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Features added / modified

Retail Pro/ Login date
At Soft1 Retail Pro, a Date check is now performed upon adding an Item at a new Doc.
This way, a warning message is displayed if the Login Date is different to the System Date.

ABC Dimension Models per Company
ABC dimensions and ABC models options have now been added at Data per Company for the following:
1. Stock Items,
2. Services,
3. Debits/ Credits,
4. Customers,
5. Suppliers,
6. Creditors,
7. Debtors,
8. Contacts,
9. Projects and
10. Resources.

Cash Register / Delete
No Cash Register can now be deleted if transactions are included.

Production & Composition Docs/ Variations
At Production & Composition Docs, selecting variations through the quantity hyperlink is no longer included in Core operations:Soft1 hyperlinks: right to use.

Employees / New functions
New functions have now been added to the following Employees:
- FGetSupervisorsPrsns: Returns the ID of the employee managers with ID Prsn Example FGetSupervisorsPrsns [PRSN.PRSN],
- FGetSupervisorsPrsnsCodes: Returns the codes of managers of employee with ID Prsn Example - FGetSupervisorsPrsnsCodes[PRSN.PRSN],
- FGetSupervisorsPrsnsNames: Returns the full name of employee managers with ID Prsn Example - FGetSupervisorsPrsnsNames [PRSN.PRSN].

Doc behavior/ Gross profit and COGS
The behaviour of the document is now checked; if it is credit one, the prices in Gross Profit and Cost of goods sold do not show values.

Browsers/ Static Lists
Static lists at Browsers are now sorted in alphabetical order.

E-mails/ Attached files
Multiple attached files can now be sent via E-mail.

Sales Budgeting Dimensions/ Customers Salesperson
The 'Customers Salesperson' has now been added to Sales Budgeting Dimensions.

Trading Parties reports/ Code field
At Trading Parties reports, the 'Code' field has now been increased to accept 250 characters.

Payroll elements/ Multilingual installations
The 'Name' [NAME] and 'Username' [USRNAME] fields are now available at Multilingual installations for the following:
1. General Payroll data
2. Employees Payroll data
3. Period payroll elements per employee.

ABC dimensions/ Hierarchy
Hierarchy functionality has now been added to ABC dimensions.

Copy to other companies
'Copy to other companies' job has now been added to Transactions design when right-clicking on the following:
1) Stock Management,
2) Customers,
3) Suppliers,
4) Creditors,
5) Debtors,
6) Cash Accounts,
7) Services,
8) Debits/ Credits,
9) Fixed Assets,
10) ABC and
11) Revenues/ Expenses.

Objects Log File/ New objects
The following objects have now been added to the Objects Log File(TRACEDEF):
1) Prod. Orders and
2) Prod. Order Folders.

Bug Fixing

Quick View/ Stock Management browser
Fixed the issue '"Unknown field/variable/function : NCM1",. It occurred once Quick View has been activated at Sales Docs Browser, related to the Stock Management one which has local fields using functions.

Group of Accounts/ Hierarchies
Fixed the 'Field 'ACNSCHEMAACNGROUP'not found' issue. It occurred when using hierarchies at Accounts Groups (General Ledger).

Copying Series/ Companies
All Companies are now properly displayed upon copying Series.

Statement with Cheques Analysis/ Export to PDF
Fixed the issue which occurred at the 'Statement with Cheques Analysis' report [BANK_STM_CHEQ] once running the 'Export to PDF' command through Fast Report.

Screen Form design/ Custom Button
Fixed the issue related to displaying a custom button created using directly a command.

General Ledger/ ABC Analysis
Fixed the issue 'Access violation at address 501692A6 in module 'rtl270.bpl'. Read of address 00000000
Error type: EAccessViolation'. It occurred when selecting Activity Based Costing Analysis (right-click) (Accounting Entries).

Comments field/ Project transactions
The Project transactions are now properly displayed in the 'Comments' field [TRDTRN.COMMENTS].

Browser filter/ Custom field
Fixed the issue which occurred when using a large alphanumeric custom field as a Browser filter.

Custom Items Screen Form/ Day balance 1
At a custom Items Screen Form the decimals of the 'Day balance 1' numeric field [SoRenQty1] are now properly displayed.

Crystal reports
Fixed the issue which occurred, under certain circumstances, at Crystal reports.

Sales Journal report/ Justify fields
The value fields can now be properly justified in the 'Sales Journal' report [SALASSET].

Shortage / Requirements Report - Filters
Fixed the issue which occurred upon displaying the Shortage / Requirements Report [MAT_REQ], once a specific filters combination was selected.

Production Docs/ UoM 2
Fixed the issue which occurred at Production Docs - having 'Automatic document creation' activated (Subcontracting) - when Item's UoM 2 has not been filled in.

Production / Default Doc Series
Fixed the issue 'MTRDOC: Dataset not in edit or insert mode. It occurred at Production Docs Screen form when a default Doc Series have been selected.

Retail Pro/ Advance Payment
FIxed the 'System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 5892A5C4 in module 'FinDoc.bpl'. Read of address 00000000 EAccessViolation' issue. It occurred at Retail Pro, once running the 'Remove pending' job for an Advance Payment.