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Through menu Parameters > Companies, and by selecting the login company in tab W/H - Branches, you can:

  • create your company's Warehouses,
  • include Warehouses in particular Groups.
  • create the company's Branches along with their Warehouses and link them to W.H Groups.


Companies' Warehouses is the place where items are stored prior to their distribution. Double-click on the line to fill in the data of each warehouse. 

You can define per Warehouse whether:

  • it will participate in the cost prices calculation,
  • a stock items balance control will be carried out for the specific warehouse,
  • it will participate in a W.H. Group (see below)

You can also set the storage bins – shelves, in order to monitor certain storage locations during transactions.

Tip! The storage bins defined per Warehouse can be later linked to the stock items, by configuring each item’s settings in – tab <Units of Measure, Alternative Codes> - <Default Warehouses and Storage bins>.

Warehouses Groups

You can keep track of the Warehouses by including them in W.H. groups.

Warehouses can participate in several Groups.

Warehouses Groups are also available as search filters in Stock Management Reports(General, Stock, and Official) 


Create Branches simply by typing their basic data directly into the grid lines. Double-click on the line to fill in the additional data you need, as shown in the picture below:

Specifically, fill in the branch contact details, as well as the accounting data such as:

  • the Tax office,
  • the VAT status (the VAT that you set on the branch will update the document's VAT in retail), 
  • the Warehouses (first create the warehouses and then link them to the branch),
  • the General Ledger or Revenue - Expenses accounts (in case that the accounting entries need to be formed per branch account)

In <Retail Settings> fill in the Customer's Code that will be suggested in the branch retail documents, as well as the Series of the Gift Vouchers.

Important Note: Your company has to be linked to a branch. Otherwise, logging in to the company is not possible.