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Soft1 interfaces with Magellan8400 scale-barcode scanner.

On the following tabs you will find instructions on, 1) how to install/setup the Magellan's drivers, as well as 2) the necessary Soft1 configuration. 

Install the Magellan's drivers by following the steps below: 

Through Soft1 Portal > Common area > Scales > Magellan 8400, download the and unzip it. (Download the Magellan8400.dll file as well, which you will need later for Soft1 configuration). 

Run the Datalogic OPOS 1_14_159.msi file and on the question «Install the Control Objects?», select Yes (typical). Right after the installation, two .exe files will be created; DualTest and OPOS Editor

On OPOS Editor, configure the Port settings, as in the example and then set the COM Port according to the device manager. The "Units" option should be set to "Metric", to display kilos on the scale.

Restart your PC.

Scan a barcode and weight a Stock Item (Red Weight button) to check if the DualTest.exe is properly running. 

Through Soft1 Portal > Common area > Scales > Magellan 8400 download the Magellan8400.dll file and copy it in the directory of the application's files. 

In the .XCO file (Application section) add the line: ADDON=Magellan8400.dll

Add in your Personal Menu the job with the general parameters of Magellan8400. Right-click to create a new job and customize it as follows: 

  • Job type: Dll Form
  • Command/File: Magellan8400.dll;InitForm
  • Job title: Magellan8400

Press <OK>, and right-click to <Save as Personal User menu>.

Check if the DualTest.exe is placed on the default path, otherwise, replace it properly through the form. 

Select whether the DualTest.exe will start running manually or automatically. [Soft1 is compatible with Magellan8400.dll through the  OPOS driver Datalogic (DualTest.exe)]. Specifically: 

  • Manually: If you activate the <start DualTest.exe manually> option, you (the user) will have to start and shut down DualTest.exe on your own. You can keep it running regardless of whether Soft1 is running or not; but when Soft1 asks for Stock Item weighting or barcode scanning through Magellan8400, it should be in operation. 
  • Automatically: If you do not activate the <start DualTest.exe manually> option, the DualTest.exe will automatically start or shut down, according to the Retail "status" (start/shut down). (The simultaneous start of the .exe and the scale, might delay the start of Retail). 

In case you select to manually start/shut down the DualTest.exe, you (the user) should follow the steps below:

Manual start:

1. Scales: MagellanSC → Open Scale → Claim → Enable

2. Scanners: MagellanSC → Open Scanner → Claim → Enable → Data Event Enable

Manual shut down:

1. Scanners: Disable → Release → Close Scanner

2. Scales: Disable → Release → Close Scale

Additional parameters.

i) In the Parameters of the Stock Management, set the price <Of Discount 1> on the field <Calculation (value-based)>. 

ii) On the card of each stock item that will be weighted:

  • set the Kilos as the UoM,
  • fill in the Retail price and
  • leave the suggested qty on Sales Documents field blank. 

In the scenario that the DualTest can not be connected to Magellan, you can restore Magellan to factory settings, by scanning the barcode of the image and resetting the electricity.