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Features added / modified

Contracts/ Doc lines
Doc lines are now properly transferred upon creating a Contract.

Retail Pro /Docs printing time
At Retail Pro, the Docs printing time has been improved.

Stock reports/ Display zero values in grids
At 'Stock Balances per Item Variation & W/H' print/ report (CDIM_AX) the 'Display zero values in grids' filter has now been added.

Budgeting reports/ Dimensions
In case the Item or the Project is selected as a dimension at Budgeting, then, upon printing, the item's description is displayed as well.

Supplier & Customer reports/ UoM
The 'UoM' field has now been added at 'Purchases per Supplier' (STAT_PUR) and 'Sales per Customer' (STAT_SAL) reports.

Carrier/ Zip Code
Upon selecting the Zip Code at 'Carrier' field (Trading Parties > Contact Info), the 'Address' and 'City' fields are automatically filled in.

Contracts/ Cash accounts Other transactions
At Contract Types (Leasing), the 'Cash accounts Other transactions' option has now been added to Invoicing module. Upon selected, then the 'Debit/ Credit' field appears as well.

Projects Card report/ New fields
At Project Card (PRJC_STM) report design, the 'Project phase' and 'Business activity' fields have now been added (Modules tab).

Document Conversion/ Maintain Cash Register
Upon Documents' Conversion job the 'Maintain Cash Register' field has been added.

Costing Folder/ Based on delivery date
At 'Create MRP suggestions' the 'Based on delivery date' option has been added.

Payroll/ Job Schedule
At 'Job Schedule' report (WRK_HOURS_CAL), two shifts can now be displayed at the same day.

Debtors - Creditors Parameters/ Create Account
At Debtors and Creditors Parameters, the 'Create Account' option has now been added.

Payroll/ Cost center Name 2
The resolver 'CCPRV1PPC6 - Cost center Name 2' has been added for 'Comment' column/ field. It is available at Payroll elements per cost center (HR & Payroll/ Links to Accounting).

Browser design/ Custom Title
Custom titles are now available at Browsers/ Lists (e.g. 'Customer list 2021' by setting 'Customer list:LOGINYEAR;' at the title).

General Actions/ Attached files
At General Actions, the 'Attached files' field has now been added.

HR/ Leaves
The 'Comment' field has been added at Leaves.

Documents/ Print preview
Upon selecting Doc Print preview, the pop-up window is now displayed only once, regardless of the number of copies.

HR/ Multilingual Descriptions
Multilingual descriptions are now available for questionnaires, questions, and answers.

Purchase Docs/ Update sales prices
At Purchase Docs Types (Commercial data tab), the 'Update sales prices' field has now been added. Its drop-down list includes the following options/ values:
1. Wholesales - Retail
2. Wholesale Only
3. Retail Only.

Physical Inventory Docs/ Consumpions
At Production Parameters, the 'Suggested W/H' parameter has been added so as to setup which warehouse will be taken under account upon creating Physical Inventory Docs for consumptions. 

Payroll/ Calculate Gross Income from Net
At Payroll Parameters, a multiple calculation of Payroll data elements has now been added, based on net income.
If the 'Payroll data elements' field is filled in, then, the 'Proposed/ suggested values' tab will be added at 'Modify period data' job (PRDVALCHANGE).
Then, the 'Calculate Payroll data elements from net income' ('Calculate Gross Income from Net' - GROSSFROMNET) job calculates one by one, all data elements for net income, based on the corresponding suggested values.
If one of the suggested values is not filled in, then the above calculation is skipped.

Cost categories - New Allocation methods
For 'Cost categories' job (Costing Folders), the following values have now been added as Allocation methods:
* Per Number 01 - Doc line
* Per Number 02 - Doc line
* Per Number 03 - Doc line
* Per Number 04 - Doc line.

Bug Fixing

Pending Orders (Purchase & Sales) / Query
The 'and t.qty1<>0' has now been added at 'where' claus of Pending Orders (Sales and Purchases) related jobs sql query.

Fixed assets/ Copy from Buffer
Upon using the 'Copy from buffer' option (Fixed Assets Purchases Doc), the lines' value is now properly updated (occurred under certain circumstances).

Project Statistics/ Cost (Accounting)
At 'Project Statistics' dashboard (PRJCSHEETS) the Cost (Accounting) column is now properly displayed.

Items Trial Balance report
At 'Items Trial Balance' report (PRJ_BAL) (Projects Module), the 'Qty balance' (RQTY1) and 'Value balance' (RVAL) fields are now properly working.

Supplier wire transfers/ Document Links to Accounting
Fixed the 'List index out of bounds (-1)' issue. It occurred at 'Document Links to Accounting' object (Supplier wire transfers), if the 'Acctg. Entry per record' field was selected.

Contracts/ Business unit
Fixed the issue which occurred upon selecting a Contract at Sales Doc. The Business unit is now properly transferred to Contract lines.

Advanced printout form/ Local fields
Local fields are now properly printed at Fast reports (Internal & Label), if the application server is running as service.

2008 UI/ Custom administration (Access Rights)
Fixed the issue which occurred upon setting/ defining Access Rights to a .cst file from Custom administration (at 2008 UI).

Service Calls/ Related documents
Fixed the issue which occurred upon creating Related documents through Service Calls.

Accounting reports/ Analytical General ledger
At 'Analytical General ledger' report (ACC_ANL_KATH) the 'Branches' field has now been added.

Retail Doc - Advance Payment/ Order
Fixed the issue at Retail Docs, which occurred under certain circumstances, upon selecting 'Advance Payment/ Order' related job. The Doc value is now properly updated.

Service Folders
At Service Folders, the 'Operator' and 'Employee' fields are now updated when 'Technician' field is changed.

Production Doc/ Variation analysis
Upon converting a Production order to Production Doc, the variation analysis (colour - size) for Stock items is now properly displayed.

Document Printout Forms - Retail/ Pay-off
At Document Printout Forms - Retail, the 'VPAYMENTS.SOPAYTYPE(1)' field is now displaying the proper description, i.e. 'Pay-off'.

Series 5 UI/ 2nd band printing
At Series 5 UI lists, 2nd band, can now be printed by right-clicking.

S1 messages
Fixed the issue which occurred upon sending S1 messages.

Sales Doc/ User-defined Field description
Fixed the issue which occurred upon designing Sales Doc screen form. The User-defined Field default description is no more displayed at the Sales Doc data.

S1 Messages Scheduler
Fixed the issue which occurred upon displaying S1 messages. Messages Scheduler is now properly working.

Service folders/ Capacity Control (new fields)
At Service folders, 'Capacity Control' related job, the following columns/ fields have been added:
* 'Profession' (SOACTION.SPECIALTY),

Docs Open-item/ ABC trans. & Acc. Date Limits
Fixed the issue where no Documents Open-item could be performed provided that the Documents inlcuded ABC transactions and Accounting Date limits have been set for the specific period.

Chart of Accounts/ Trading Parties
Fixed the issue which occurred upon changing a Chart of Accounts, if it was created indirectly through a Trading Party ('Create Account' parameter).

Payroll/ General data
Fixed the issue "GENCALCELM: Dataset not in edit or insert mode". It occurred at Payroll General Data upon importing a new value or editing an existing one.

Costing Folder/ Allocation
Fixed the issue which occurred upon closing an import Costing Folder. Even if the costing allocation method was set to 'None;, the allocation would eventually occur.

Intrastat - Imports Report/ Incoice value
At Intrastat - Imports Report (INTRASTAT_REP), when activating the 'Detailed transaction' parameter the 'Incoice value' field/ column is now properly displayed.

Stock Statistics/ Grouping
At Stock Statistics (VITESTATS), in case of Grouping, the following fields/ columns of fixed assets are now properly displayed:
*Accounting categories
*Models and

Fixed Assets Status - Summary/ 'Detailed' filter
At 'Fixed Assets Status - Summary' report (CON_BOOK), if the 'Detailed' filter is activated, the following columns/ field are now properly displayed:

Expenses Doc/ Instant Pay-off
Fixed the issue 'Could not convert variant of type (null) into type (Olestr)'. It occurred at a Group of Companies schema/ model, and specifically at a child company upon saving an Expenses Doc with Pay-off.

Sales doc (Data flow scenario)/ Date fields
The date fields are now properly updated, upon running 'Data Flow scenarios' related job from Contracts to Sales Docs.