, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the System settings.
  2. Activate the <Activate Reminders> parameter, to get system bar notifications each time that you set/ receive a Reminder. 
  3. Activate the <Pop-up window Messages/Reminders> parameter, to get pop-up windows of reminders each time you log into Soft1. The new Reminder notification will appear, after the send time that you have set on the Reminder has elapsed. 

Keep in mind!

  • In case you do not activate the <Pop-up window Messages/Reminders> parameter, you will have to click on the Reminders icon to view them. 
  • You might need to re-login to have some parameters features enabled/ activated.

Operation - Function

Create a new Reminder through the jobs Menu (Company processes > Business Processes & Approvals > Reminders).

  1. Select the Executed by user, i.e. the user that will receive the reminder, as in our example the user Stephen Smith.
  2. Set the Date displayed, i.e. the date and time that the reminder will appear.
  3. Select the Subject of the Reminder and click on Save

You can also set Reminders on CRM tasks

For example, on the Meeting screen:

  • Activate the Reminder flag.
  • Set the Date & Time.
  • Select how many minutes before the Meeting starts, you want the Reminder to appear on the Meeting Operator, (e.g. Stephen Smith) and click on Save

The Date (and time) created, as well as the Created by user are automatically filled in, based on the login data.


Next time the user (eg. Stephen Smith) is logged into Soft1, the new Reminders will pop-up on the screen, given the <Pop-up window Messages/Reminders> parameter is activated. Double click on each entry to open it (drill-down ability).

By clicking on each entry, or multiple entries you may Dismiss them and/or Postpone them.

In addition, click on Refresh anytime, to view new Reminders or updates.

View all the Reminders you have ever set/ received, through the Reminders Browser, by setting the desired filters, e.g. the Date created, etc.  


Use Messages to facilitate internal communication among the employees of your company. 

To activate/ receive Messages, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the System settings.
  2. Activate the <Activate Scheduler/Messages> parameter,  to get system bar notifications of Messages. 
  3. Activate the <Pop-up window Messages/Reminders> parameter, to get pop-up windows of messages, each time you log into Soft1, given the send time that you have set for the Message has elapsed. 

Keep in mind!

  • In case you do not activate the <Pop-up window Messages/Reminders> parameter, you will have to click on the Messages icon to view them. 
  • These System settings changes may require re-logging into Soft1. 

Operation - Function

Create a new Message through:

  • the jobs Menu (Company processes > Business Processes & Approvals > Messages).
  • the System Bar, by clicking on the Messages icon. 

Messages through the jobs Menu

  1. Select the user/ users group that the Message is addressed to. The <Creation Date> and <Created by> fields are automatically completed. 
  2. Set the execution Time on the Time scheduling field, to specify the Recurrence (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly), as well as the Active period of execution, (e.g. the message will be sent weekly, from Monday to Friday, at 10:00, for a period of one month). Click on Accept to save your changes.
  3. Click on Add files/ records, to attach entries from Browsers/Lists, or send a file (find out more below).
  4. Type the Message's content on Notes and click on Save

Click on <Delete data> to delete/modify the content of your notes.

Messages through the System Bar

  1. Click on the Messages icon and select New
  2. Select the User / User group that the Message is addressed to, e.g. Stephen Smith.
  3. Right-click on the Attachments area, to attach entries from Browsers/Lists, which you have previously saved on your PC as .png, or attached from a Browser/List  (find out more below).


Entries from Browsers/ Lists - Files attachments

To attach entries/ files to a Message, either from the System bar of from the jobs Menu, follow the steps below:

  1. Select one or several entries from a Soft1 Browser/List, e.g. the Sales Documents List.
  2. Right-click and select <Attach to message>.
  3. Open Messages through the System bar or the jobs Menu and click on New. If you select to create a new message from the:
    1. System bar, the selected entries will automatically appear on the Attachments area. You may right-click on each entry to mark it as <Pending>, <For check>, or <To be deleted>.
    2. jobs Menu, the selected entries will appear on the Files/ records area, after you click on Add files/ records


Each time the user (eg. Stephen Smithreceives a Message(s), the new Message(s) notification will appear on the system bar, given the <Activate Scheduler/Messagesparameter is activated. 

In case a message includes attached files or entries from Soft1 Browsers/ Lists, the Reports column appears activated. 

Double click on each message to view its content, from where you can:

  • Reply, by sending a new Message.
  • Select Recurrence if you want the message to recur in a given time.
  • Mark the message as <is Read>, to prevent it from reappearing on the messages List. Click on All messages to view all inbox messages, both read and unread. 
  • Click on Back to List to view the list of all Messages.

Use the Messages Browser/ List to have an overview of all your inbox & sent messages, as well as their status (e.g. Completed or not), by setting the desired filters, e.g. the Created by, etc.