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The following processes concern Soft1 On-Premise* or/ and Cloud** installations. Select a process, from the list below, for further information. 

*On-Premise: Soft1 applications are installed in the Company's equipment. The responsibility for the operation and maintenance of this equipment belongs to the Company. The Company purchases Soft1 software with licenses and installs it on its own equipment. The Company has the overall responsibility for the operation, maintenance, and management of the computerized system (e.g. for application upgrades, backups, etc.).

**Cloud: SoftOne has the overall responsibility of running Soft1 applications in its cloud-based equipment and the Company uses the software as a subscription service. The cost of the subscription includes additional services offered by SoftOne, such as 24 x 7 operation, backup, database management, etc. The advanced public cloud platform Microsoft Windows Azure is used to run the applications.