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Soft1 interfaces - among other peripherals - with Customer displays. Find out below the necessary configuration in Soft1.

Customer display parameters

Declare the new Customer display on the Tools menu → Peripherals & Hardware → Fiscal printers - external screens, by filling in:

  • the LCD Type: select the LCD monitor you are using.
  • the LCD comm field : indicate the port that the monitor is connected to.
  • The Delay: specify for how long (time in seconds) the customer will see on the monitor the total value of the document, e.g. for 5 seconds. After that time has elapsed, "Next customer" indication will appear. 
  • the Total delay: if you want the monitor to display the item along with its value & the total value of the document (alternately) before saving the document, then specify on this field the display time (e.g. 2 seconds). 


The delay time you specify in the Delay and Total Delay fields works, provided that you have disabled the <Clear Form after data entry>  parameter of the general system settings. 

In addition, leaving these fields blank, the default parameters of the monitor will be applied.

Series of the Retail document

In the Series of the Retail document, enable the <Customer Screen> parameter.