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Features added / modified

Project Financial Data/ New fields
At 'Project Financial Data' related job, the 'Business activity' and 'Project phase' fields have now been added for 'Period data' and 'Comparison data' tabs.

System Settings/ Click Short (Data Grid)
The 'Click_Short (Data Grid)' option has been added at System Settings. If selected, the grid sorting is activated upon clicking on a column.

Close Cash Register/ User
At 'Close Cash Register' job (SOCASHCLS), the user who closes the Cash Register can now be different to the 'User of Entries'.

Collection Doc Links to A.B.C./ Collector per company
At Collections Document Links to A.B.C., the 'Collector per company' resolver has now been added.

Purchase Parameters/ Update prices from Orders - Offers
At Purchase Parameters, the 'Update prices from orders - offers' field has now been renamed to 'Update prices based on Doc behavior'. Its drop-down list includes the following options/ values:

  1. All, except for Orders-Offers.
  2. All.
  3. Only for Purchase invoices - Invoices - Receipt notes.

Bug Fixing

HR Evaluations/ Step process
At HR Evaluations, each process can start only if the previous one:

  • is completed or
  • is set to 'Waiting' status.

Keyboard Job Shortcuts/ Save
Keyboard Job Shortcuts (System Settings) can now be properly saved.

CRM/ e-mail
Fixed the issue 'System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 53EA44B2 in module 'Crm.bpl'. Read of address 00000000'.
It occurred at e-mail custom Screen Forms, upon selecting the 'Reply' button, in case the 'Trading Party' field was renamed to 'Customer'.