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Using Gadgets, you can display at S1 Portal data from lists, financial data, statistics through graphs, RSS feeds etc, thus helping to quickly find information.

Gadgets can be tailored to your business needs and mainly include the categories: RSS, Html, Data and Soft1 lists.

To add a gadget in the Soft1 Portal area, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Tab you will work on and then Add gadgets.
  2. Search for the gadget you want.
  3. By clicking on the plus sign <+> the gadget will appear on the portal.
  4. Select "Apply" to close the Tab Settings.

Soft1 lists/ browsers in Gadget

Select the Soft1 list/browser you have designed and want to use as a gadget. Apply right click on "Send to Gadget". Follow the above procedure to include the gadget on Soft1 Portal.

From the home screen, through the gadget, you can drill down on the records for instant editing (in our example from the Customer list, Mr. Nick Paleologos).

Soft1 Gadget Design

Creating an RSS, HTML, Data gadget is implemented through the Gadget Designer, which is available from the following 3 points:

  • Tab Settings,
  • Add gadgets,
  • the Edit gadgets.

At the Gadget Designer, you can fill in the tab with the General Info, such as:

  • the main Title of the gadget that will appear as soon as you call it on the portal,
  • a sub-title \ other Name where you can search with it the gadget on the portal,
  • the height in pixels that the gadget will have when it is called to the portal,
  • Refresh rate of data in the gadget,
  • and whether this gadget will be available for Soft1 Mobile apps.

The rest tabs vary depending on the gadget type.

RSS Gadget

A Soft1 user can automatically be informed about events and news from all the websites that support RSS. In Gadget Designer, fill in the General tab and go to the Channels tab. There, you can define the maximum number of recent updates to be viewed in the RSS Soft1 gadget, eg the 5 most recent posts as well as an Image Url (optional).


  • Select "Add" and enter the Title and RSS Url for each new RSS.
  • Select "Delete" if you want to remove the channel you have selected from the list.
  • Select "Apply" to save the Gadget.

RSS feeds can be added to the Soft1 portal as many times as you want, as well as choosing between the channels, in our example between CNN World and CNN Europe. Follow the above procedure to include the gadget on Soft1 Portal.

Technical Info: The RSS gadget supports the following types of RSS formats

  • Attention Profiling Markup Language (APML)
  • Atom Syndication Format (Atom)
  • Outline Processing Markup Language (OPML)
  • Really Simple Discovery (RSD)
  • Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
  • Web Log Markup Language (BlogML)

HTML Gadget

In an HTML gadget, you can design an HTML page or register the web page URL.

First, in Gadget Designer, fill in the General tab and go to the Data tab. Depending on the Data Source, state a URL or design an HTML page that you can edit further. Select "Apply" to save the gadget and follow the above procedure to include the gadget on Soft1 Portal.

Data Gadget

In a Data gadget, you can use SQL script to retrieve information from the database. To design a Data gadget, follow these steps:

  1. in Gadget Designer fill in the General tab,
  2. on the Data tab, type the SQL script and select Run,
  3. on the Design tab, turn on graphical data if desired, and set the fields on the axes,
  4. on the HTML Design tab, select Update to display the SQL script results in HTML format,
  5. select "Apply" to save the gadget and follow the above procedure to include the gadget on Soft1 Portal.

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Edit Gadget

You can edit an RSS, HTML, and Data gadget from the following 3 points.

  1. from Edit gadgets, search for the gadget you want and select the design option,
  2. from Settings, in the header of the gadget, you can
    • use the search button to look for a gadget's records,
    • view the results in another form of pie chart, column, etc.,
    • refresh the data,
    • select settings for the design of the gadget,
    • create instant "copies / clones". If you have selected <Apply as Template [Yes]> in the design of a gadget, then the following actions are automatically performed:
      • The copy is added to Soft1 portal.
      • The copy is defined as the main gadget and is now listed with the other available gadgets.
      • Any changes to the <Data> tab are applied to all related gadgets.

Examples of the use of a copy gadget:

  • In the case of RSS, displaying a different channel each time.
  • In case you want to have the same gadget with a different graphic or even title.

Gadget Rights

Gadgets are stored in <Custom Administration>, where you can delete and also define access rights to a gadget.