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Features added / modified

Physical Inventory jobs/ Branch filter
The "Branch" field has now been added at the following jobs:
1. Physical Inventory Documents (zero quantity) (MtrZeroNatBalance),
2. Create Physical Inventory Documents (MtrNatBalance),
3. Cancel Physical Inventory Documents (UndoMtrNatBalance).

Retail/ Advance Payment Behavior
The new multi-select Sales "Advance Payment Behavior" parameter (SALPPRMS.TFPRMSRETAILADV) has been added (Other tab > Retail parameters panel). When "Advance Payment/ Order" Related Job is selected, the system displays Documents of the specific selected behaviors.

Sales per Customer per Item report/ General totals
At "Sales per Customer per Item" report (ITE_SAL), the "General totals" has been added on the very last page of the report.

Update Sales Prices/ Alternative Prices
The "Last Purchase Price" method has been added at the Alternative Prices of "Update Sales Prices" job (IteCalcMarkUp).

Group of Companies Schema/ Expanded Employees list
At a Group of Companies Schema/ Model, the Employees's Browsers/ Lists can now be expanded by "Contacts per Company" (Designed List > "Define Modules" tab).

Multilingual Data Management/ Penalties Description
At Penalties table the "Description" field is now multilingual.

Trading Parties/ Excluded fields (Insert & Transfer)
At Trading Parties parameters (Companies & Synchronization tab) the following fields have been added:
1. Excluded fields (Insert)
2. Excluded fields (Transfer).

Retail Pro/ Suggested Qty
Filling in Stock Item Qty, via a pop-up form, is now available for Doc lines of Retail Pro (provided a 'Suggested Qty' has not been set up for the Item).

Bug Fixing

"Transfer among W/h" job (Romanian Installation)
Pop-up window for "Transfer among W/h" job (right-click on a Document List), no longer stays on top when using a Soft1 user-defined Template (Romanian Installation)

Doc lines/ Empty containers
Doc lines are now properly updated in case empty containers participated in a Pricing policy.

Collection Doc lines/ Cheques
At Group of Companies schema/ model, the single Collection Doc Series regarding Cheques, of a child company, is now automatically filled in/ proposed in Doc lines.

Soft1 messages/ Characters display
Soft1 messages (user internal communication) are now properly displayed through Messages (SOREMINDER) (Company processes > Business Processes & Approvals).

HR Employee properties/ Copy from buffer
"Copy from buffer" is now properly working for the following modules:
1. Education,
2. Foreign languages,
3. Skills,
4. Qualifications.

Data Flow Rules/ Contract lines
Sales Document that derives from Contract lines is now properly created when the process is designed through Data Flow Rules (SOTRNFRULE).

Group of Companies Schema - Reupdate Inventory/ Stock
Fixed the "'SELECT COMPANY,SOSOURCE,FPRMS,N' invalid or incompatible with argument" issue. It occurred upon running the "Reupdate Inventory/ Stock" job (IteReUpDate) for a Child Company and the "Multi-Company" button has been selected at the taskbar.

Advanced Printout Form/ User-defined table
Fixed error "System error! Please send the error report to Softone. Access violation at address 00000000 in module 'xplorer.exe'. Read of address 00000000" . It occurred upon creating/ editing a user-defined table, at an Advanced Printout Form.

Group of Companies Schema/ Reconciliations
Fixed "Ole Error: 80040E14. The multi-part identifier "DTA.ISACTIVE" could not be bound" issue. It occurred at a child Company Reconciliation Doc, upon selecting the Trading Party Branch.

Retail Doc - Advance Payment/ Order
Fixed the issue at Retail Docs, where under certain circumstances, "Advance Payment/ Order" related job could not be selected.

Attached files/ Cloud Storage URL
Login data for Cloud storage URL (Dropbox, Google Drive & One Drive) are now properly saved at Attached files.

Composition Doc Line/ Item Bin
The suggested Stock Items Bin at Composition Doc lines, is now properly updated.

Group of Companies Schema/ Duties
At a Group of Companies schema/model, and specifically at a child company, Employee Duties are now properly selected.

Supplier/ Company legal form (Romanian Installation)
The field "Company legal form" (SUPPLIER.CMPMODE), at the Supplier's profile card, is now displaying the proper values (Romanian Installation).

Stock Item/ New Group
Fixed the "Ole Error: 80040E14. Incorrect syntax near 'KEY1'" issue. It occurred upon creating a new Stock Item Group (ITEM.MTRGROUP).