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Soft1 Alerts

Soft1 ALERTS (Event-Driven Actions), give the opportunity to users to intervene in any Soft1 event before or after it happens so that certain actions will be automatically executed by the system. For example, these actions are the system tasks, warning or prohibition messages for Soft1 users, SMS / e-mails to end customers, SQL commands etc.

💡 To design/ create ALERTS, Soft1 module "ALERT systems" should be included in your product license.
Otherwise, ALERTS can be executed but you cannot design/modify or delete them.

At this example, the EDA/ Alerts set up is used to create an ALERT, which will drive the following actions: 

  • A notification e-mail will be sent to the customer every time a new sales order is posted and at the same time,
  • A pop-up message will appear on the user’s screen. 

Select Sales Documents (where sales orders are posted). Then, select EDA(Alerts), found in Soft1 toolbar, and click <New> to view the ALERT set up screen.   

Select Add Module rule and write a Description.
Next, type or select from the available Field list, those fields that will be used to define the Condition, together with the Event(s) which will define when this Alert will be activated. 

Condition Example:
When Sales Document Series 7021 for sales order is used (SALDOC.SERIES =7021) and (AND) when this order’s status is Completed (SALDOC.FINSTATES=205) then after this Sales order is saved (After DB Post - Event) one or more actions will happen.  

The system actions that will happen automatically when all conditions are met, have to be set in the “Formula facts” grid:  
For example, 

  • A message will be displayed on Soft1 user’s screen each time a new sales order is posted and
  • An e-mail will be sent to the customer for the sales order confirmation. 

"Recipient", grid column, fields can be either manually typed or selected from the list of available Fields. 

Click Save as and save the Alert name for this alert in the database. Restart Sales Documents. Posting a new Sales order, which meets all the conditions for this Alert, the actions defined will run automatically.  

Additional example:
From Soft1 toolbar available Tools, select EDA(Alerts), right-click on the Alert you have already created. Otherwise, you may click on the Design icon. On this Alert set up screen, in Formula field, use the following command and repeat Step 4. Then click Save. The result is shown in the following picture.  
'This order is confirmed!'+char(13)+'Customer Name: '+SALDOC.TRDR_CUSTOMER_NAME+' '+char(13)+' Order code: '+SALDOC.CMPFINCODE+' '+char(13)+' Order value: '+SALDOC.SUMAMNT

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