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Upon posting Transactions/ Documents in Soft1, in most cases, the Comment field may need to be filled in, since the purpose of the specific transaction can be described there. For instance, to which document(s) a pay-off is referred to, or it can be the Comment 2 at accounting entries etc.     

Soft1 allows you to:

  • either type a new Comment at Document's header, 
  • or create and use some Standard Comments, as a template, from the Parameters menu of each Entity, e.g. Parameters > Commercial Management > Sales > Standard Comments.

The Comment (respective column) is also automatically included/ suggested on Document lines. 
You may declare a different Comment per Document line, which will also be displayed at Item Transactions (related job).

The Comments are also included in a range of Soft1 actions/ jobs, such as:

  • Conversion (Comments are automatically transferred upon Document's Conversion),
  • Transfer to other Module (e.g. Purchases, Production, Contracts),
  • Copy Document,
  • the Composition Documents which are automatically created/ generated,
  • and Replacement of item (Group Sets) 

Once a Comment is modified at Document's Header, then it is also modified at Document's lines.

For each Company, you may select:

  • the <Maintain value at lines> option if you wish to maintain the Comment value stable (unchanging), in case the header is modified. 
  • the <Transfer value at lines> option if you wish the Comment value to be exclusively defined by the header.

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