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Grids accept data and are widely used in Soft1, mainly as document lines. Active lines in grids are marked with a more intense colour. 

To enter data in the lines of a grid, place the cursor on the first line available and then use the magnifying glass (if available) or type the data directly into the line. To proceed to the next line, you may:

  • press Enter or
  • use your keyboard arrows or
  • place the cursor on the next line.

Grids and functionality

Right-click on a grid title to display the options available, similar to those that appear on browsers.

By right-clicking on the title of certain columns (e.g. "Code" or "Description"), you can input data from any browser. Follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click on the title of the "Code" or "Description" column. 
  2. Select "Browser data".
  3. Select the desired Browser and especially the items you wish to input in the grid.
  4. Press Enter (keyboard) 

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You will find available a wide range of options in the footer of the grid.

Specifically, click on:

  • The Arrows: to navigate between grid entries.
  • "Insert Line Above": to add a line anywhere in the grid.
  • "Insert line": to place the cursor to the next available grid line.
  • "Delete": to delete either some of the entries or all of them.

Soft1 tip

Another way to delete entries is to select the lines that you wish to delete and then press Control + Delete on your keyboard. A confirmation message will appear, given that you have activated the "Confirm deletion in Grids" parameter, from the System settings. 

  • "Process": to select all the data of a cell.
  • "Select All": to select all of the entries.
  • "Print": to view the several available options, such as the print to excel option.
  • "Import from Excel": to import data from an excel file, provided that both the first column and the first line of the file remain blank. For more information click here.

Soft1 tip

Alternatively, besides "Import from Excel", you can also right-click on the grid title and select "Paste from Clipboard".

  • "Line options": to display additional options, such as alternative items. Also available by right-clicking on the grid lines. 
  • "Line details": to display additional data, in regard to a specific entry. Also available by clicking on the number of the line. 
  • "Search: to display the lines that include the data you need.
  • "View totals for selected cells": to display totals  (Average, Count, Min/ Max, Sum). The totals are displayed for the lines the user selects.

Soft1 tip

You can perform calculations inside the cells.

Input functionality

Useful tool, available by the magnifying glass. You can enter quantities, search for items, as well as massively input data in the lines by clicking on "Select". 

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