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SoftOne Web Services enable two-way communication between Soft1 applications and any third-party system, regardless of platform or programming language. This technology expands Soft1 interconnectivity capabilities offering high-quality services. Web Services Traffic  service is aimed at those installations who use the "Open Enterprise Engine" module and take advantage of the innovative Soft1 Web Services.

Access to WS Traffic

The new service offers a comprehensive view and control over a number of important indicators, regarding the quality features and the actual performance of the Soft1 Web Services used. The service is available through the Soft1 Portal.

WS Traffic capabilities

The tracking capabilities are summarized in three (3) sections. Each section includes a number of important data, relating to the real-time operation of the Web Services. The key metric of all three sections is the “average usage” indicator (Field: Summary) illustrating, in real time per minute, the proper use and overall efficiency of the services.

  1. In the CPU Usage section: The computational power consumed by the services
  2. In the Requests section: The requests served by the services
  3. In the Traffic section: The amount of kB moving within the services

Important Note

Visit the Web Services Traffic service and check the current status of your services utilizing the Soft1 Web Services. In case the “average usage”, in any section, exceeds normal levels, you are strongly advised to revise what has been implemented and proceed to any necessary actions in order to optimize it.