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Through the  Installations  you can manage and geographically monitor the materials and/or services you provide to your customers, i.e. their physical installations. The installations may be Hardware, Software, machinery, or even vehicles.  Find them available through the jobs Menu > Services management > Installations.  

The installation is defined in the corresponding field of the document's header, but at the same time it is a dimension that participates in the lines of Soft1 documents. It is available throughout  Soft1, e.g. in statistics concerning sales, purchases, stock items, services, Crm actions.

In the following Tabs, you will see how to create and manage Installations.

Create a new Installation, by following the steps below:

Basic data

Fill in the mandatory fields of the new installation, i.e.:

  • the Code ,
  • the Description and
  • the Customer (and optionally the Customer's Branch).

Then, select the Activation date and the Type of the Installation. Make sure that you have already set the Types in the relevant table. For example, if you provide to the same customer services/materials that concern not only Hardware but also Software, you should select a different Type for each one, as they are separate installations.


Optionally, you can set the format of the installation's code in the Parameters Menu > Services Management > Installations > Parameters.

Other data

At the same time, on the Other Data / Comments tab, you can link the installation to a Project, as well as add extra information, such as the Business unitthe Technicianthe Partner who will take over the installation, the Start & End date of the Warranty / Contract, etc.

Lines of the Installation

Back to the General data tab, select in the grid:

  • the Stock Items, Services and/or Fixed Assets (from the respective Entity), that will be included in the installation,
  • the serial number, in case of stock items with SN,
  • the Customer Branch, where you can set the Branch you already selected on the Customer/Partner data, or select a different one,
  • the Quantity and the Price,
  • the geographical Point of the installation,
  • the Starts on and End on fields (warranty or contract start/end dates) for each entity. These fields are informative and relate to contracts that concern devices. They can be used in reports, forms and control statements.

Moreover, in tabs: Service, Empty Containers, Accessories, Spare Parts, Consumables, you can add further stock items/services/fixed assets for each installation line. These tabs are purely informative.

Extra data

Finally, on the User-Defined Fields tab you can use / configure the available information fields, which are also useful in grouping. In Attached Files you can import files, folders, etc. that relate to the Installation.

Each Installation may be linked to a Contract, a Project, as well as to Sales/Purchase Documents, CRM actions, or even be included in a Service Folder, as in the following example:


Add the installation-related columns to the Browsers (e.g. Sales, Purchases, Service Folders), in case you want to filter the results by installation.  

In the Related jobs of an Installation, you can view:  

  • the Commercial & Financial Transactions, i.e. the sales / purchases documents in which the installation participated,
  • the Timeline, i.e. the actions / transactions related to the installation, displayed in chronological order,

  • as well as the CRΜ actions.