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Features added / modified

Convert Draft entry
The 'Convert Draft entry' job has now been added when right-clicking on a Draft entries Browser/List. It enables the user to create Contacts/Trading parties massively.

Objects Log File results/ Object name
The Object name (e.g. Sales instead of SALDOC) is now displayed at Objects Log File results(ViewTrace).

CRM/ Modify Task or Call
When a task or call is modified either by the one who has created them or a participant, the question 'Modify records for participants? is now displayed.

Sales, Purchase and Retail Docs/ Item markup
At Sales, Purchase and Retail Docs, the Item markup fields are now available in Items line columns.

Screen Form design/ Layout
Upon Screen Form design (Layout option), if the same name is given to an area, grid, page, etc., the message 'The name already exists! Choose a different name.'' is displayed.

Documents processing/ Lines BU
From now on, at Documents processing the lines' business unit is also transferred, regardless of whether it has been filled in the header.

Contacts Parameters/ Exclude fields (Transfer)
At 'Contacts Parameters(PRSOUTPPRMS)', the 'Exclude fields (Transfer)' flag has now been added.

Sales Outstanding Orders/ Shipping
At Sales Outstanding Orders, (right-click on Doc lines) the 'Shipping' field is now available.

Purchase-Stock Docs/ Balance per W/h
The 'Balance per W/h' job has now been added when right-clicking on Purchase and Stock Doc lines.

Cash Flow Analysis/ New field
The Document(FINCODE) field is now available at 'Cash Flow Analysis'(CmpCashFlow) job.

Objects Log File/ Cash transaction lines
At Objects Log File(TRACEDEF), the 'Cash transaction lines' table has now been added for Collections/Payments.

Bug Fixing

Create Physical Inventory Documents
Fixed an issue concerning the 'Create Physical Inventory Documents'(MtrNatBalance) job, so that when the waste is zero, only Stock Docs to be created.
When the 'Total of deficit-surplus regardless of waste % (over-consumption or under-consumption)" value has been set at the "Consumptions allocation" parameter, a Consumptions doc will be created having:

  • a positive sign if there is a surplus
  • negative sign if there is a deficit.

If the item has is monitored in Variations (color/size), the loss is not taken into account.

PRJC object as PARENT
Fixed the issue 'Access violation at address 511D2A46 in module 'dbrtl250.bpl'. Read of address 00000040
Error type: EAccessViolation". It occurred in a custom object that was defined to have the PRJC object as PARENT.

Costing folders/ Expense Totals
Fixed the issue which occurred upon summing up expense values in Costing folders where a credit note included.
Proper amount is now correctly displayed:

  • In both default Screen Form and default Browser/List
  • At all related Exports/Imports costing reports accordingly.

2008 UI/ Acctg. entries
At 2008 UI, creating /saving Acctg. entries is now properly working.

Dynamic lists/ Filters
The Dynamic lists are now properly working when using filters.

Doc Conversion/ Maintain prices
The 'Maintain prices' parameters is now properly working at the Conversion dialog. An issue occurred when Services included the Document, and the new Document used a price other than Wholesale and Retail, "Uses price"-SALFPRMS.PRICEUSE).From now on, it has the same behavior on Items and Services.

CRM Calendar/ Home button
The function of the Home button in the CRM calendar has changed. It now displays the "current" date in the selected calendar Screen Form.

Costing folders/ Expense Docs
Fixed an issue upon selecting a Costing folder (Other transactions Docs Related job) which had negative values. It is now properly working both from Costing folders and Expenses Docs Related Jobs.

Group of Companies Schema/ Book of leave days report
At a Group of Companies Schema/Model, the 'Book of leave days'(EMPL_LEAVEBOOK) report is now properly working.

Customer Other transactions/ Shipping
At Customer Other transactions, the 'Shipping' field is now properly transferred upon using Copy from buffer.

Retail Browsers/ Payment filter
At Retail Browsers/ Lists, using the Payment (SALDOC.PAYMENT) filter is now properly working.

Docs Conversion/ Calculate Discount
Calculating the total discount upon Docs Conversion is now properly working.

CRM General Actions/ Fast entry
Fixed the 'Access violation at address 0B8F27D6 in module 'XExtUI.dll'. Read of address 0000000C
Τύπος σφάλματος: EAccessViolation issue.
It occurred at Series 6, CRM General Actions, upon saving a record/entry having previously activated Fast Entry flag(Browser design).